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VoteFraud.Org - While we do NOT subscribe to Jim Condit, Jr.'s politics and political picks, we wholeheartedly recommend his website for the critical information he gives on solving the problem of Vote Fraud in America. We do not question his honesty and / or sincerity. He's been a guest on Sweet Liberty and we hope to have him back very soon. Jackie 7-9-2000 (opens in a new browser window)

Election 2000 - Now that the campaign is over, see our twin section covering the actual 2000 Election.

Important Campaign-Related Articles

Who Counts the Vote?
Our kudos to Victoria Collier — daughter of "Votescam: The Stealing of America" author, James Collier. Read the transcript of her interview with the head of Voter News Service, a major media conglomerate comprised of all the major networks, including Fox and CNN, and also the wire services, the New York Times, and the Washington Post.

Is Lieberman Worthy of Conservative Kudos?
Placed on the ticket to "soften" Gore's liberalism, is there something more about the Vice-President hopeful we should know?

Lieberman the Kol Nidrei Liar
On the ticket with a running-mate who is known for falsehoods, Lieberman is right at home.

Our Community's Political Choice
The gay agenda strategizes.

Which Liberal-Socialist Crusader Made These Statements?
The Answer may shock and disappoint you.

Vote Scam in America
Is it possible that it could be happening in America?

Looking Behind the Bushes
Get to know the family of the Presidential candidate — son of the first American King George.

Schlafly: Why Are Gas Prices So High?
Analysis by a pot, calling a kettle black?

Gore's Zinc Mine a Gross Polluter?
As he spouts hot air about the environment, he spouts pollution into it?

A Dinner, A Memo, A Gusher of Texas Law
In 1995, Gore was linked to the solicitation of a $100,000 bribe in exchange for a presidential veto.

John McCain: The Manchurian Candidate

Be Honest: Who Would You Vote For?
Includes information on the corruption of John McCain.

Will the Real Alan Keyes Please Stand Up?
He appears to say all of the right things. Is he really the man he portrays?

Book Banned by the Bushes
What do they want hidden?

New Website to Challenge Hillary's Record

McCain Under Fire From Fellow Vietnam Vets

Bush: Like Father, Like Son

Spying Circus Flies In to Give Bush Blessing

Clintons Ranked in NY Times Evil People Poll