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If you notice a broken link, or something else that doesn't work properly, I want to hear about it. with the specific web address (URL) of the page, along with a description of the problem. Your assistance is priceless, and helps to improve the quality of everyone's browsing experience.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Picture fixed 

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The picture of Saddam Hussein, shaking hands with Donald Rumsfeld from the National Security Archive has now been fixed.

It had been disabled on the old server because we had much more limited bandwidth and people were making that image where it would load directly on message board pages and it was running our bandwidth up to the point where I was incurring addtional fees.

We now have much more bandwidth and I'm happy to say that the image is back.

posted by Darren Weeks  # 1:14 AM

Sunday, December 18, 2005

News Headlines 

We now have a new addition to the main page. I have added a section, currently at the bottom, that is called "In the Headlines".

Dennis Hodges will be posting his news finds in this section. I certainly appreciate his contribution to the work of Sweet Liberty and the work of our country.

Thanks, Dennis

posted by Darren Weeks  # 3:18 AM

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

U.S. had advanced warning of Asian tsunami 

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Been hanging on to this piece because of a lack of time to post it. Finally got around to doing it today.

This important item was sent to me by my friend and partner Dennis Hodges. Thanks, Dennis.

posted by Darren Weeks  # 3:10 AM

Masons 'chip' children 

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Added source URL at the top of evil Mason page.

posted by Darren Weeks  # 3:07 AM

CSS in Weather section 

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Added some style sheets for the fonts and a background color to some of the pages to maintain some color continuity with the main weather page.

posted by Darren Weeks  # 2:33 AM

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


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Due to an error on my part, the link to the official Maryland website was broken. Thanks to Jackie for pointing that out; it is now fixed.

posted by Darren Weeks  # 11:52 PM

Nebraska Freemasons Promote Biometrics for Children 

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This little jewel has been added into three different sections:

posted by Darren Weeks  # 12:59 AM


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