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NOTE: FreonŽ is currently a registered trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC. It is used in this article for purposes of education and critique, which amounts to Constitutionally-protected free speech, under the First Amendment. This website does not offer any product or service for sale. For information on the Freon product, including where to buy, click here to go to their website.


Ozone and FreonŽ Fraud

by W. Ed Parker (KENTUCKY)

There is solid information that ECO-EXTREMISTS, CORPORATE CEOS, GOVERNMENT ENVIROCRATS, and MEDIA MOGULS form a loose coalition to promote radical, costly, self serving goals, and to mislead and confuse the people at large about environmental problems. Further, many so called scientists, who live from direct or indirect U.S. tax funds, ape these extremist views for personal gain.

For example, Federal Government Agencies have prepared, including color coded maps, plans to establish BIO-DIVERSITY STRATEGY for all American land and people. This plan will, if implemented, establish "HABITATS" for all our people; except for the ELITE.

In some areas of Kentucky, such as Jefferson County, citizens are forced to have annual auto emissions tests because of EPA regulations. The EPA and local regulators use slight of hand data by sounding local alarms whenever Ozone levels, as measured by them, reach the mid-point of their scale. Their recorded readings have not reached the upper level of their scale at least as far back as 1980. Further, there is not scientific data to support their claimed danger if the upper scale is reached. Everyone knows when it is hot and or humid, just by going outside their homes or work places.

In a recent article in the Kentucky Journal of Commerce and Industry, 8/8/98 "EPA LIED", it was pointed out the EPA had "cherry picked" data on secondhand tobacco smoke as a cause of cancer; and no data existed to support EPA claims in this (tobacco) area.

As shown above, the EPA and its supporters are prone to LIE!!!

* * *

The major costs of government regulations to the Appliance Industry in the early nineties were related to the elimination of FreonŽ (R-11 and R-12), both from foam insulation and sealed refrigeration systems.

The best source of scientific and common sense data on the following report are two books published by Dr. Dixie Lee Ray, TRASHING THE PLANET and ENVIRONMENTAL OVERKILL. These works and many others were summarized and reported in a scientific and professional manner by the NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR ENVIRONMENTAL BALANCE. (This group was chaired by Dr. I.W. Tucker, a retired professor from the University of Louisville.)

The excuse used by the EPA for the ban on FreonŽ was it somehow seeps into the atmosphere and depletes the Ozone in our air. There is no scientific data available, in or out of government, to describe this "claimed" process. FreonŽ is one of the most useful substances ever created by man; and it has many uses. In refrigeration, its prime usage is as the substance inside the sealed refrigeration systems that allows cooling to take place during the evaporator operation, and heating during the high temperature condensing part of the refrigeration cycles. Without FreonŽ or some similar substance, refrigeration cannot occur, and the best known alternate would be to return to ice boxes.

FreonŽ was developed and patented by the DuPont Company. Ironically, the DuPont patents on FreonŽ ran out at about the same time the government decrees to ban the use of FreonŽ were issued. The leading replacement substances for FreonŽ were also developed by DuPont. The FreonŽ (HCFC) substances are far more costly and far more complex, to the extent that DuPont stands to make untold billions of dollars on the change out of this substance, and consumers will have an inferior product. Further, the DuPont substitutes have no supporting data to prove they meet environmental needs.

FreonŽ, the "villain", is an odorless, tasteless, chemically neutral substance, which is HEAVIER THAN AIR, and by the laws of physics cannot rise into the atmosphere. If is spilled on the ground, it will settle in the soil and become plant food. It meets the Biblical standard of "ashes to ashes and dust to dust." FreonŽ can be commercially produced at a very low cost of $.50 to $1.00 per pound. Some recent news reports indicate that since the banning, it is now one of the leading items sold in the worlds black markets. Some reported costs of FreonŽ on the black market run as high as $50.00 per pound.

With the expiration of the DuPont patents, FreonŽ would have been readily available as an air conditioning and refrigeration substance for the entire world, including Third World Countries, at affordable rates. According to THE FACT FINDER, P.O. Box A, Scottsdale, AZ 85252, (1/16/95), DuPont owners have direct ties to the NEW AGE-ENVIRONMENTAL MOVEMENT which, in turn has ties to the EPA and such luminaries as Vice President Al Gore. Gore has ties to THE NEW WORLD ORDER of George Bush and Bill Clinton. According to THE FACT FINDER, Charles Bronfman of Seagrams, who controls the Board of Directors of DuPont, led the fight against FreonŽ, his own product, because the DuPont patents to control FreonŽ had run out.

Our upper atmosphere does contain Ozone (O3) (a compound made up of three oxygen atoms) as claimed by government and new age people. The atmosphere also contains a large amount of natural oxygen (O2) (made up of two oxygen atoms) in its natural state. About twenty per cent of the air we breath is Natural Oxygen (O2). Ozone is formed in the atmosphere by a break up on natural oxygen molecules (O2). This break up occurs in the atmosphere when certain ultraviolet sun rays strike Oxygen molecules and split them in half. The split single Oxygen atoms (O1) are very unstable, and quickly attach themselves to other natural occurring Oxygen molecules (O2) with two Oxygen atoms to form Ozone (O3). At any given time, there are several tons of Ozone produced every second in the atmosphere five to twenty five miles above the earth. As long as there is natural Oxygen molecules (O2) and sun light, there will be Ozone (O3), a natural law of basic science.

