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The Klamath Basin Crisis


Please note that we are not able to endorse the sources of all of the information posted here. There are a large number of phony conservative organizations and individuals (controlled opposition) that get involved in these issues such as these. Though they sometimes do some good deeds, and write some well-written articles, we must always remain mindful of their hidden agendas. Refer to our Wolves in Sheep's Clothing section for more information on the phony conservatives.

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The History
From the Reclamation Act of 1902, through today. A brief history of governmental actions that led to the current crisis and a summary of the situation.

Feds Consider Marshals in Oregon
Fighting for their survival, Klamath farmers disobey.

Klamath Falls Not a Local Issue
Their fight is our fight. Their freedom is our freedom.

The Stand at Klamath Falls
A tale of the spirit of the modern day freedom-fighters.

Waterfowl Face Dry Refuge
Proving that this issue isn't about the endangered spieces the feds are willing to victimize farmers and ranchers as well as the beloved and precious eagle. *GASP!*

How Did YOUR Senator Vote?
Here is a list of United States senators and how they voted on the question of whether "to direct the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to take certain actions for the recovery of the lost river sucker and the shortnose sucker, and to clarify the operations of the Klamath Project in Oregon and California, and for other purposes."

There will be more added to this page soon.

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