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Regional Governance

Details of World Map
Post WWII - 1941

The Architectural Stamp in the upper left-hand corner of the MAP shows that the MAP was completed in October 1941 and published in 1942.

The MAP was commissioned by the Carnegie International Endowment for Peace - a tax exempt foundation which uses its money to "further their Globalist Schemes", which Rene Wormser said in the book "Foundations - Their Power and Influence". Wormser was the Chief Council for Congressman B. Carroll Reece's committee investigating tax-exempt foundations in 1953- 54.

['Foundations -- Their Power and Influence' can be purchased at Covenant House Books, P.O. Box 4690, Sevierville, Tenn., 37864. Ask for the CDR discount 40% - discounted price-single copy is $15 - Expansively indexed - great for researchers ]

The MAP shows the World divided up into ten (10) regions including the following:

1) The U.S.A., Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Mexico, and Central America all as one region called the United States of America. Today, the Cascadia Region combines two Canadian provinces and five north-western States with its own "mayor" and GDP and the Border Region 21 wipes out sixty miles of the Mexican American border including Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

2) South America - all national boundaries in South America erased. It is all one region called the United States of South America.

3) Africa - all country lines are erased - It is all one region called the Union of African Republics

4) The United Republics of China includes China, Vietnam, Thailand, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, and both Koreas.

5) The Federated Republics of India include India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Burma and Laos.

6) The Arabian Federated Republics include Oman, Aden, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Hebrewland. (Hebrewland is where Israel is today)

7) The British Commonwealth includes Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and all of the East Indies (Ireland is NOT included)

8) U.S.A. Peace-Security Outposts include Pacific Islands including Marshall Islands and the Samoa Islands

9) United States of Europe and United States of Scandinavia are the same color on the original colored map. Was this because the Illuminati planned to merge these two sub-regions into what is now called the Maestricht Treaty / European Union?

10) Union of Soviet Socialist Republics - Eastern European countries were already shown as part of the USSR in 1942! Four years before they were handed over to the Communists by FDR. What was World War II fought for when the globalists already knew the outcome? 50,000,000 people died in defense of the World Order !

11) Quarantined Region - Germany, Italy and Japan (to be merged into other regions later)

Maps can be ordered for $9 from: CDR; P.O. Box 190; Millerton, Pennsylvania; 16936 Printer quality, 24x34", suitable for framing. This detailed explanation is included.

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