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Friday, October 15, 2004

Guestbook Gone 

I have (for now) removed the links to the Guestbook from the main page.

I am rather tired of having to edit comments from people who use the Guestbook to grandstand on various issues. It is a GUESTBOOK, NOT a message board. You're supposed to post a brief comment about the site or the radio program. Not an 40 page essay on your opinions about the new world order, Christ's return to earth, etc.

I once had a message board on this site, and nobody used it. I put a guestbook on the site, and people use it as a message board. Geez!

The situation has finally come to an end.

I now have some adolescent posting links to porn sites on it. Then, other people are slamming me for not removing the links (the truth is I did remove them; they were posted again), because I frankly don't have time to babysit.

So, I'm pulling it down.

It's too bad that a few rotten apples can spoil the barrel.

To the many of you who used the Guestbook for what it was intended, to post constructive criticism, or kind comments about the work of Sweet Liberty and Jackie Patru, thank you. In the future, we'll find a way to display your comments without others detracting from it by posting nonsense, or long-winded off-topic dissertations.

posted by Darren  # 7:26 AM


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