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Regional Governance

Regionalism: Sneaking America into World Government
By Jackie Patru
A thumbnail sketch of "the method whereby would-be world rulers intend to control every aspect of our lives. Without the full implementation of Regional Governance, their plan for world dominance cannot succeed."

Beware Metro Regional Government
By Phoebe Courtney, 1973
This out-of-print book is so important we transcribed its entire contents for your reading. A must read to understand how regional governance is being implemented; by whom; and for what reason. A complicated system explained simply and thoroughly.

Ridge Applauds Move Toward Regionalization
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge called the "because-we've-always-done-it-this-way" mentality that exists in tiny power bases masked as municipal governments "parochial." He said geographic borders once held sacred have become "undeniably artificial."

Do We Need the States?
By Piers von Simson, New York Times, 1971
"State government is either distrusted or ignored or both... A possible solution to the problem lies in regionalization, in abolishing the states."

Here Comes the Ameri-Dollar!
And there goes the U.S. of A.! World Regionalism in action! "U.S. dollar becomes legal currency in El Salvador on New Year's Day" Panama, Argentina and Communist Cuba already use the dollar. Ecuador will adopt the dollar in September; Guatemala plans to in May.

Government Will Control All Land
Phillip County News, Jan. 4, 1934
"Use of all land, public and private will be controlled by the federal government in the future, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture Rexford Tugwell predicted this week."

It's Been Going On For a Long Time!
"Governor Martin To Seek Centralization - To Ask Changes in Plans of State Government - WANTS MORE POWERS": Circa 1934

Nine Groups Instead of the 48 States
N.Y. Times Magazine, 1935
"Since, obviously, there is political dynamite in any proposal to abolish States... no one has yet dared to broach publicly the thesis that the abolition would be in the public interest and is, in fact, a distinct possibility in the some-what distant future." Could 70 years be considered the 'some-what distant future?

1942 World Map - Post W.W.IIUpdated!
Commissioned by the Carnegie International Endowment for Peace in 1941, depicting their projected division of the world as it would look after the war... four years prior to the end of the war!

UN's New Task: Regionalize the World
By New Hampshire State Rep., Nelson A. Pryor, 1974
"The United Nations Organization has been busy implementing its assigned task of regionalizing the world. Not satisfied with existing government boundaries and forms of government.... "

Regionalism in Europe
The global dividers far reach

Community Legislation In Force
Regionalism on a global scale INTERREGIONAL FRAMEWORK COOPERATION AGREEMENT between the European Community and its Member States, of the one part, and the Southern Common Market and its Party States, of the other part...

Illinois Legislative Study on Regionalism
Findings: Eventual elimination of States.
In 1978 the Illinois State legislature, urged by Citizen groups, created a committee to study the effects of regionalism in Illinois. Three hearings were held - in Springfield, Illinois: 4-11-1978; Chicago, 7-10-78; and Edwardsville, 9-26-78. The conclusive findings were that Regionalism was destroying and would ultimately eliminate state government. Following are transcripts of four witnesses. (as we have time to type future transcripts they will be added below)

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Committee to Restore the Constitution
Colonel Arch Roberts has books, videos, audios explaining Regionalism. His web site is a treasure trove of important work. Jackie learned about Regionalism from an audio tape somebody sent... of Col. Roberts.

Organization of the American States
The UN sanctioned organization to unite the Americas.

Summit of the Americans
In league with the Organization of American States.

Canaan Valley Institute
Mission Statement: The CVI was created to foster local decision-making in support of sustainable communities in the Mid-Atlantic Highlands.... include portions of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and all of West Virginia.... a not-for-profit, and non-advocacy organization committed to enhancing the ability of the residents of the region to improve their quality of life. CVI works to aid communities in implementing locally-determined solutions to problems that threaten the economic or environmental resources of their watershed.

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