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     At your request, we've put together a list of recommended viewing, reading and listening, along with the information on where to find each.  You can access the three main book sources on the web by scrolling down to the bottom.  This is by no means a comprehensive list of reading I've done.  However, I've listed the ones that have been most helpful in putting together lots of pieces of a puzzle... the seamless web that's been woven to obfuscate, confuse and leave us in the dark.  As the light of truth begins to dawn in our minds, and as we share what we're learning... that light will shine away the darkness.  And the truth shall make us free.  I believe that with my whole heart.  

  Let us be always mindful to keep our eyes, ears, minds and hearts open and don't fall into the I've-got-THE-ANSWER trap.  Once we believe we know it all, we're closed to any further understanding.  Let us continue to ask, seek and knock.  It shall be given. We shall find.  It shall be opened to us.  With deep love for our Father / Creator; for all of you who visit this site and truly desire to know the truth; for our fellow man... sisters and brothers who know not and care not because they have lost their minds and their ability to think/reason; and for our precious children who are innocent victims of the monsters who would harm them, kill them and cause them to kill others.  It would be better for them that a millstone were hung around their necks and they were drowned in the depth of the sea.  -- Jackie

p.s.  We'll add to this from time to time, so check back.  New additions will be highlighted for a while.


Recommended Viewing

The International Wilderness Congress and The New World Bank: by George Hunt $20.00 #VHS-31 - (Emissary Publications) One of the most significant exposes on the International Power Grabbers in recent years. This explosive 60-minutes video expose was made by an official host of the Enviro-Aristocrat Congress (The Wilderness Congress) held in Denver, Colorado, September 11-17, 1987. Hear the actual recorded voices of the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and their top agents as they lay out plans to seize control of the natural resources of Third World countries and thus bring all nations totally under their direct control. Learn who really runs the environmental movement, and how they plan to "clean up" in more ways than one as a result of their carefully orchestrated and implemented long-term plans. Learn the truth about the World Conservation Bank, the second world Marshall Plan, the world dollar and the One World Religion. [I've had several conversations with George Hunt and have seen this video. David Lang (or Lane) from the Bank of Canada stated when discussing the World Conservation Bank "... unfortunately, the cannon fodder that inhabits this planet wouldn't understand...". A must see! JP]


Recommended Reading

THE CONTROVERSY OF ZION By Douglas Reed (Omni Christian Book Club) One of the best writings for students on the origins and evolution of Modern Zionism.  From Bible writings to the present including Adam Weishaupt and the Illuminati to Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White - 594 pages $14.95  #549 [If I were a teacher and could require reading, my students would be required to read this book. This is the book that began putting many of the puzzle pieces together in my search for truth and understanding of the history of the plan for World Dominion. Reed's book - Far and Wide - published before this one, was pulled from book stores and disappeared. Controversy of Zion sat collecting dust for over 20 years before it was finally published in 1978 by dolphin Press in Natal, South Africa. When you read his books you'll understand why... remembering who controls the press, radio, t.v., movies and publishing houses.- Jackie -]  

FAR AND WIDE By Douglas Reed -  Limited Quantity - (Omni) Ex-London Times journalist writes of his travels across the U.S. in 1949. A socio-political travelog with the final chapter "Behind the Scenes" including accurate predictions of the increasing grip of Zionism on American life. 398 pages -  Paperback #548  - $9.95

FOUNDATIONS - Their Power and Influence (A MUST READ!) by Rene A. Wormser (Emissary) #A-110 $20.00 A definitive in-depth 1953 investigation of foundations made by a Special Congressional Committee headed by Rep. B. Carroll Reece of Tennessee. Rep. Reece continued what his brave colleague before him (Cong. Cox) began and which was interrupted by his sudden death. The investigation of these tax-free organizations, "leads one to the conclusion that there was... a conspiracy among certain leading educators in the United States to bring about Socialism through the use of our school systems.... Part of this complex are the Rockefeller and Carnegie groups of foundations." In his book, Tragedy and Hope, Dr. Carroll Quigley revealed that "people of immense wealth" soon made it known they would be very "unhappy if the investigation went too far."  Foundations is a vitally important source of knowledge and understanding regarding the use of the school system in the subversion of America.

REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN Anonymous (Emissary)  #A-47 $7.00 This staggering document was first published in 1967. "A Special Study Group... met and worked regularly for over two and a half years, after which it produced a report ... they concluded [that] lasting peace ... even if it could be achieved ... would almost certainly not be in the best interest of a stable society."  Using the dialectical process, they created a new type of 'enduring' war against a faceless/nameless enemy; a 'situation' which they create to 'war against'. The wars on crime, drugs and poverty were fore-runners of today's War on Terror:  John Kenneth Galbraith later acknowledged authorship of this most enlightening document, which is yet another vital piece of the jigsaw puzzle that reveals the true meaning of world affairs, and the dark forces that manipulate events from behind the scenes.

THE SHADOWS OF POWER By James Perloff (Emissary) #J-105 $11.00  This is the story of the Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline. It began in 1921 as a front organization for J.P. Morgan and Company. By World War II it had acquired unrivalled influence on American foreign policy. Hundreds of U.S. government administrators and diplomats have been drawn from its ranks  regardless of which party has occupied the White House. What does the CFR stand for? Why do the major media avoid discussing it? What has been its impact on America's past and what is it planning for the future? These questions and more are answered by James Perloff in Shadows of Power. "To not read this book is to live dangerously" -- Philip Crane, United States Congressman.

SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS: TOP SECRET (Emissary) R-110$4.00  - This astonishing document was discovered in a surplus copier purchased from Boeing Aircraft in 1986. Reveals details of a plan, hatched in the embryonic days of the Cold War, which called for the control of the masses through manipulation of industry, peoples' pastimes, education and political leanings. It called for a quiet revolution, pitting brother against brother, and diverting the public's attention from what is really going on. For all intents and purposes, this document has "come to pass." Reprinted in its original form. Includes diagrams.


THE PROTOCOLS By Victor E. Marsden (Omni) Contains the original Protocols plus a complete history and background on this highly controversial document.  The PLAN for World Dominion. As you read this book, from the background on its eventual publication, to the Protocols themselves - regardless the authors - you will see the political/religious plan for World Dominion unfolding before your eyes; and you will realize that what is happening TODAY, including the neverendingwar on terror, was oh, so carefully and craftily planned.  Contains the letter from Oscar Levy to G. Pitt-Rivers responding to his book (next listing) Paper 299 pages. #715 $7.95


THE WORLD SIGNIFICANCE OF THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION By George Pitt-Rivers. (Sons of Liberty) $6.00 #5016


GERMANY AND ENGLAND By Nesta Webster (Sons of Liberty) $5.00 #3007 (This was the book that began my search/research into the Zionist question.  Webster discloses the fact that England dropped the first bombs of WWII on Germany, after numerous failed attempts to goad Hitler into war. She claims that Germany was targeted for destruction when Hitler drove the Jewish Money Lenders out of Germany; created a national non-debt based monetary system, and brought health and prosperity to the German people. jp)  


THE TALMUD UNMASKED By Fr. Prainatis - Enlarged Edition.  (Omni) A Roman Catholic theologist and Hebraist examines certain teachings of the Talmud in relationship to Christianity. We recommend this book to Jews and Christians alike, as many of both religions have a tendency to 'deny' without investigating any information that might shake the beliefs inculcated by religious leaders.  Paper #711  4.95


JUDAISM IN ACTION by Apion (Sons of Liberty) Discusses comments on the Protocols, proof that Lenin was a Jew, quotations about the Jews, both by world famous personages as well as themselves; an historical chronology of recurring Jew troubles and happenings, and lastly, quotations from various books of the Talmud and the Kabbalah. Best book ever written with quotes by the Jews themselves on their part in the world conspiracy. #1993-69  $8.00 Paper  225 pages  


