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Lieberman the Kol Nidrei Liar

The Hoffman Wire
August 18, 2000

The Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles was one of those palimpsests of fraud that have come to characterize the American scene. The Republican convention was no less fraudulent, it just had a less visible Jewish presence.

From gavel to gavel the Democrats featured a convention dominated by Calif. Senator Diane Feinstein, New York Senator Charles Schumer and of course our national wise man, Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman, punctuated by a host of screaming black demagogues like Jesse Jackson, whose hateful harangue lacked only flaming torches, and by the female head of the Abortion Rights League who gave a 20 minute ode to the "right" to murder unborn children, all in the name of Democrat kindness and compassion.

At the center of this orgy of naked Jewish power, dehumanization of the unborn and sanctification of Afro-American racism, was "God" and "religious faith." Lieberman talked of how he and Al Gore "pray together." But the big question is, to whom do they pray? As a follower of the Talmud, Lieberman worships himself, not the God of the Old Testament, and since the Talmud was hatched in Babylon and is brimming with doctrines borrowed from Pharaonic Egypt, a Lieberman vice-presidency would not constitute rule by an Old Testament sage, but by a modern day Pharaoh.

As part of the public relations' scam, Lieberman had the chutzpah to tell Tim Russert on "Meet the Press" on Aug. 13 that, "Jesus was a good man."

If Jesus is a good man what is Lieberman doing in an orthodox Jewish synagogue, whose practices Jesus condemned with his every breath? Judaism decrees in Talmud tractate Gittin 57a that "Jesus is in hell being boiled in hot excrement," and in Soferim 15 that "Even the best of the Gentiles should all be killed" ("Tob shebe goyyim harog").

In a world of hybrids we are seeing the Democrats fabricate and then uphold as an idol, the union of opposites, which Dr. Carl Gustav Jung identified as essentially a function of human alchemy and processing. The Jesus of the New Testament has vanished to be replaced by a Tiny Tim Jesus who finds no sin in sodomy, abortion or the religion of Joseph Lieberman.

Behind the self-effacing boyish smile and the soft-spoken grandfatherly demeanor, Lieberman's real agenda can be glimpsed. When he protests ever-so mildly and reasonably against the "persecution" which his Jewish parents' faced in eastern Europe "just because of their choice of religion," and when he congratulates Americans on their tolerant acceptance of Judaism and for greeting his mother by saying,"Have a good Sabbath Mrs. Lieberman," the lying that is the hallmark of Judaism is casting its spell.

The reason Christians in Europe did not always wish the Liebermans well on their way to the synagogue was that these Christians saw in Judaism a religion of hate.

Last December the FBI and the Dept. of Justice, with the approval of the congenial Lieberman, singled out the religion of "Christian-Identity" as a cult of hate and a potential terrorist movement which, the Feds predicted, would likely wreak chaos on Y2K doomsday, Jan. 1.

Christian Identity (which its adherents refer to as Christian Israel) has been labeled a hate group and as a cult masquerading as a religion by "human rights watchdog groups" and government agencies.

Back in the Europe of old, the Christian watch dog groups of that time labeled the religion of Judaism as a hate group, as well as a crime syndicate masquerading as a religion.

Since Lieberman and company accept the principle that it is permissible to have an inquisition against those religions deemed hateful, they cannot contest the validity of the same principle when it was at work in Europe. They can only contest its conclusion: that Judaism was a hate group. So the issue is one of truth. Who is correct? The Christians of the Old World concerning Judaism, or the Jewish politicians and bureaucrats of America concerning Christian Identity?

But how can the state determine religious truth? Lieberman and his political party claim it cannot. They say America was created as an ecumencial melting pot wherein Judaism, Christianity, Voodoo and Santeria all coexist on an equal footing. But in fact Judaism, through its variant religion for Gentiles, Holocaustianity, is the informal state religion of the U.S., with special privileges and immunities.

Lieberman has no right to bewail persecution of Judaism in Europe when he, Feinstein and Schumer are at the head of the Federal persecution of Christian Identity believers, and for that matter of any Christian Church that dares to put into practice--rather than mouth--the teachings and doctrines of Jesus Christ.

Lieberman is no Biblical wise man. His religion makes a mockery of the Bible by viewing it through the distorting prism of Talmudic interpretation and falsification. It is the Talmud which is the supreme book of Judaism and not the Bible.

It is particularly perverse for Protestants to adulate Lieberman and Judaism when the centuries-old Protestant cry against Catholicism was "Sola Scriptura" (the Bible alone). But Judaism is steeped in anti-Biblical traditions and in the denial of the sufficiency of Scripture, through its insistence on the absolute requirement of Talmudic interpretation for any understanding of the Tanakh (Old Testament).

