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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A change of plans 

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Jewish Persecution Introduction: "plans" changed to "plan"

I've often thought that the web of lies and deceit, manipulation of minds, the process of planning, intrigue, blackmail, bribery, murder, suicides, all the myriads of agencies, councils, organizations and secret societies, central banks, world banks, governments, parliaments, constitutions, religions and the resulting wars... the whole scheme of the long-laid plans to bring about a single World Government is not unlike the doilies mom so lovingly created.

posted by Darren Weeks  # 6:13 AM

More typos 

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In Jewish Persecution, Chapter 18, we find the following paragraph (changes needed to be made highlighted in red):
The Jew, William Morris was an attendant at the treasonous Constitutional Convention in
1789, along with many other Jew and non-Jew lawyers, land barons, money-lenders, etc. In a book titled An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution, by Charles A. Beard, (Macmillan Co., 1913) a bio was given on all fifty-four men present at that gathering.

It's now changed to:

The Jew, William Morris was an attendee at the treasonous Constitutional Convention in 1787, along with many other Jew and non-Jew lawyers, land barons, money-lenders, etc. In a book titled An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution, by Charles A. Beard (Macmillan Co., 1913), a bio was given on all fifty-five men present at that gathering. The end-result of that Convention was to enrich those attendees (and their posterity), and to create a strong central government that would become all-powerful as more and more politicians -- especially those in the several states -- succumbed to the lures of money, power and influence.

posted by Darren Weeks  # 5:50 AM

When is a typo NOT a typo? 

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Why... after it's been fixed!

In Chapter 22 of Jewish Persecution:

"who've" changed to "whose"

Many websites are featuring this information, as well as producing pamphlets to hand out to those who've eyes are still wide shut.

Also, linked "22" to the actual chapter number, where the chapters are listed on the main page.

posted by Darren Weeks  # 5:28 AM

Satellite Coordinates 

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Coordinates for the new KU-band satellite feed have now been modified on the main page of the SL site.

As we mentioned earlier, the C-Band audio service on Galaxy 13 will go silent at the end of the month.

posted by Darren Weeks  # 5:12 AM

Fred and Sandra Ehrlich 

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Sorry to announce the Ehrlich's tape ministry is gone.

For those who were unaware, Fred and Sandy had over a thousand titles on various subjects that they offered for only $5 a tape.

I've posted his message on the page where the titles used to be listed.

Also removed the link from the resources page.

posted by Darren Weeks  # 4:52 AM

Eulogy added for Terri 

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I added a brief eulogy that I wrote back in March to the Terri section to honor her.

posted by Darren Weeks  # 4:25 AM

Terri link on main page 

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Changed text from "Documenting the ongoing battle..." to new text acknowledging Terri's departure from this world.

May the guilty pay. Amen.

posted by Darren Weeks  # 3:24 AM

Modifications to Audio Archives 

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I've been tinkering around in the audio section a bit.

First, please notice the new satellite coordinates for First Amendment Radio Network. Any of you who may pull the signal from the bird, understand that the service on Galaxy 13 is being discontinued at the end of this month. Service is already up and available on IA5 (formally Telstar 5), Frequency: 11836, Symbol Rate: 20.770, Polarization: Vertical, PID: 62, Right Channel audio.

If you would like to listen and don't have equipment, you can get a reasonably priced system here.

Secondly, regarding the changes to our audio section, I am adding support for a new player to our daily broadcasts.

Starting with the June 20th broadcast, I am making available streaming in WinAmp format. This is something that I've been wanting to do for quite some time now.

I am seriously thinking about phasing out Real Audio on all of my projects, including SL. I am very unhappy with Real Networks spyware practices. I have gotten to the point where I don't want any of their junk on my own computers or my server.

All of the audio files that we post are in mp3 format, and have been for some time. The mp3 format is widely supported by all players, so even if folks don't wish to use WinAmp, they can always download the files to their hard drives and continue using Real Player, Windows Media Player, or any other player of their choice.

For now, we'll support both players; in the future, that may change.

posted by Darren Weeks  # 2:58 AM


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