YOU GENTILES by Maurice Samuel - (Omni) How Jews view the world by a different set of values.  The difference in mental and world outlook by both Jew and Gentile and why the Jew has the upper hand on the Gentile.  (I haven't read this one, and would like to.  Many others I've read quote often from this book - jp) Paper 221 pages #728  $7.95


HOLY LAND BETRAYED by Haviv Schieber  (Emissary) #G-180 $6.00 -- Written just prior to his death in 1987, Schieber, a Polish Jew emigrated to Palestine in the 1930s, became disillusioned/dismayed with what he experienced in the "Holy Land": betrayal of trust. When he left "occupied Israel" (his words) for the U.S. after 27 years, his outspoken opposition to the aims of the "Zionist-Marxist thugs" who created and control Israel made him many enemies. Though many American Jews agreed with and acknowledged the truth of his statements, they were afraid to help him. Schieber's account of the terror tactics used by the Jewish-controlled immigration authorities in New York in an effort to deprive him of his American passport and deport him to Israel, makes enthralling reading. (Haven't read this one. Sounds fascinating - jp)


BRAIN-WASHING: A SYNTHESIS OF THE RUSSIAN TEXTBOOK ON PSYCHOPOLITICS (Emissary) #A-104 $3.00 Psychopolitics -- The art and science of asserting and maintaining dominion over the thoughts and loyalties of individuals, officers, bureaus and masses, and the effecting of the conquest of enemy nations through "mental healing."


THE WORLD'S TROUBLE MAKERS (Sons of Liberty Books) by Bruce Brown, Methodist Minister. With an Epilogue by Eustace Mullins. $8.00  - #5178  [I've listed this book third because it has been a treasure trove of resource information for further research. The book was written as a result of the statement issued after a 1960 General Conference of the Methodist Church in Australia. The statement endorsed the principles of the UN Charter to combat the 'evils of anti-Semitism' in Australia and everywhere, and promoted segregation (race mixing) in the U.S and South Africa. In other words... promoting Zionism and putting Christianity in the background. People in Australia today are imprisoned for questioning the facts of the so-called Holocaust - jp]

THE NAMELESS WAR by Captain A.H.M. Ramsey (Omni) Reveals the centuries old Jewish conspiracy against the foundations of Christian western civilization. 128 pages - #540 - $6.00 [Captain Ramsey was arrested on 5-23-1940, held in Brixton Prison until 9-26-44 - having had no charges made against him. He had made many speeches in the House of Commons warning of the Bolshevik/Communist threat to England. Facts presented, quotes and newspaper articles cited in the book are mind boggling.]

THE ZIONISTS - By Judge George Armstrong (Omni) An unflattering exposé on Zionism packed full of documented history and events from the beginning up to 1950. 134 pages - Paperback #555 - $6.00

SAMUEL UNTERMEYER'S "Sacred War" SPEECH (1933) with COMMENTS FROM FATHER COUGHLIN (1942) (Omni) Paper $1.25 - # 578  The World Jewish Economic Federation declared a sacred war against Germany, not only the Nazis but the 50 million innocent German people, to destroy its very existence for the suffering of "600,000 Jews" whom he referred to as "the aristocrats of the world." 12 pages  

THE HIDDEN TYRANNY By Ben Freedman..(Omni)Paper $3.50 - #593 Contains Talmudists control of mass media; blackmail of President Wilson and appointment of Jew Justice Brandeis; Prime Minister Lloyd George; Zionist's use and betrayal of Germany, manipulation of FDR and Pearl Harbor; Lyndon Johnson and Six Day War; United Nations and more.. 42 pages

JUDAISM IN ACTION by Apion. (Sons of Liberty) $8.00 - #1993-69  Best book ever written with quotes by the Jews themselves on their part in the world conspiracy.  Also quotes by famous people in history on the Jews

THE LIFE OF AN AMERICAN JEW IN RACIST MARXIST ISRAEL By Jack Bernstein....(Omni) Paper $3.50 - #594  An Ashkenazi Jew exposes the blatant lie that Judaism and Zionism are one and the same. One is a religion; the other a political movement started by East European (Ashkenazi) Jews bent on forcing a One World Government, via Communism and Socialism, under control of Zionists and international bankers. 56 pages    

