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About Sweet Liberty

The Council on Domestic Relations was founded in November, '92 by Jackie Patru and Dan Druck as a result of our grass- roots support for an independent candidate.

During that time we became aware of the many grass roots groups, organizations and individuals who are committed as we are to the preservation of our Constitution and the restoration of Constitutional Government in America.... an America as we believe our founders envisioned.

We realized how splintered and separate each of the groups were, some within a few miles of each other and unaware of the other's existence. Even though many of the groups are focused on a single agenda, we're all, ultimately, working toward the same goal... to preserve our national/State sovereignty (or more accurately, to re-claim it) and our God-given freedoms as secured by our Constitution.

Through our national fax network, the radio broadcast - "Sweet Liberty" - our Internet web site and an extensive E-mail address list we're now reaching thousands of groups and individuals in all 50 states, including radio talk-show hosts and pro-Constitutional state legislators.

We aren't trying to re-invent the wheel and we don't pretend to know all the answers. We've been blessed to make connections with American patriots who have been fighting this battle (while most of us played and slept) for 20-40 years. As a result of their effort, we have the benefit of learning from them and receiving documents that are priceless -- documents which prove our sovereignty and freedom are being abandoned in favor of a one-world, socialistic government.

In 1993, our first project was to get involved in the effort to stop the call from the States for a Con-Con (Constitutional Convention) -- which would most surely entirely replace our Constitution, if it were to happen (12 states tried it in '93 unsuccessfully!).

The CDR has evolved and our network of American Constitutionists has grown disproportionately with the short time of our existence. The fast growth looked like a miracle to us, and we realize we fly by the seat of our pants and by the Grace of God.

We're networking with Americans -- members of already formed national groups from UWSA, Committee to Restore the Constitution, We the People, For the People, Eagle Forum, J B Society, Christian Coalition, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, etc.; people from all political parties... Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Populists, Independents, etc.; State and local groups with names and no names including home schoolers, 2nd Amendment groups, etc...... and individual Americans, who are committed to saving America.

Note: We have evidence which convinces us that the founders or top leadership in some of the national organizations mentioned (and many not mentioned) are not aligned with true Constitutional ideals. It appears they encourage their members/subscribers to engage in activities that circumvent issues which will hit at the core of the problems facing America - a band-aid effect. We're aware that some of them know the core problems and yet they withhold valuable information from the rank and file... keep them in the dark so to speak. Our desire is to shed the light of truth on those whose agenda is hidden in the dark for we believe "the truth will set us free."

We've watched the scoundrels in D.C. debating hundreds of un-Constitutional bills and alerted our networkers to specific bills that needed action, providing a summary of the legislation, a number to call and a suggested message. Watching the NAFTA and then GATT/WTO get ram-rodded through the U.S. Congress made us realize that even though our voice had become strong in its unity, the insanity in D.C. has resulted in a U.S. Congress (puppets and pawns) that dances on the strings of the self-proclaimed world policymakers (the puppeteers).

We continue to watch their antics -- although our focus now is more toward getting the information to state legislators and local elected officials. We connect those who contact us with others in their respective states to strengthen the unity of the states.

We will fight the Con-Con until they give up trying to get it passed, and assisting efforts to get rescissions of the resolutions in states that have passed it.

In retrospect, we believe the 10th Amendment movement was God's way of building the political army of networkers, prepared to defend our Constitution against the COS.

The SSFF Act had been introduced in California by Sen. Dick Mountjoy -- 3/97. The proposed Act was killed in Committee -- update 6-97. Dan Druck (our co-founder) has taken a sabatical so-to-speak, in order to give time and attention to family and work. We hope to have him back soon.

The majority of our fellow Americans have been rendered mindless by the Media Mind Control in America (as Steven Jacobson so aptly explains in his audio tape by the same title).

Our precious children are NOT being merely "dumbed down" by government schools. Their minds -- beliefs, values, attitudes and thus their behavior -- are being shaped and molded via operant conditioning methods used in the so-called schools. Since the mind is the gateway to the soul, we are losing our children to the godless who believe they are God.

We urge our networkers and radio listeners to pray for guidance, instruction and discernment; to get involved under Holy Spirit's / God's leadership; to work as tho it is up to us while remembering the outcome is in His hands. We encourage networkers to stay in their groups, hold local meetings, expand their network within the community and above all... reach out to as many other groups as they can within their states to form a tight and ever-expanding link to one-another; create fax and phone trees so separate groups can interconnect when a State issue arises. The united voice has power to curtail un-Constitutional legislation on state and community levels and above all to force elected officials to uphold their oath of service to defend and protect the Constitution. As state legislators are awakened and educated many un-Constitutional state laws must be repealed.

CDR is "pure grass roots". We work from home, spending personal funds. Because of the extensive faxing and calling across the country our phone bills alone are astronomical. We gratefully accept contributions from any of you who believe, as we do, that our work is important and we are making a difference. This will enable us to reach more and more Americans. We have depleted our source of personal funds which makes it tough to work effectively. The financial help will enable us to increase or improve our effectiveness -- to awaken more Americans and bring those who have awakened and are looking for a direction into the ever-growing family.

Imagine what life will be like under the New World Order. What future will you leave your children/grandchildren if you do not STAND UP FOR FREEDOM?

America was born by the strength of her people. How amazed will you be when you discover the difference you can make? Together, and by the Grace of God, we will take America back!

May God bless America and our efforts to keep her free.

Jackie Patru
National co-founder and co-director

Jackie hosts the radio broadcast live on Shortwave (info on home page) and is available for guest appearances on other radio talk shows.

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