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Regional Governance

From: Jim Hardin
Sent: Tuesday, August 15, 2000 



I've been reporting for years that the New World Order is upon us.

This is from a Freedom Page member in England. Clearly, you can see the things being "pushed" in your area to be global.
To: "Jim Hardin" <freedompage@mindspring.com>

Dear Jim,

Not a month goes by, without revelations to paedophile rings operating within children's homes etc. , the big boys though, are never revealed.

As to the schools, more direct government control all the time being implemented, less say by parents and local authorities, this has been so, much more under (the Blair faced lair, one thing both Blair and Clinton have in common, is that they both appear to lie and not bat an eyelid.).

Another area where a major push is coming soon, in the area of Regionalisation. The EU map for this, does not even make note of England, but divides us up into 10 regions. The rumour is that Sussex and Kent will be linked into part of France, my source on this is fairly reliable. I know that September is the date to commence this push.

In this area, the so called North West Region, which the man in the street who knows of this, appears they do not want it. Members are all appointed (no elections) the Chairman (or should I be PC and say CHAIR - this term always makes me laugh) is the new Bishop of Liverpool, (Blair appointed).  

Only with the last month, a very good friend of mine, found themselves in conversation with a local Member of Parliament, which it turned out, had been on the Assembly (NW region) ten years ago. How long they have been at this behind the scene, it could be decades. This MP (Labour) also admitted to being a member of the House of Commons One World Government Group. (We never knew there was one, and seeing my friend is close to a former Christian Conservative MP, whom it appears knew nothing of this)  

These TRAITORS have been working their Devilish plots for years. It is also interesting that one of the very first things that Tony Blair did, when coming into office, was to hide in a new law, a clause removing the 'Death penalty for treason). 

The EU, is at present, working on a EU Constitution, due for release on October 10th, and an EU superstate, the Treaty for such, to be presented to the Inter-governmental Conference in Nice in December,.  

This not counting, what the UN is planning. Only today it came out, that Blair has been using British Taxpayers monies, to support a pro-Euro(currency) group in Denmark, in the coming referendum on the subject, where it is expected that the anti-Euro group will win. Another referendum is due in Sweden, where 74% are opposed at present, over here its 75% against.

Another planned move here, is for a Religious Discrimination Law, which is in it final draft stage. Again due out around October.  What this will bring we shall soon see, clearly multi-faith, for those working on it have pro-Muslim, Buddhist leanings. (This team is based at the University of Derby.  

I hope Jim, it has given you a little of the scene.

God Bless
[Removed by Request]

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