MY FAREWELL TO ISRAEL: THE THORN IN THE MIDDLE EAST By Jack Bernstein (Omni)Paper $3.50 - #595 Israel has become Satan's playground, and the root of its evil, Zionism, has caused most of America's foreign and domestic problems. Israel is little more than a "welfare state" existing on billions of American taxpayer dollars, not to mention the American lives sacrificed to fight their wars. 35 pages


TRAGEDY AND HOPE By Carroll Quigley (omni) $40 #501 - A history of the world since 1900.  Written by a leading member of the CFR (and mentor of Bill Clinton) who was more frank than liberal about the modus operandi of the international conspiracy.  1360 pages

FOUNDATIONS - Their Power and Influence By Rene A. Wormser (emissary) $20 #A-110 - A definitive in-depth investigation of Tax Free Foundations, led by a special committee headed by U.S. Congressman B. Carroll Reece. Chief Counsel of the committee, Wormser says the investigation "leads on to the conclusion there was something in the nature of a conspiracy ... to bring about Socialism through the use of our school systems... Part of this complex are the Rockefeller and Carnegie groups foundations".

THE COLLECTIVE SPEECHES OF CONGRESSMAN LOUIS T. McFADDEN - $12 #E-123 (Emissary) As chairman of the influential Committee on Banking and Currency (1920-31) Louis McFadden had a unique opportunity to study the machinations of the International Bankers at close range. Alone and armed only with the truth, character and raw courage, this great servant of the American people waged a relentless war against this "dark crew of financial pirates" who were plundering his beloved America. In 524 power-packed pages taken directly from the Congressional Record, the heroic patriot opens every door, exposes every secret and names every name, laying the explosive truth open to public scrutiny.    

WHEAT RECEIPTS - $7.00 - #TP-109 (Emissary) by Dr. Stuart Crane - Dr. Crane unmasks the phoniness of the "Federal" Reserve's paper "money." Crane at his best! [I've not read this book. Roger Mundy, 10th Amendment Society in Kansas recommends this reading. It explains how, that commodity we call 'money', can actually create abundance and wealth rather than debt -- as under the current system.  jp]          

CONGRESSMAN McFADDEN on the FEDERAL RESERVE CORPORATION (Omni) Speeches made before Congress 1932-34. An Astounding exposure not investigated by Congress. McFadden exposes the Zionist World Bankers/British connection - 64 pages #104- $4.00            

FIFTY YEARS IN THE CHURCH OF ROME  by Charles Chiniquy # JC-50 - $11.50 (Emissary) Here is the moving story of a priest who could not remain Roman Catholic.  This is no textbook.  Rather, it is filled with the true stories of the unforgettable Catholics who, along with Chiniquy, were victimized by their "church".      

THE TWO BABYLONS   by Alexander Hislop #G-109 -  $13.00 (Emissary) -- A well-known and mis-used study of how the Roman Catholic church has taken extensively from the heathen systems that preceded her. First published in 1853, The Two Babylons has been revised and enlarged through many editions, and is constantly being reprinted. Many woodcut illustrations. Dr. Donald Barnhouse called it "One of the great books of Christian literature."

THE UNION JACK: THEY DIED TO MAKE US FREE?  by Helen Peters $25.00 A-Albionic - The incredible conspiracy of the covert British Empire to conquer the world through world Fundamentalism guided covertly by "British Israel". He who doesn't want the whole truth doesn't deserve any truth...but "Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?" Gal. 4:16 Conspiracy is Invisible Otherwise There Would Be No Need for This Book. In Fact, if Conspiracy Was Visible, There Would Be No Conspiracy! by Anonymous (Helen Peters), Paperback, 188 pages, Order # $25.00

