State Rights

It's Been Going on For a Long Time!


For those of you who still believe you should "petition" U.S. Senators, Representatives, Presidents, et al... awaken!  The global scheme is being implemented at the State and local levels of government.  That is, until they 'implement' themselves out of their elected official status.  And be assured, that is the ultimate plan of the global planners... elimination of separate, sovereign nations / states.  Check out the section on Regional Governance.


 From: Austin England      


Circa, December 27, 1934

The following article is taken from a front page article in the "Curry County Reporter" entitled as the OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF CURRY COUNTY, Gold Beach, Oregon, Thursday, December 27, 1934.


In 1934 Governor Martin began the move to commit the State of Oregon and the state's citizenry into the spiraling vortex of perpetual debt.

After the great depression, which began with the crash of the financial market in 1929, it took until 1933 for the directors of that crash to make their next public announcement.  That announcement was the passage by the United States House of Representatives of HJR-192. The aforesaid enactment was by its nature, the official recognition and ultimate declaration by the Congress that the nation was bankrupt.

This official announcement of national bankruptcy meant that virtually every piece of property in the United States, both real and personal, went into receivership.  This also meant that under the aforesaid bankruptcy this country would now require a debtor oriented form of government and thereby, run predominately on an ever-increasing administrative and commercial level. This form of government would rely exclusively on a long established and internationally recognized
commercial code, the nature of such code being wholly inconsistent with a Republican form of government.

With this short background regarding the movement of America into the classification of a debtor nation, the following is the exact wording in the Curry County Reporter announcing the unilateral creation of a debtor form of government within the State of Oregon.  It's important to understand, that this form of debtor government did not abolish the original jurisdiction of Oregon's Republican form of government, but created a dualistic body or what might be termed as a symbiotic governing body.


Curry County Reporter
Gold Beach, Oregon
Thursday, December 27, 1934.


To Ask Changes in Plans of State Government

     Reports from Portland and Salem that a new program from the state legislature which would give Martin powers in the state similar to those granted by congress to Roosevelt will be introduced when lawmakers convene in January. 
     Martin has determined to become a strong executive and run the state from his office, and to take the praise or blame upon his own shoulders rather than pass it around.

     It is not known outside the circle of the governor-elect's group of advisors just what will be included in his program, but observers predict that he will emulate Roosevelt in rapidity of action. Some of Martin's proposed changes have been publicly announced, while others are known to be favored by him, and are likely to be included in his message to the legislature or in subsequent administrative bills.

     There is certain to be a request for centralization of the executive powers of the state in the hands of the governor, with consequent reduction of the importance of the offices of treasurer and secretary of state.  The state board of control would lose much of its present authority to the governor. [Weakening of the separation of powers. My emphasis]

     Abolition of many state boards and commissions and combinations of boards and commissions will undoubtedly be sought.

     It is believed that a bill, which would permit the governor to accomplish reforms by executive order, will be introduced with many features of the National Recovery Act.

     It is almost certain that Martin will ask for the creation of a state planning commission under his control and supervision for the purpose of examining the activities of the sub -divisions of government within the state, and plan the activities of the various departments and districts for cooperation and greatest efficiency.

The House of Representatives will probably give Martin little difficulty, as it is democrat, but the senate, with four more republicans than democrats, may prove a stumbling block for his program.


The above process having also taken place in 1935 throughout the several American states, couples with the Social Security Act enacted that same year, with that act, a scheme was launched to include the American people as parties to the national debt.

From the above date, the American people were systematically incorporated into that act from the private side of life, into a form of implied voluntary public servitude under the Social Security Act.  With the ultimate incorporation of the American people into the realm of public policy, their private lives were separated from the protection of the Bill of Rights, a number was assigned and a government created debtor instrument was provided for the people to now conduct their financial affairs as world class debtors and taxpayers.

Today this same scheme is evolving on a global scale and the United Nations is waiting patiently in the wings to step in and administrate the global debt, hence, INTERNATIONAL BANKRUPTCY.  Can this scheme work on an international level?  Of course, it's already proven to work on the alleged most free people in the worl