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Election 2000

Election 2kTuesday, November 14, 2000 - exactly 7 days AFTER the presidential elections took place.

Refer to the articles we've posted which informed us that the Jews in Israel can not only hold dual citizenship here in the U.S., they can, in fact, VOTE in our elections.

According to a Reuters Report, a "loophole" may allow the Jews in Israel to have their votes counted even if they were not postmarked by November 7th, and even if they come in past the deadline.

Why would the Jews who live in Israel, some who have never been to the U.S., be able to vote under separate and much more lenient "laws" to which we, in the U. S. must adhere?

These are people - many of who have never even been to the U.S. - who maintain U.S. addresses and dual citizenship. U.S. addresses might be post office boxes, or addresses of friends or relatives. What type of "Voter Fraud" is occurring in Israel... putting people on the rolls to neutralize our vote? NOW, read the following for further confirmation.

And DO keep in mind the many reports we've received of the over seas military personnel who have NOT YET even received their absentee ballots!

NO! and NO! and NO! and NO!

CNN News - somewhere between 12 noon and 1pm..

Former Secretary of State James Baker, representing the Bush campaign, announced:

"Both sides should agree to accept the vote count of all counties at the statutory deadline ... today 5pm. In addition, both sides should agree to accept the overseas absentee ballots as of midnight Friday, in accordance with the law".

The, announcer asked Jean Messerve - CNN in Austin - if the Bush campaign is concerned that they're going to lose this.

Jean Messerve (sp?):

"Well, you've heard Secretary Baker say the margin could drop to an even smaller one. The key question still is those overseas absentee ballots which have yet to be tallied.

"Um... In earlier days the bush campaign was making a point of saying 'Well, we think we'll win those', because historically they have come in for Republican candidates. They're not saying that so much anymore perhaps because they want to make an offer like the one they made today look a little bit more attractive.

"Also, some people have noted that the democrats made a real concerted effort over seas to round up votes, and the fact that Joe Lieberman is on the ticket -- and this IS Florida that we're talking about -- where there are potentially a lot of Jewish voters overseas.

"In fact, the overseas ballots could split a little differently this time around."