Ozone, itself, is very unstable chemically. When formed, it quickly attaches itself to other substances in the air. The upper air contains a number of impurities such as chlorine monoxide, an unstable substance reported by several government agencies. These same government agencies claim this chloride substance is chemically derived from FreonŽ and other similar man made substances.

However, as already reported by Dr. Ray and others, FreonŽ cannot rise into the atmosphere because it is heavier than air by a minimum of a four-to-one ratio. FreonŽ cannot defy the laws of physics or gravity. So, what is the source of atmospheric chlorine? Most of it comes form the natural evaporation of sea water which contains salt, a compound containing chlorides. The other major source of chlorides is from volcanic eruptions, which are not controlled by man. Dr. Ray’s data shows that the upper atmosphere at any given time contains 50 to 60 times as much chloride as is produced annually by all processes in use by man. Sea water evaporation alone produces 600 million tons of chlorides per year as compared to 750,000 tons per year of FreonŽ type production. This alone is a ratio of 800 to 1. The sea water evaporation and volcanic eruptions have been going on since God created the earth.

Now we come to the much discussed "Ozone Hole" in the Antarctic (South Pole) area. Studies by a number of sources show that, each year, at the end of the dark, cold (-80F) Antarctic winter an Ozone Hole (thin area) appears, lasts for three to five weeks, and then disappears. Let us now recall that Ozone forms when sun light strikes Oxygen molecules. Very few rays from the sun reach the Antarctic during Antarctic winters. When there is no sun light, Ozone will not be formed in the upper air.

Unfortunately, the current Ozone Hole Theory is being pushed by an ignorant, arrogant group of ENVIRONMENTAL ELITISTS working daily to promote a socialist plan of PEOPLE CONTROL. They are supported by radical environmental groups with no interest in the welfare of American citizens and who are atheistic in their outlook. These ELITISTS draw support from the news media, tax free foundations, and many special interests.

New age leaders of industries such as DuPont fall in line, as long as they are protected by government decrees to cover their BOTTOM LINE PROFITS. As reported in INSIGHT MAGAZINE 1/30/95, "in spite of repeated claims of Ozone loss because of FreonŽ (CFC) emissions, there is no sound evidence to support this assertion. The basic data seems to be contaminated."

MACHINE DESIGN MAGAZINE, 1/24/94, referred to the CFC ban as a world wide $5 trillion mistake. My experience over twenty seven years of refrigeration is that it is a $5 trillion fraud brought about by NEW AGE SOCIALISTS. The people who are to blame are very small in number. There are environmental extremists who prompt all of the expensive regulations that are faced by industry and the people at large. These extremists have powerful friends in high places in government, the news media, tax free foundations, industry and others.

GE Appliance Leadership did not have the knowledge or the courage to stand up to be counted in this, another $1 billion plus boondoggle for GE Refrigeration, in the early nineties. The FreonŽ ban has increased appliance costs significantly, and adversely affected productivity and quality of refrigeration products."

* * *

Take Back Kentucky has shown the EPA and its supporters to have a propensity to LIE to obtain their objectives. Therefore, it is recommended that the EPA and other regulatory agencies be abolished. Further, it is recommended that a SCIENCE ADVISORY AGENCY be established, reporting directly to Congress. According to our Constitution, it is the responsibility of Congress to make laws; not appointed bureaucrats. This new agency would guide Congress in performing scientific service to America by applying true science to scientific problems.

On the state level, we recommend that the Kentucky Legislature [and all state legislatures] firmly remind federal officials of the scope and power of the Tenth Amendment to our Federal Constitution.

And further, to pass [state laws] allowing the free use and/or manufacture of FreonŽ (CFC) substances [throughout America].

W. Ed Parker is an environmental engineer, author of Manufacturing Meltdown in America, chairman of Taxpayers Party of Kentucky, and member of Take Back Kentucky lobbying group.

[CDR Note: Establishing a U.S. Science Advisory Agency reporting directly to Congress would be akin to requesting a fox to guard the hen house. Scientists who value the flow of research grant funds above their love of truth will fall into line with the desired and required findings rather than lose their source of funding by being truthful. A few scientists today admit to this assertion.

Maybe the states -- when a situation arises for the need of true scientific data -- could simply call in a group of independent scientists who would not be tied to the government, industrial, or foundation grants.

Additionally, the Constitution (see Article 1, Section 8, clauses 1-18] does not empower the U.S. Congress to 'perform scientific service to America'. Thoughtful and careful consideration should be given to anything we ask of the already far too far-reaching arm of the federal government.]

On the state level, we recommend that the Kentucky Legislature [and all state legislatures] firmly remind federal officials of the scope and power of the Tenth Amendment to our Federal Constitution.

And further, to pass [state laws] allowing the free use and/or manufacture of FreonŽ (CFC) substances [throughout America].

[See the Arizona FreonŽ USE Act in States Rights section of ISSUES and related article Who Owns the Environmentalist Movement ]

W. Ed Parker is an environmental engineer, author of Manufacturing Meltdown in America, chairman of Taxpayers Party of Kentucky, and member of Take Back Kentucky lobbying group.

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