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Technical notes from the webmaster, regarding the Sweet Liberty web site at www.sweetliberty.org

If you notice a broken link, or something else that doesn't work properly, I want to hear about it. with the specific web address (URL) of the page, along with a description of the problem. Your assistance is priceless, and helps to improve the quality of everyone's browsing experience.

— Darren

Saturday, November 29, 2003

Known Issues 

posted by Darren  # 6:47 PM

Friday, November 28, 2003

Terri Section 

Terri's section has been checked and all images and links are working.
posted by Darren  # 3:53 AM

Germany and England 

The pull down menu for all of the pages of the book, Germany and England are now fixed. Navigation on all pages of that book should now be completely restored.
posted by Darren  # 3:26 AM

Random Quote Script 

I now have the "Random Liberty Quote" functioning properly.
posted by Darren  # 2:55 AM

Homeland Security 

The section on HOMELAND SECURITY has been restored.
posted by Darren  # 1:46 AM

Thursday, November 27, 2003


The "redirect" script is now functioning. However, only the pull down menus on the main page are presently working. I will have to make a modification to each location where one of these pull down menus appear in order for them to work.

For now, you should be able to jump within the sections from either the main page, or from the issues page.

I see that the Homeland Security section isn't working. Hopefully, I'll have that fixed soon.

I knew this was going to be a large project and -- so far -- it hasn't disappointed me. ;) Patience, folks! We'll keep hammering away at it until eventually it's done.

In the meantime, let me know if you enter a section and something isn't right -- such as the section not having any content.
posted by Darren  # 8:53 AM


If you are seeing this message, a DNS server in your part of the world has directed you to the new web server for Sweet Liberty. Now, you will notice that some things are not yet working.

I have restored the random image loaders on the main page, as well as the form mail script. So you should now be able to e-mail Jackie from the form on the main page.

Additionally, I have set up server mail forwarding so the e-mail addresses for jackie at sweetliberty.org and webmaster at sweetliberty.org should now be working.

(Note: Regarding the above e-mail addresses, you must replace the word "at" with the symbol "@" in order for it to work. I don't type the e-mail addresses in their correct form here, because there are "spiders" that crawl the web, searching for e-mail addresses to which to send spam.)

One more word about the mail... I have set up the mail server to bounce any message that is not sent to either "jackie" or "webmaster" at sweetliberty.org. This means that if you misspell Jackie's name now, you will receive an automated response back, notifying you that your message was not sent to a valid address, and it will give you the addresses that are correct.

At this hour, the site's "redirect" script is not functioning. Therefore, pull down menus such as the "state locator" on the main page, as well as any other pull down menu on the site won't currently work. I am working to resolve this issue. Stay tuned.
posted by Darren  # 8:11 AM

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Important message from webmaster regarding Sweet Liberty new home 

Greetings folks:

I have started the process of moving the Sweet Liberty web site to a new server and a new hosting company.

SweetLiberty.org has been with Hypermart since its birth on September 1, 1999. Since that date, I have been honored as your webmaster to see this site grow in traffic and relevance as a very viable resource for research and truth. This is especially important in a day when truth is a rare and precious commodity.

We have been blessed to be able to share information that has not been widely available. Sometimes, not available at all, anywhere else. And we will continue to do so for as long as the "creatures" in power allow us to do so.

What will this change mean for you? If all goes well, very little.

However, there will be a few issues.

First, all of the files should appear on the new server in the coming days, and when I get enough of them functional and do a minimal amount of testing, I will set in motion the process of transferring the DNS servers to point you to the new location. When that is done, it can take up to 48 hours for all of the DNS servers around the world to update their databases. I will notify you when this process begins. If you have any difficulty accessing the website after that time, try clearing your browser's cache and history and again attempt it. If you continue to have problems, you may e-mail me -- webmaster at darrenweeks.net (replace the word "at" with the @ symbol) -- to notify me of the problem. I will do whatever I can to help you. It will be important not to use the webmaster at sweetliberty.org address as I may not receive your message during the DNS transfer. After the DNS transfer process is completed, you can again go back to using the old e-mail address. Both will work.

Secondly, CGI scripts are files that sit on the server. Since we are changing servers and hosting companies, every CGI script that the website uses will have to be reinstalled on the new company's web server. This means that some features of the website will not be functional right away. Features such as the search engine, the random quote, the random images, and the form on the main page where you can e-mail Jackie will have to be fixed. Please be patient with me. I'll attempt to have things humming along as soon as possible. I hope to keep you posted on my progress.

Third, I have decided, for now, not to install the message board on the new server. It is a lot of work to install. Not that I mind doing the work, but since hardly anyone ever uses it, there just doesn't seem to be much sense in wasting the time and server space. Maybe someday I'll bring it back if I see that there is interest. Otherwise, if you see anything that you find interesting on the board, save it before December 5th. I cannot guarantee it will be there after that date.

Finally, when everything is finished, I trust you'll notify me if you see any pages on the website that are not complete. Our site uses SSI (Server Side Includes) to build pages from various files, as they are loaded. I expect the SSI to parse the pages properly, but different companies sometimes have different parameters for calling SSI, so the situation needs to be monitored carefully. Certain sections will not load at all if SSI is not properly functioning. They include the Israel, Iraq, Homeland Security, and So... You Want To Go To War sections. If you notice anything wrong with these, please notify me.

I am excited about moving to the new company, Webmasters.com. Hypermart has served us pretty well over the past four years, but Webmasters.com is offering us more bandwidth and storage for less money. That means we will be able to archive more Sweet Liberty and Amerikan Expose broadcasts for you and keep them there longer.

Thanks for reading along with me,

Darren Weeks
Your Webmaster
posted by Darren  # 7:47 AM


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