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Con Con 2001?

The Chad Problem:
Fact or Fiction?

Our posting this message should not be construed to represent endorsement of TCAN or its affiliations. If true, the information itself is critical. We have no way of confirming its authenticity and believe it very likely to be based on fact.

To insinuate that the current situation is merely the actions of "a sore looser" (Gore) is either an indication of gross naivete or the intentional misleading of the uninformed and naive. While both Gore and Bush await the outcome, the drama being played out to the American masses is being orchestrated and contrived by the power elite. Wouldn't it be a hoot if each of them has been told.. "Relax... it's in the bag."? As we've learned, information is given to the "lesser brethren" only on a need-to-know basis.

In addition to what "appears" before our eyes, we must watch and listen carefully to the rhetoric spewed forth that is once again forming the thoughts of tens of millions of Americans who may soon be calling for "a Constitutional Amendment to eliminate the Electoral College". The easily-led masses will believe it is their idea, having no awareness that there is no safe way to amend the Constitution... never mind the fact that such an amendment would create a "national election" under total control of the U.S. Government.

In fact, the real underlying motive could be to open the Constitution via a Constitutional Convention in order to eliminate the Second Amendment... or the Bill of Rights in its entirety. Can't happen, you say? The States would never ratify? Check Article V and you will see there are two methods of ratification. One would be 3/4 (38) state legislatures. The other mode of ratification is the formation of Ratifying Conventions which bypass legislatures. The U.S. Congress decides the mode of ratification.

The 21st Amendment was NOT ratified by state legislatures. Promoters of the 21st Amendment knew they would have a problem getting 3/4ths of the state legislators to ratify, so Congress empowered ratifying conventions which did the job very quickly. According to our meager bits of data, it appears that out of the 21st Amendment we got the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms as the Grand Prize.

Keep in mind that Title 26 relating to the Income Tax has no Code of Federal Regulations. Income Tax laws use Title 27 CFR, relating to the BATF. The language and laws surrounding both the 18th and 21st Amendments might be an item of further research for our income tax gurus, if they haven't already.

— Jackie

Rev. Curt Tomlin <ctomlin@vvm.com> on 11/15/2000 04:15:25 PM
Please respond to "TCAN"<ctomlin@vvm.com>

It is not very often that I avail myself of the opportunity to write an expose' on any given subject. However in this particular case, I feel that I have an obligation to my fellow Americans to explain, and clarify, and clear all the "smoke and mirrors" confusion that has been fed to the American people concerning the recounting of punch card votes in Florida.

The controversy primarily centers around a tiny thing call a "chad." A "chad" is that tiny piece of paper (card) that is removed from the (IBM) punch card when a person records their vote or any other character if data.

First: For over 24 years this writer was deeply involved in processing information on ALL types of punch card processing equipment. For example, some years ago I was part of the operating staff of the Personal Accounting Machine Installation for the Pacific Fleet (PAMI PAC FLEET- normally referred to as PAMI) stationed at NAS, North Island, San Diego California.

During the several years that I was part of the operating staff at PAMI, our mission was to maintain, on a daily basis, over 255,000 Navy personnel records for the entire United States Pacific Fleet.

At that time, each personnel record consisted of not less that five (5) IBM punch cards which resulted in the master personnel file containing 1,275,000 punch cards . Each of those punch card contained 80 columns into which a single character of information could be recorded. The sum total of possible characters of data recorded in this master file equates to 102,000,000 (one hundred two million) characters.

Each column contained twelve (12) possible punch positions. An alphabetic character required two (2) holes in a single column. A numeric character (0-9) required only one hole in as single column.

Assuming that all 80 columns in a single card were to contain alphabetic characters, a total of 160 holes in each card would be required. That would create 160 pieces of "chad" or waste that was discarded.

Given the fact that each personnel record contained not less than 5, eighty (80) column cards and assuming that all 80 columns in each of the 5 cards contained alphabetic information, four hundred (400) pieces of "chad" would be created for each personnel record.

