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If you notice a broken link, or something else that doesn't work properly, I want to hear about it. with the specific web address (URL) of the page, along with a description of the problem. Your assistance is priceless, and helps to improve the quality of everyone's browsing experience.

— Darren

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Random Liberty Quotes 

I have added 89 new quotes to the "Random Liberty Quote", which loads on the main page. This brings the total number of quotes to more than 350.

The purpose of the Random Liberty Quote is to make you think about what freedom means to you, as you read others' ideas of what it means to them.

As you visit Sweet Liberty, you will read quotes from a wide, diverse group of people. Some of them were good people, some of them were wicked people. Some of the quotes are truthful, while others are morbidly false. Some strategize the maintenance of freedom, while others openly contemplate the entanglement of totalitarianism. Still others will require the reader to halt and ponder the true meaning of the written words.

The commentators range from ancient philosophers, inventors, innovators, to the founders of religions, and the Founding Fathers of America. From the past to the present, they include public figures and entertainers. From Thomas Jefferson, to William Jefferson Clinton's wife, the list of those who speak either favorably or derogatorily of freedom is as diverse as the populations of people who occupy our land.

There are many jewels of wisdom that can be gleaned from these nuggets of truth. Equally, the arrogance of the Elite is placed upon display, for the education of the liberty-minded.

Every quote bears relevance, in some form or other, upon your individual freedom. For this reason, there are many good quotes which I reject, as they do not fit the template.

Often in my pursuit of a good quote, I will discover a real pearl. It's only blemish is the fact that the person to whom it is attributed is known to me to be extremely hypocritical — as their actions have not matched and supported their expressed ideas. I have, nevertheless, included them regardless of the source. However, the reader must remain mindful that inclusion is not necessarily indicative of endorsement.

Indeed, even the most wicked rulers make statements which ring true — despite the secret and contrary motives of their heart.

The Random Liberty Quotes are the words of varied individuals who are expressing their opinions of liberty. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed compiling them for you.

I will continue to add to them as time allows.
posted by Darren  # 6:25 AM

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

War on Americans Header 

- Click Here -
The header images for America's New War, or War on Americans, which spell out the name of the section above the picture of Christ weeping, weren't loading.

They are now.

Somehow, the images hadn't make the journey from the old server to the new.
posted by Darren  # 1:23 AM

Friday, January 16, 2004

From Major Jordan's Diaries 

- Click Here -
Navigation pull-down menu for From Major Jordan's Diaries is now fixed. Tipster Dan received an Internal Server Error when he attempted to use it. Thanks to Dan for making me aware of that problem.

All of these menus were functioning on the old server. However, when we moved the site to the new server, things were configured a bit differently, which required a slight change to make them work in the new environment.

Since this website has grown to the size that it has become, it is very difficult to remember every place where I've put one of these little menus. Even though I make efforts at preventing broken links and features, there is only one of me.

But there are many of you.

That is why I deeply appreciate each one of you who take the time to notify me when you locate a problem. It shows that you care. And caring is nice. ;)
posted by Darren  # 7:44 PM

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Audio links fixed 

Broken links for the January 5th and 6th broadcasts in the audio section are fixed. Thanks to Kerry for notifying us of that problem. Your input is valuable!
posted by Darren  # 1:39 AM

Saturday, January 10, 2004

German White Book 

- Click Here -
Navigation pull down menu for the German White Book has been fixed. Previously, by selecting an item from the pull-down menu and then hitting "Go", the end-user would receive a 500 Internal Server Error.

Thanks to tipster Tony for notifying me of that problem.
posted by Darren  # 9:15 PM

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Nameless War broken link - fixed 

Thanks to the tipster who noted the broken link at the start of Chapter 3 of the Nameless War. It linked to the WORLD SIGNIFICANCE OF THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION, which used to be located in THE GREATEST HOAX. We've now moved it, which created the broken link.

If anyone else finds a broken link, I want to hear about it. Don't hesitate to contact me at webmaster at (replace with "@") sweetliberty.org
posted by Darren  # 1:34 AM

Monday, January 05, 2004

Search Forwarding 

I got sick of trying to remember what the address was for the search page. So rather than trying to remember, I decided to do myself and everyone else a service.

You can now type the following into your browser to be forwarded directly to the search page.


Assuming you have JavaScript enabled on your browser (it usually is by default), then this should work.
posted by Darren  # 8:07 AM

Books Online 

This is something that we've been intending to do for quite some time. We've finally gotten around to it.

There is a new page that has been added, containing links to all of the free books we've compiled and published on this website. The list has grown over time, and we expect it to continue to grow.

So to make it easier for you to locate and read the books, we have a page with all of them indexed in alphabetical order, along with the sections to which they pertain.

It is simply called, BOOKS ONLINE.

There is also a link to it in our RESOURCES section.

Happy reading!
posted by Darren  # 6:55 AM

Item moved 

At Jackie's request, THE WORLD SIGNIFICANCE OF THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION has been moved from the Greatest Hoax section to its new home in How Wars Are Made: Behind the Scenes.

The item is still accessible (for now) in the Hoax section.
posted by Darren  # 6:52 AM


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