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The Klamath Basin Crisis


Note from the Webmaster: While it is true that the Democrats are a party that is dedicated to socialism, the fact remains that the Republicans are just as guilty at squandering our precious liberties. This article -- like so many good-sounding "conservative" pieces, seems to play the "party" game. We would be amiss if we didn't point out that both parties are controlled and push toward global governance. As a matter of proving this point, where is our "friend" George W. Bush on this? Have you heard any other Republican speak out on this issue? Isn't the silence deafening? We post this not knowing much about the source and, therefore, cannot endorse the source.

Klamath Falls is Not a Local Issue

Their Freedom is Our Freedom


By Dorothy Anne Seese
Ether Zone

The farmers paid for their water decades ago, and what passes for "world environmentalism" -- a tool of the United Nations Agenda to take private land out of the hands of U.S. citizens and property owners -- is trying to starve them out by drought.

A roll call vote in the Senate on July 12, 2001 on whether to table (postpone) any action went straight down the lines of freedom (nay vote) and socialism (yea vote). The "yeas" won 52-48 and the site for the roll call vote by Senator can be found here

Both my Arizona senators voted "nay" so in the case of the Klamath farmers, I can be proud to be an Arizonan.

In case you live in an area of the nation where the plight of the Klamath Falls, Oregon farmers doesn't reach the newscasts, you can do a Google search (or the search engine of your choice, or the ezine of your choice) and find out just what our government has done to preserve a sucker fish (ever seen one?) and in the process, has cut off vital irrigation water to 1400 farmers in the Klamath Falls Basin.

Do you suppose 52 senators want us to import our food from Russia and China? Or do they just want to drive the farmers off this valuable land so the people in power can do a big land grab? After all, Hillary voted "yea" to tabling the issue ... stalling any action on it while the farmers go broke. Yeah, Democrats are the "peoples party" if you mean the Peoples Republic of the United States!

The Senate vote on the plight of the Klamath farmers is a very clear illustration of just how this nation is divided. Socialism vs. Republicanism. Government control vs. liberty. Go look!

While the United Nations convenes to discuss disarming Americans, our own government is driving them off their own lands by denying them access to their own water. Of course, that water is part of the great environmentalist land and water grab to protect bugs, fish and varmints. You think the government can't come in and help itself to what it wants? You must be listening to America's three big major moronic networks, or CNN. Even Pravda would be more unbiased than that group.

This is a timeframe story because news about it is breaking every hour or so. The farmers, some of them as old as 81, are really out in protest, and the fed sent in its marshals to stop the farmers from taking back their water.

What would the fed do if we stopped sending in our taxes? Jail us. What can they do if we own land? If we try to keep it ... jail us.

Oh yeah ... we live in a free country. You can go to any shopping mall you choose.

The Democrats have used Medicare scare tactics to bluff a lot of seniors into voting for them. They've scared the immigrants for whom they've done nothing into voting Democratic. They've grabbed union leadership and intimidated many of them into following the old Democratic line.

A few RINO's voted "yea" on tabling the Klamath Falls issue. Who? Go look. The ones who should follow Jeffords (who voted "yea") and get out of the Republican party.

We need to take back our America. We need to do it now. We need to be heard above the whining prattle and "it's for the children" gobbledygook of the socialist left. We're losing America, our Constutition, our liberties and our safety. For what? For the United Nations agenda of world control. And it starts with destroying the most powerful nation on earth, the United States. That means destroying the individual rights of the people.

Support the Klamath Falls farmers, because the next fight may be over your land, and it's surely going to be a fight, one of these days, for OUR COUNTRY.

We might as well start by helping our neighbors, the Klamath farmers.

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