GRUESOME HARVEST by: Ralph Keeling $10.50 Sons of Liberty - The Allies' Postwar War against the German People - According to the Morganthal Plan, Germany must be reduced to ashes and barren fields. Germans must be annhilated. The plan was carried out by Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 'terrible Swedish Jew".  Twenty million (or more) Germans were starved to death, sold into slavery to other nations. Nearly 5 million were sent into the Communist/Bolshevik Soviet Union. Few returned. 108 pages

NASA MOONED AMERICA By R. Rene` $26   Most of the information on the recent Fox broadcast (3-01) "Did We Really Go To The Moon", was taken from this book.  After six-hours filming him, Rene got a few sound bites and no mention of his book. Contains 3 full size, full color NASA photos and 6 more NASA black and whites.  (The photos alone were 30 bucks a piece and not available from NASA now) It is must reading for those who believe our great father in Washington tells us no lies. It opens the mind and then the eyes because Rene proves his case by using NASA photos, quotes from the Apollo astro-nots and quotes from other government scientists.  The new edition has a few appendices added and it has had many minor changes since its first printing in 1992.  Uses 8.5 x 11 inch format and has 206 pages. To order: Ralph Rene'; 31 Burgess Place; Passaic; New Jersey;  USA; 07055  Phone 973-473-8825 [Rene has written four novels.  I've read the HUSA I and II.  Couldn't put them down!  Then Rene and I debated on what really happened at the end of book two.  A wonderful mind-break from the intense reading / research.  He's brilliant! Check out his website at jp]


Recommended Listening

WAKE UP AMERICA By Steven Jacobson $15 A dishonest money system is at the very heart of America's economic and social problems.  The degree to which the money system is corrupt is the degree to which all other areas of society are corrupted.  In a letter to Thomas Jefferson in 1787, John Adams wrote: "All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation".  Wake Up America examines how money is created and how the tax system really works.  Learn what every citizen needs to know about money and taxes.  Inform your family, friends and community. To Order: MCIA Media; P.O. Box 15734; Winston-Salem, N. Carolina; 27113  Phone: 336-723-6535 ($15 each or both Wake Up and Mind Control for $25, includes s&h).

MEDIA MIND CONTROL IN AMERICA By Steven Jacobson  $15 This tape reveals the brainwashing techniques used in mass media, politics and education. Learn the techniques of Mind Control; Hear examples of Backward Masking; Discover the Ultimate Goal of psychological warfare and WHO is behind it. "Citizens who seek answers as to what is going on in America need listen to Steven Jacobson's tape, 'Mind Control In America'." Hon. John Rarick, Former U.S. Congressman.

PERSONAL COMFORT TAPE By Steven Jacobson $25  Stress Kills - Worry, anxiety, stress and tension affect us all.  This unique tape - the result of 11 years of private research -  has been prescribed by MD's to aid in treatment of numerous health problems both physical and emotional, from chronic pain to stress management.  Helps the listener identify deeper, more relaxed levels of mind.  Lower blood pressure.  Slow down breathing and increase oxygen intake. Re-learn how to relax.  

BENJAMIN FREEDMAN SPEAKS OUT (2 Cassettes) #TP-101 -  $12.00 (Emissary) On this two-cassette recording made in 1960, the famed author of FACTS ARE FACTS, speaks out strongly on the hidden hand behind world wars. This recording is a collector's item.              

THE ILLUMINATI -- CFR (2 cassettes) by Myron Fagan  #TP-107 - $12.00 (Emissary) On this famous recording by Myron Fagan, the Hollywood producer, tells the story of the Illuminati in fascinating detail. A "must" for serious students of the conspiracy.        

RED STARS OVER HOLLYWOOD (2 cassettes) by Myron Fagan #TP-106 - $12.00 (Emissary) The famous Broadway and Hollywood producer strips away the masks of the psycho-political pawns who masquerade as "entertainers." Here are the facts behind the formation of ABC, NBC and CBS and how they brainwash America's millions with Red propaganda. Here are the startling facts necessary to collapse the facade and fakery of the Red-led entertainment industry. Hear about Ronald Reagan's involvement in this Red cover-up. Made in 1967.


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