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Sunday, November 14, 2004

LISTEN LIVE audio link fixed 

- Click Here -
Due to the restructuring at the First Amendment Radio Network, the listen live link on the audio page became inactive. It has now been updated to relect the new IP number.

If the live link still won't work for you, you may have to clear your browser's cache to get rid of the reference to the outdated IP address. It should work after you clear your browser's cache.

If you're a newbie to web browsing, the cache is a little area where your browser stores files from pages that you've visited on the internet. It downloads files so that you won't have to keep downloading the same file over and over. The idea is to speed up the time that it takes for the page to load.

If you find that the live audio still doesn't work, you need to empty the contents of the browser's cache. To do this, go to the menu items at the top of your browser and look through them until you find one that says "settings" or "options" or some kind of similar item. Select it.

If you are using Internet Explorer, select "Tools", then "Internet Options". You'll look for the place on the "General" tab where it says "Temporary Internet Files" and select "Delete Files".

If you're using Mozilla Firefox as I do, go to Tools > Options, then click on the Privacy button and down at the bottom of the window will be the "Cache". Click on the button that says "Clear".

In Netscape, you'll look under "Edit" for the option called "Preferences". After selecting it, a window will pop up. In the column on the left, scroll down to where it says "Advanced". If no options appear beneath "Advanced", then double-click it to expand it. Then, select "Cache", and hit the buttons "Clear Memory Cache" and "Clear Disk Cache".

If you use Opera, go to "File" > "Preferences", and on the left-hand column there is an option for "History and cache". Select it and on the right there is a section called "Disk cache". Click on the button labeled "Empty now".

Not everyone will need to clear their cache. However, I have provided support for some of the most widely-used browsers. If you have a browser that is not listed here, and you find that the live audio still doesn't work, then refer to the "Help" section of your web browser's menu.

Alternatively, you can go to First Amendment Radio and try their audio. Since we get the live stuff from them, if they're live audio is down, ours will be too.
posted by Darren  # 6:21 PM


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