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State Rights

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"If Americans are to survive as a Free People..."
By Jackie Patru, Council on Domestic Relations, February 10, 1997

We recommend reading the article linked above, by Jackie Patru for background, then follow up your research with the information and articles presented below. Please note that all links that take you outside of the Sweet Liberty web site will open in a new browser window.

Roots of Cooperative Federalism
By Dan Meador. A must read. Understand how state governments have opted in / acquiesced to federal control. Exposes the Council of State Governments' influence and manipulation of state legislators the majority of whom don't have a clue. Visit Dan's Law Research web site.

How Unconstitutional State Laws Get Passed
IMPORTANT: When State governors and legislative leaders are ordered by the "powers that be" to get an exceptionally onerous bill passed, it is done so by various devious methods. We'll list some of their methods here, as we believe that forewarned is forearmed.

Treaties Do NOT Supersede the Constitution
... according to the U.S. Supreme Court, Thomas Jefferson, and logical deduction.

The Pecking Order
From our Regionalism Section
By T. David Horton, Constitutional Attorney. Explains Constitutional authority and DUTY of State legislators; their power over presidents, Congress, U.S. Supreme Court and Governors. Transcript of David's testimony before Illinois State Legislature, 1978.

A Fed's Eye View of the States
From the National Archives. DOJ Memorandum explaining how the States can be 'encouraged, bribed and threatened' into compliance by the Federal Government.

It's Been Going On For a Long Time!
"Governor Martin To Seek Centralization - To Ask Changes in Plans of State Government - WANTS MORE POWERS": Circa 1934

Implementing the 10th Amendment - State Sovereignty Resolution
Written by Colorado State Senator Charles Duke. Also you can view the status of the resolution as of September 20, 1995.

Bill Would Park U.S. Taxes in California's Treasury
March 9, 1997 San Diego Union Tribune: "The state will rake in hundreds of millions in interest on federal tax dollars and send them to the IRS quarterly -- if the federal government is not withholding any federal funding, according to a bill introduced in the Senate...Congress frequently passes laws that require states to do certain things or lose federal funding... Californians pay about $150 billion a year in taxes, [not including] liquor and tobacco taxes. The federal government then returns... an estimated $32 billion." It's called Revenue Sharing.

Forcing the Federal Government to Comply with the Constitution
How to turn the hostile into the compliant

Ohio Senator Undercuts Darby Protest
In a letter to colleagues, he urges approval of a controversial land-grab bill.

Russia Gets Alaskan Islands
From our archives:
Alaska is believed to have some of the largest oil fields in the world. Much of Alaska's oil cannot be pumped, however, because of wilderness designations placed on much of Alaskan land. . . On June 1, 1990, then-Secretary of State James Baker signed a secret executive agreement with Eduard Shevardnadze, the former U.S.S.R. foreign minister. It specified that even though the treaty had not been ratified, the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. agreed to abide by the terms of the treaty beginning June 15, 1990.

Remedial Action, State / Local Legislation:

Proposed State Legislation: Legislators Must Read Before They Vote
For the restoration of bill-writing authority and responsibility only to the constitutionally elected members of the General Assembly; and to require that ALL LEGISLATORS VOTING must attest to the fact that they have read and fully understand the proposed legislation.

10th Amendment State Sovereignty Resolution
Original text as passed in most States.

State Sovereignty Federal Tax Fund Act
Possibly a beginning to free the States from bondage to the federal government.
Introduced in Colorado, 1994 (failed) Passed the whole House in Oklahoma in 1995 (died in Senate) Introduced in California in 1997 (failed) in all cases for lack of citizen/constituent support. When we read U.S. DOJ reports that admit States cannot be commanded to enact federal mandates, then when the DOJ procedes to explain how the States can be "encouraged, bribed and threatened"... we see that something must be done.

Resolution to Get U.S. out of U.N. and U.N. out of U.S.
The resolution in entirely in correct form... and because of the timeliness of its subject, we hope something like it may be adapted and introduced in.. other state legislature[s]. State action we think is essential in moving this project forward." Kenneth White, Virginia Taxpayers Association

Arizona's Freon Use Act of 1995
Signed into law April 17, 1995 by Governor Fife Symington, defying world ban on use of Freon.

Will Florida Legislature Exercise Its Constitutional Duty?
"... One of the reasons that courts are likely to overstep is that they are NOT held accountable by the Legislature which has the power under most Constitutions to impeach them. The State Legislature can impeach a State Judge for usurping powers that are denied that judge under the Constitution, because it consists of a form of sedition against the lawful government of the State, when you have judges playing legislators."

Tennessee Legislature Backs Down
"Police cars blockaded Tennessee state Capitol entrances and troopers patrolled legislative hallways this week as the state legislature found itself under siege by thousands of angry taxpayers upset at a plan to implement a state income tax. ... several legislators were taken away by ambulance and hospitalized for blood pressure and heart problems as tensions rose and tempers flared."

How Could All 50 States Be Wrong?
Every State in the union refers to God in their Constitutions. If God should be removed from all of the public domain, how is it that every one of the states were wrong to include a reference to the Creator?

Related Links:

Gary Robinson's Web Site

Explains how state and federal governments actually work; and how the Uniform Commercial Code was crafted. Lawyers control government through the judicial branch. Gary has been a guest on Sweet Liberty. Tapes are available.

Council of State Governments
Founded with Rockefeller money through the Laura Spelman Fund.  "...The members of the Council of State Governments include all elected and appointed officials and staff in the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of state government and the U.S. territories."

State Governments
Locate your state government in the CSG web page, then find the "Branches of Government" House, Senate, Governor. Find your state Representatives and Senators.

World Government
No such thing? A figment of our imagination? Check out this link from the CSG website. States budget tens of thousands to the CSG for state legislatures to be indoctrinated to globalism.

The Constitution: It's Source and Application
Very useful reference for historical data on the Constitution. Thanks John Kegg for this link!

State Citizen Service Center Research Headquarters
"Who is the most dangerous human alive? It's the one who knows and asks questions". Citizen Richard James, McDonald - Researcher and Educator on State Citizenship

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