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Gore's Zinc Mine A Gross Polluter?

Dear Friends,

In perusing the Thursday, June 29, 2000, issue of the Wall Street Journal, I came across this very revealing article on page A26 regarding the political connections and finances of our wannabee socialist, Vice President, Al Gore .

It seems that Ole Al, who: Not only plowed the farm with mules; Cleared land with a double bit axe; Invented the internet; Finally repaired his tenants sewers; Ghost wrote the book, "Earth In the Balance".... also owns a large Zinc mine very close to his home in Tennessee.

No mention of this mine can be found in either the book "Earth In the Balance" or on Mr Gore's website. In fact about the only place it can be found is as a $20,000 a year mining royalty on Mr Gore's tax report and in the land transfer records of Tennessee. The Wall St Journal provides a nice aerial picture of the Pasminco mine along with the nearby Gore homestead.

So what kind of a Zinc Miner is old Al? Well Not too bad for the most part. But there have been some problems. Problems like the presence in high quantity of Barium, Iron, and Zinc in the Caney Fork river. The soils of the riverbank are also showing the presence of Arsenic, Chromium, and Lead with traces of Cyanide. While these are not in toxic proportions they are far higher than the surrounding soils. And far too high for someone who purports to be an environmentalist.

Perhaps the best part is that part of the article that explains the complicated deal involving that old Commie, Armand Hammer. Those with long memories will recall that Armand Hammer was the financier who backed Lenin in the Russian Revolution, in gratitude for which he was the only outsider who was allowed to do business in the Soviet Union from the beginning to the present.

This began with his purchase and removal of the Eberhard -Faber Pencil company to Russia. He ultimately owned and controlled Arm and Hammer Baking soda, Occidental Petroleum and the Southland Corp (7-11 stores) among others. He was held in such high esteem in the Soviet Union that he had his own apartment and dacha in Moscow and landing rights for his personal plane at Moscow's airport.

Armand Hammer was a shadowy figure in world politics who was very close to the Gore family for a long time. He was convicted of Bribery in 1975. He spent the rest of his life trying to get a pardon which was finally granted to him in 1989 by President George Bush a year before his death in 1990. His company, Occidental Minerals, bought the property in 1972. It was sold to the elder Gore the next year for $160,000. I won't go into the details of the arrangement here, but the Journal article does explain them.

It is said that Al Gore gets very testy when the Pasminco Mine is mentioned to him. He does not want to talk about it. Perhaps it is, to him, a dark secret lurking in his background. Something, he prays, will not get out before November.

Please forward this on to anyone who would find it interesting.

Rich Egan

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