Moreover, the Talmud instructs Jewish believers that it is alright for Jews to use lies ("subterfuges") in order to circumvent a Gentile (Baba Kamma 113a).

A thorough and candid scrutiny of Judaism will reveal that adherence to it disqualifies the adherent from holding public office, because Judaism institutionalizes lying. This is nowhere more emphatic that in the Kol Nidrei rite, which Mr. Lieberman will be performing in a synagogue in October, as part of the "Yom Kippur holy days." Kol Nidrei absolves him of all promises he will make and oaths he will take in the coming year -- not only the statements he makes to national TV audiences -- but the oath he may be called upon to swear to the Constitution on January 20, should he and Gore be given the electoral nod by the cryptocrats who control America's rigged, computerized voting system.

The Talmud is an abyss of perversion, superstition, blasphemy and racism. It's a rulebook for racketeers. If Al Gore had nominated a follower of "Mein Kampf" to be Vice-President, the media would proclaim that paying heed to a book like "Mein Kampf" disqualifies the candidate. I say adhering to the Talmud disqualifies Lieberman.

Lieberman's running mate, Al Gore, is himself so tainted that the mind boggles at the degree of media cover-up necessary to maintain the charade.

Gore's press agents would have us believe that Mr. Gore is a great and devout Christian. Vice-President Gore is such a fine Christian that he enthusiastically endorsed the 1999 carpet-bombing of the ancient Christian nation of Serbia. Thousands of Christians were killed and dozens of venerable churches and monasteries, some of them centuries old, were reduced to rubble. The relentless US Air Force bombing occurred even on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Gore's political mentor was Armand Hammer, one of Lenin's bankers and the son of the founder of the American Communist Party. Imagine if Gore's political mentor had been Himmler's banker and the son of the founder of the American Nazi Party?

Obviously there is no equivalence in the eyes of a Communist-sympathizing media. The monster Lenin, Hammer's Jewish-Communist affiliation -- all that will be erased or sanitized. Yet in light of the demands for campaign reform, the legacy of Hammer is truly frightening. Lenin taught Hammer the "science of bribery" and Hammer applied that science by buying everyone from Gore to Richard Nixon, all on behalf of Soviet Communism. Al Gore Jr. learned that science on Hammer's knee.

What can we say about falsification so immense? The counterfeiting is so gigantic, so at variance with the record of Judaism in the 20th century and its offshoots Zionism and Communism, as to be adequately accounted for only in terms of the sub-rosa psychology of mind control at the hands of a cryptocracy.

Sen. Lieberman's candidacy and his sweet-faced advocacy of the continuing slaughter of millions of unborn children, as well as his role in inflating the power of the emerging police state based in Washington, D.C., represents a ceremonial trip through the poppy fields of Oz.

Like most politicians, Lieberman is a demonstrable liar. What makes him different from the others however is that when a Gentile lies he violates the basic tenets of his civilization. But when Lieberman lies, he is fulfilling the highest function of his religion, institutionalized in the course of the "High Holy Days" of Yom Kippur.

Because this writer has often observed that any articulation of such truths about Judaism is instantly dismissed by smirking media dorks as "nothing but an anti-semitic canard," last spring, after years of research, I began writing a definitive book on the religion of Judaism. In "Judaism's Strange Gods," I document these truths from irrefutable Jewish sources. If my book receives sufficient publicity and is not blacked out or ignored, I believe it can turn Lieberman's candidacy into an historic opportunity for the exposure of the Jewish agenda.

Jesus Christ --the non-Democrat Christ -- the "hater" who was "dreamed up" by four "bigoted evangelists," said in John 8:44 that the father of Judaism was "the father of lies." It's noteworthy that Jesus connected this propensity for lying with a propensity for murder.

Joseph Lieberman, as a dutiful son of this infernal father, is not only a man willing and eager to kill the truth, he is also a literal killer of all those --like the Christian Serbs and the members of Christian Identity -- who dare to stand against the Bolshevism-with-a-human-face that he and his ever more prominent co-religionists in the government seek to impose on a once Christian nation.

The Democrats' concluded their convention with yet another hootin' and hollerin' divisive black buffoon who announced that God was on the Democrats' side and who equated Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela with God.

In any other era this farce would have been seen for what it was. But in the Judeo-American zeitgeist, reason is subjugated to the short attention span of the mob that feeds on images and soundbites; a mob that will follow the devil himself if he will promise them the emoluments they crave, on the road to a six-pointed police state headed by a Kol Nidrei-chanting Jewish liar.

Michael A. Hoffman II

Copyright 2000

Documentary evidence for Mr. Hoffman's statements regarding the Talmud and the Kol Nidrei rite may be found in his book, "Judaism's Strange Gods" which will be published Sept. 7, 2000.

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