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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Cogent connectivity issues cause outage 

All of my sites were down for most of the day Friday, due to trouble on the 207 network at Cogent. Cogent is the company that provides the bandwidth for the servers which host the following three websites:

The sites that were effected have an IP address beginning with "207". This included all of the sites above. Below is the updates that were posted on the admin board at the hosting company.

The hosting company finally fixed the problem by switching us to the 208 network. It is unclear, at this time, whether that move will be temporary.

Also, my mail server is also on the 207 network, so it was also inaccessible throughout most of the day on Friday. If you sent me, Jackie Patru, Chris Gerner, or anyone else with one of the above domain names in the e-mail address, you may have to resend.

Darren Weeks

13:57 - Our upstream provider for the datacenter in which your server is hosted experienced a temporary Network connection loss during emergency maintenance on their network. Your server is actually up and running now. Please note that we were not given any ETA, so additional downtime may occur. Please be patient while their engineers fix the issue at hand.

15:53 - Update: The network issues should be resolved by 17:30 at the latest, but network administrators are hoping for a resolution sooner than that. The entire 207 network provided by Cogent is affected. We truly apologize for the inconvenience.

17:36 - Update: Engineers are still working on the 207 network, and will resolve the issue as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

17:52 - Update: Engineers have fixed most of the network connectivity issues.

20:57 - Update: Engineers are still fixing a few lingering issues, but for the most part,'s 207 network access has been restored. Because of the lingering issues, some clients may still not be able to connect to their websites and email.

22:35 - Update: We are changing out IP addresses to 208.* on the affected servers for clients who still cannot reach their servers due to Cogent's network issues. We will leave the 207 IP's in place for redundancy until the new IP addresses take affect within 12-24 hours.


posted by Darren Weeks  # 2:53 AM


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