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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Changes in IRAQ 

The Iraq section has now been broken into two columns. Since most of the articles in that section were posted prior to the U.S. invasion into Iraq, it has become necessary to distinguish between the articles that were posted before Iraq was "liberated", and how much better off the people are now (and I say that using sarcasm, of course).

So we have divided the page into half. On the left-hand side: "Before Invasion". And on the right side of the page: "Occuped Iraq", which is what they have now. And I dare point out that they will have an occupied government from this point forward — even after they get a "new" government in place. Because the "new" government will be a government of the globalists' choosing.

By the way, if anyone out there still believes that Saddam Hussein is the diabolical character he is made out to be, then you obviously haven't listened to Sweet Liberty. And you obviously haven't read our Iraq section. Nita Renfrew's book on Saddam is posted in that section. You have to have the free Acrobat Reader program installed on your computer, as the book is in Portable Document Format (pdf). If you don't have it, get it here.

The book is a must-read about the man who our propaganda-media calls the "butcher of Baghdad".

I highly recommend it! But only for those who are big enough to handle the truth.

Remember – if the media wants you to hate someone, there is a reason they want you to hate them. There are too many of us that are being Winston Smiths during the Big Brother Two Minute Hate sessions. We need the truth. And we won't get the truth, unless we open our minds to the fact that the foundation of nearly everything that we've ever believed is a lie.

Disagree if you want, but only do so after you've done your own research.
posted by Darren  # 1:02 AM


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