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Who Owns the Environmentalist Movement?
"…It is clear that those at the top of the environmentalist movement are witting in their advocacy of policies that ultimately kill people. We know this is the case because many of the environmentalist policy-makers say so publicly. … The fact is that the top ozone depletion propagandists at the World Wildlife Fund, the Club of Rome, the Population Crisis Committee/Draper Fund, and other elite bodies want it to kill people."

Ozone and Freon Fraud
by Ed Parker (Kentucky). "The CFC ban…is a $5 trillion fraud brought about by NEW AGE SOCIALISTS"

Arizona's Freon Use Act of 1995
Signed into law April 17, 1995 by Governor Fife Symington — defying world ban on use of Freon.

Toxic Waste 'Recycled' as Fertilizer, Threatens U.S. Farms, Food Supply
Dioxin, Lead, Mercury Spread on Crops

Toxic Farming: EWG Executive Report
Millions of pounds of waste materials are sent to fertilizer companies to be used on American farms.

The Energy Non-Crisis
Book by Lindsey Williams
"I can personally attest to many of the facts, and certainly many of the conversations quoted in the book, as I spent a week with Chaplain Lindsey on the North Slope of Alaska during the construction of the Trans-Alaska pipeline. ... Our President has stated that our energy problem is the equivalent of war. Yet he has embraced policies that have continually discouraged and hampered the development of our oil industry. Nearly ten years ago President Nixon warned of a pending energy shortage unless our domestic production be drastically increased, but Congress insisted on restrictive price controls..." — Hugh M. Chance, former Colorado state senator

The Source of Gore's Global Warming Hoax?
A telling letter to the New York Times publisher, revealing the truth behind the 'stories.' (stor'y. n. 1. account of events, often fictitious. 2. newspaper report. 3. Informal. lie. Webster's 21st Century Dictionary)

Better Than Sex
"The development of global governance is part of the evolution of human efforts to organize life on the planet, and that process will always be going on." — United Nations Report of the Commission on Global Governance, Our Global Neighborhood

The Klamath Basin Crisis
With their livelihoods on the line, ranchers and farmers of Klamath Falls, Oregon, battle the feds, the extremist environmentalist movement, and the hideous sucker fish for the survival of their livelihoods. (Several articles)

Burn Your Cabin, or Go to JailNew!
"In 1976, when the Forest Service issued the '20-year, no-renewal permits,' there were 193 private land owners in northwest Pennsylvania's Allegheny Forest. Bob is the last."

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  • Marine Fish Conservation Network — Who owns the Greens? Follow the $$ trail. The Marine Fish Conservation Network is a non-profit organization, which graciously receives grants from Curtis and Edith Munson Foundation, Homeland Foundation, David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Pew Charitable Trusts, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and Surdna Foundation.

  • Earthpulse — Dr. Nick Begich's web site, explores new technology, and exposes risky and unnecessary projects.

  • HAARP — High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Weather control; Mind control; Organize-life-on-the-planet program.

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