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Regional Governance

Transcript of article from: Phillip County News, Malta, Montana, 4 January 1934, "Tugwell Predicts New Regulations for Land With Federal Control"

Tugwell: Government Will Control All Land

Use of all land, public and private will be controlled by the federal government in the future, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture Rexford Tugwell predicted this week.

Land which cannot be operated effectively under private ownership will be held by the government as public forests, parks, game preserves, grazing ranges, recreation centers and the like, Tugwell asserted.

Privately owned land will be controlled "to whatever extent is found necessary for maintaining continuous productivity." he said. State officials here were studying Tugwell’s statement today to see how they might affect Montana.

"We have depended too long on the hope that private ownership and control would operate somehow for the benefit of society as a whole. That hope has not been realize." Tugwell said present acreage reductions plans were only an emergency stop gap. "What is done is merely to keep a part of each field of each farm out of use." he said. "It seems to be obvious that this cannot be a characteristic feature of a permanent policy."

As an alternative, Tugwell advocated controlling the total volume of farm products by limiting the area available for production, the government acquiring and devoting to other uses all land in excess of that needed for production.

He envisioned "a commercial agriculture made up of the most efficient farmers operating the best of our lands." Contrary to the desired trend 2,000,000 persons have returned to farms during the depression, he said.

"We already had too many farmers." Tugwell said. "We could probably raise all the farm products we need with half our present farmers, or 12 and one-half percent of our total working population."

"Private control has failed to use wisely its control of the land." he concluded. "We are preparing a land program not merely for the benefit of those who held title to it but for the greater welfare of all the citizens of the country". [end of transcript]

"Control of land is central to objectives of Federal Regionalism. Regional Government seeks to overthrow the Constitution; merge fifty States into ten Federal Regions; change form of government from elective to appointed system; seize control of all property, production, communication, transportation; revoke civil rights and reduce you to status of ‘human resource’ subject to dictates of central authority in Washington."

Col. Arch Roberts
Lt. Col. AUS ret., Director
Committee to Restore the Constitution
P.O. Box 986
Fort Collins, Colorado  80522
[970] 484-2575

"Through appropriate land use planning, it is his [the physical planner’s] job to help this transfer of land to occur in an orderly fashion by reconciling the rights of the individual with the interests of the community." From Planning Metropolitan Areas and New Towns, United Nations - New York, 1967, U.N. Publications Sales No. 67.IV.5

Published in October of ‘95, Our Global Neighborhood - the United Nations Report of the Commission on Global Governance (In celebration of its 50th anniversary) indicates the progress being made toward world regionalism.

"The development of regionalism cannot be isolated from global institutions. Affecting each other in many ways, these goals should be linked in a dynamic process of interaction. Regional arrangements have the potential to complement and contribute to Global Governance, but may not produce a positive outcome automatically" (In other words, they’re ‘experimenting’ with world governance and the people of the world are their guinea pigs)

"The development of global governance is part of the evolution of human efforts to organize life on the planet... we are convinced that it is time for the world to move on from the designs evolved over the centuries and given new form in the establishment of the United Nations nearly fifty years ago."

"The UN must prepare for a time when regionalism becomes more ascendant world-wide, and even help the process along. It is committed to doing so; the Secretary-General has called repeatedly for a strengthening of regionalism in global governance, in development no less than in peace and security."

From: Journal of State Government, Oct-Dec., 1991. The Council of State Government’s publication for state legislators (now State Government News) article titled, "Foreign Relations at the State Level" ...

"The globalizations of state governments is receiving a tremendous amount of publicity at the international, national, state and local levels."

"... and how the chief executive and legislative leaders should promote the best interests of the public in the global market" [rank and file legislators are discounted in these plans because it is common practice for legislators in non-leadership positions to follow the instructions, commands and demands of their ‘leaders’]

"Several U.S. states are entering into regional blocs or pacts in order to optimize their resources and strengthen their position in the global economy..." "One of the most prominent and successful examples of such regional cooperation is the Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER), which is comprised of Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and two Canadian provinces, Alberta and British Columbia."

READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY -- The article continues...

"State governments have an important role to play, not only in understanding where they fit in but also in erecting what President George Bush has called the New World Order. This order – if implemented properly – will emphasize collective security [world Army under NATO-UN] international cooperation and a dependence on international law [no more Constitution for the united States of America] to resolve conflicts, promote economic and social development and create a respect for human rights... We must prudently, yet forcefully seize the opportunity and be constructive players".

State legislators are implementing Regional governance by passing bills they don’t read. They haven’t the foggiest notion of what they’re doing. It’s criminal and a violation of oath. Please copy this sheet freely; get the information to your state legislators and send it to five others not your own. The ‘architects’ of World Government are making their big push... in your state ! Watch for bills ‘reforming’ tax codes, proposed amendments to state constitutions, more ‘Regionalism’ legislation, i.e., city-county mergers, regional asset groups, any intergovernmental type bills and especially... watch your state for implementation of federal gun bills.


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