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Con Con 2001?

The recent election with its twists and turns has given rise to the question of the Electoral College process that was put into place by the founders. The fact remains that in order to dismantle the Electoral College system, the Constitution would have to be changed. Could this be another ploy to condition the American people to the idea that their Constitution is outdated? Could this be used to condition us to want a Constitutional Convention?

Constitution Killing Democracy?
It isn't hard to see how socialists view the American Constitution. Socialists such as those at the London Times, which are now calling for changes.

The Chad Problem: Fact or Fiction?
By "Reverend Curt Tomlin."
"The so called "CHAD" problem with the count is simply a SMOKE SCREEN, employed by a very sore looser and in so doing is casting the average American as a BLOOMING IDIOT." ... OR, is it all a ruse to dismantle the Constitution?

Bush-Gore Electoral College Map
So you want to get rid of the Electoral College?

Hillary: Dump Electoral College
"... In a democracy, we should respect the will of the people and to me, that means it's time to do away with the Electoral College and move to the popular election of our president."

Citizens for a True Democracy
(Link opens in a new browser window.)
The "other side". The name alone should be the clue as to who's behind the CTD, promoting the abolition of the Electoral College. They've listed the 2000 Republican electors with contact info to harrass them. Object - to induce Bush Electors to vote for Gore. "Matt Grossmann (the name alone should be the clue) is CTD's Deputy Director for Grassroots Organizing. He has worked for several years conducting survey research and voting behavior studies at a California research institute. Matt has also worked in the public interest community in Washington, DC and in the British Parliament. Having written extensively on campaign finance reform and proportional representation, he leads CTD's efforts on reforming the electoral system."

Keep the Electoral CollegeNew!
An article from The Orange County (Calif.) Register. "Abolishing the college would mean a major overhaul of the Constitution."

Who Let the Dogs Out?
The Democrats, backed into a corner, attack the Electoral College.

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