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Election 2000

“Alexander Hamilton, a senior author of the US Constitution,
asserted that the judiciary would be the 'least dangerous branch'
of government as it held 'neither the sword nor the purse.'
Mr. Hamilton clearly never visited Florida.”

— The London Times

Election 2kWe have covered the Campaign in our Campaign 2000 section. We are reserving this space for articles pertaining directly to the election. Please note, the newest items will be added to the bottom of this page. Also, the controversy surrounding the Electoral College system has raised concern about the possibility of a new push for a Constitutional convention. See our section addressing this matter, called Con-Con 2001?

Palm Beach County Hand Recount
Some Skullduggery?... or LOTS of skullduggery?
Skullduggery: treacherous intrigue - Websters 21st Century

CNN: Jewish Absentee Ballots from Israel
"In fact, the overseas ballots could split a little differently this time around."
Jean Messerve - CNN

3,000 Navy Votes Found on Gulf Ships
"The Navy said yesterday it has discovered bundles of overseas ballots left behind on three ships in the Persian Gulf."

Something smells in St. Louis
More reports of voting 'irregularities' in Missouri.

Voters Cued by Telemarketers to Report Ballot Concerns
This IS Skullduggery!
"If you have already voted and think you may have punched the wrong hole for the incorrect candidate, you should return to the polls and request that the election officials write down your name so that this problem can be fixed.''

Marquette University Students' Multiple Votes
Vote scam in Milwaukee.
"Of the 174 Marquette students who said they voted more than once... included 13 who claimed they voted four or more times."

Florida Law: Overseas Absentee Ballots
Let's just leave this here and see how certain absentee ballots are accepted and counted as opposed to Florida "law".

Observers Say Ballots Manipulated By Examiner
They say she twisted, poked, and roughly handled Bush ballots.

Evidence of Massive Ballot Tampering in PBC
A statician expert examines the Palm Beach County numbers.

Thompson Calls on Supremes to Nix Boies In Florida
Gore's legal ally in the fight for the White House will stop at nothing to win. Included in that resolve, is the willingness to deceive the state's highest court. It worked, and now another attorney is crying foul.

Gore's Lawyer Under Investigation In New York
"Boies... under investigation in New York by the Appellate Division's Departmental Disciplinary Committee."

Florida Judge Rules Against Gore
Florida Circuit Judge N. Sanders Sauls on Monday afternoon ruled against Democrat Al Gore's contest of Florida's election results that certified George W. Bush as the winner. Gore's legal goons will appeal.

Many Overseas Ballots Rejected
"The party of the man who wants to be the next commander-in-chief is trying to throw out the votes of the men and women he will be commanding,''

Will Florida Legislature Exercise Its Constitutional Duty?
"... One of the reasons that courts are likely to overstep is that they are NOT held accountable by the Legislature — which has the power under most Constitutions — to impeach them. The State Legislature can impeach a State Judge for usurping powers that are denied that judge under the Constitution, because it consists of a form of sedition against the lawful government of the State, when you have judges playing legislators."

Gore Decides to Concede
After being dealt what many believed to be a fatal blow by the U.S. Supreme Court, the man who would do anything to win, finally decides to step aside.

Study: Gore Would Not Have Picked Many Votes
Despite the continuation of whining by the left about the Florida vote, a study done by a trio of news agencies found that Gore would have still lost the election.

Election Circus 2000 Forum
Your thoughts on the message board.

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