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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Update from concerning outages 

12:33 08/19/06 Update: We are asking that all affected customers please be patient while the new IP addresses resolve. The new IP's were put in place on all affected servers from 11 PM to 4 AM this morning. Server side DNS propagations take 12-24 hours. We also had to change name server IP addresses which need to be updated at the ROOT DNS servers. This could take up to 72 hours. During this time your email will not be lost. If email messages are trying to be sent to your server they will remain in the sending queue until either the server sees the new IP address or the TTL expires, in which the sender will be notified and can try to send again. Any messages already on the server will not be lost. You will be able to download them. You can get to your website and email sooner by manually assigning your primary name server as your default name server on your NIC within your PC. To do this, right click on your "network neighborhood" and click on "properties". You will then see your listed connections. Right click on your cable/DSL connection, then select "properties". When the window opens, scroll down to where it says "TCP/IP" and select properties. Put a dot where it says "use the following DNS server addresses". Then put your primary name server address as the preferred name server. You can leave the alternate name server blank. This issue started from a "disagreement" between Cogent Co and a peer point located in D.C.. Cogent Co thought it would be best NOT to replace a failed router and decided to allow a wealth of hosts such as, suffer due to the loss of IP space.

posted by Darren Weeks  # 4:47 PM


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