Now, given the fact that the PAMI maintained 255,000 personnel records with each record creating up to 400 possible pieces of "chad", during each update of the master file, a total of 102,000,000 (102 million) pieces of "chad" were created during each update cycle, which occurred every day (not just on election day).

To prepare the punched cards for processing by the various pieces of tabulating equipment, the operator goes through a standard procedure of "fanning" the cards. Fanning is a simple procedure of holding a deck of approximately 300-400 cards in one hand and fanning (flipping) the cards with the other hand. This procedure is ALWAYS required for two reasons: (1) to remove the "static electricity" which can cause two cards to cling together and misfeed and, (2) to dislodge and remove any "chad" that "might" still be clinging to those cards that have not been previously processed since they were originally punched.

This procedure is absolutely necessary simply because every punch card processing machine, regardless of it purpose, has a very narrow opening through which the card must pass, from the input hopper into the machine for reading and processing. This openings normally referred to as "the throat." The opening of the "throat" is microscopically adjusted to the thickness of the particular brand IBM or other) punch cards being used so as to allow only one card to feed into the machine at a time. This opening can only be adjusted by an mechanical engineer, technically trained to maintain the particular brand of punch card equipment being used. It "CANNOT" be adjusted by the usual equipment operator.

Any time a card entering the throat is thicker than that allowed for a single card, the machine will not accept the card and will cause a jam at the "throat" before the card enters the machine to be processed. Normally the card causing the jam will be damaged to the extent that it must be duplicated and reentered into the process.

Reconstruction of the jam card requires very careful effort on the part of the operator. THIS reconstruction activity is where MOST errors occur simply because the operator fails to reconstruct the card as it was originally punched. Errors created during this process are extremely rare and far between. The vast majority of errors introduced during this activity occur when reconstructing a damaged card that contains mostly alphabetic information or two (2) holes per column in the card. Errors introduced as a result of reconstructing cards that contain mostly numeric (0-9) information, or only one hole per column are extremely rare, as is the case with most voting punch card systems.

Item Two: During the several years as an equipment operator stationed at the US Naval Station in New Orleans, responsible for maintaining some 50,000, multiple card, personnel records of those Naval Reserves living in the Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Arkansas, "CHAD" was not a problem.

Item Three: During the four years being responsible for processing ten's of thousands, multiple punch card personnel records for ALL US Army personnel stationed in Europe "CHAD" was not a problem.

Item Four: During the Presidency of John F. Kennedy, being responsible for the processing of thousands of multiple punch card records pertaining to highly classified atomic weapons, missiles, enemy targeting, etc., etc., "CHAD" was not a problem.

Item Five: During the year that I was responsible for maintaining some 18,000 multiple punch card personnel records and payroll records for the US 9th Infantry Division in South Viet Nam, working under conditions FAR from ideal or satisfactory in terms of moisture, equipment maintenance, untrained equipment operators, poor supplies, etc., etc., "CHAD" was not a problem.

CONCLUSION: For over 24 years, this writer, using punch card processing equipment to process every thing under the sun, from local church membership to very highly classified information pertaining to atomic weapons, missiles, enemy targeting and much more, "CHAD" was not a problem .

Given the vast amount of personal and practical hands on experience as noted above, this writer can guarantee and, given the opportunity to work with the actual punch card ballots in Florida, can prove beyond any shadow of doubt that "CHAD" WAS NOT A PROBLEM IN OBTAINING AN ACCURATE MACHINE TABULATION OF ALL VOTES CAST IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA BY MEANS OF THE PUNCH CARD."


It is more than obvious, that the Gore contingent, realizing that the vast majority of average Americans have never been exposed to the "actual punch card processing" beyond simply seeing a punch card, have seized upon this opportunity to mis-lead the average American as to the real problem with the vote counting.

"The so called "CHAD" problem with the count is simply a SMOKE SCREEN, employed by a very sore looser and in so doing is casting the average American as a BLOOMING IDIOT.

Wake up America and pay attention to what is happening in the world around you.

Due to the seriousness of this situation, TCAN respectfully requests that this TCAN Alert be forwarded to the maximum extent possible.

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