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2nd Amendment Committee
Bernadine Smith, a great lady, loyal American patriot

Amerikan Expose
Chris Gerner, a fellow patriot broadcaster, is working to wake up America to the United Nations system, operating in America. Much research on Agenda 21 and sustainable development, which will profoundly affect every American's life, if it isn't stopped.

Berit Kjos
Features articles that demonstrate the connecting link between UNESCO policy and today's education program.

Walter Burien's site which offers a starting grounds for understanding the issues of the runaway growth and wealth obfuscation taken by government that is in place today. Also, see for more info.

Come and Hear
An educational forum for the examination of religious truth and religious tolerance. Texts of the Talmud. From Carol Valentine, the same researcher who brought you the excellent site,

Constitution Society
This site appears to be a great research tool in matters relating to our Constitution — including the Federalist and Anti-federalist papers.

Cutting Through the Matrix
The website of frequent Sweet Liberty guest, Alan Watt. Most every website and book out there will only give the reader a partial view of history and the agenda of the ruling elite, if even partially correct. Each is limited by the intention and belief system (religion) of the author. The intent of this website is to show what has not been shown, in a way that can bring the participant in full view of the reality in which they live.

The Free American
Website of Clay Douglas, patriot broadcaster.

Freedom of the Airwaves
Lonnie Kobres, and Rick Strawcutter show you how to broadcast lawfully.

Fully Informed Jury Association
The jury shall have the right to judge the law, as well as the alleged criminal.

Govern America with Darren Weeks
Official site of the weekly radio program by the same name. News, essays, audio and video pertaining to your freedom, from the webmaster of the site you're now reading.

Gun Laws
A quite extensive site on the subject of the people's right to bear arms.

Home School World
Info for the home educator and those who realize that home education is the responsibility of parents.

Jim McCanney Science
This web site is for those who do not believe that comets are dirty snow balls. Enter here to find out what they really are. NOTE: Jim has an internet broadcast on Wednesdays at 9 PM Eastern - the same time as Sweet Liberty. You can listen to Sweet Liberty live and then go to Jim's page within three hours and listen to his archives.

Mind Control in America
Stephen Jacobson's excellent documentaries on the subject of media mind manipulation and the fraudulent monetary system, The Federal Reserve are available here.

Omni Christian Book Club
Highly recommended reading: In the History & Politics section # 549. The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed Paper $14.95

One of the best writings for students on the origins and evolution of Modern Zionism. From Bible writings to the present including Adam Weishaupt and the Illuminati to Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White. 594 pages

Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine
Reports on "global warming" and researches effects of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Political Graveyard
The website that tells where dead politicians are buried.
Web site of Jim Condit, Jr. for congress. Jim ran so he could place uncensored commercials on mainstream TV, exposing the War on Terror, and who owns the media.

Rights and Wrong
This website, from Austrailia, documents one person's battle against the most powerful, determined, uncaring, and greedy enemy of ordinary people of the world - "THE BANKS".

Watershed Approach
A sneaky plan to further implement Regional Governance, and ultimately thwart private property rights.

What Really Happened?
This is an EXCELLENT website for articles relating to 9-11 propaganda and the TRUTH revealed! We're linking direct to the 9-11 info. However, the site is extensive in its coverage of many subjects, and is easy to read for its list of "categories". Highly recommended!
World-Wide First-Amendment Radio, based in California, U.S.A. Internet/satellite network.