This new section - "How Wars Are Made - Behind the Scenes" is a natural consequence of the section on America's New War or War on Americans?

     We had originally intended to title the section: Wars of the Past -- Who Wants Them.

     In truth, they are all one and the same - an extension of the World Revolution which did - in our time - begin in earnest with the French Revolution leading us into the immediate presence  and into the neverendingwar on Terror.

     We were told by Alan Watt, a frequent guest on the Sweet Liberty broadcast (frequent because of his astute historical knowledge which took us far back into the past) that America was established to bring about the New World Order, and that when the 'work' is finished, America is slated for destruction.

     Too much evidence has been discovered and is present today to allow us to reject that statement out of hand. However, as we know, "the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray".  

     It appears that historically the political program for World Dominion was planned 25 to 30 centuries ago (or maybe long before then); that for short periods and in certain places the plan was succeeding. . .  although it has never been successful world wide or else the progeny of the planners wouldn't still be struggling to bring it about.

     In this section we hope to provide enough material evidence to give our readers more of a bird's-eye view of the past in order to see more clearly today that what is happening is not 'happenstance'.

     And then. . . what is 'material evidence'?  Since none of us were there we can only hope to piece together information as it is discovered that will bring the past into clearer focus.

     One fact is indisputable. . . we will NOT discover the truth by reading or watching or listening to the Zionist-controlled news; nor will we discover the truth by reading 'historical' books written and published by the Zionist-controlled publishing houses, or watching the 'History' or 'Discover' channels. Again, those mediums were created to satisfy people who've gleaned a smattering of truth, and to put them soundly back to sleep, believing that "now I know what really happened".

     There is always enough of the truth presented by the 'controlled opposition' to satisfy the undiscerning, and they will scream you down when you attempt to convince them that they've been duped again. My own very intelligent son-in-law is the saddest example in my life.  

     It is good to remember that the ingredients in rat poison are 99.5% inert, or even nutritious for the rat.  It has to taste and smell good in order to seduce the rat into 'biting on the bait', and then. . . that .05% of poison gets him every time. It's deadly. And so are the lies, either of commission or by omission, that are fed to those who refuse to read.

     When information has been suppressed, it is suppressed for their (the controllers of minds and thoughts) good reason, and that would be to keep us in the darkness of ignorance and therefore slavery. As Goethe so aptly said: "None is more hopelessly enslaved than he who falsely believes he is free".

     There is a list of recommended reading, viewing, and listening in our Resources section, as well as information on where to obtain that information.  I cannot strongly enough urge all of our visitors to this site to read the classic book written by Douglas Reed, titled "The Controversy of Zion".

     As I've told our listeners on the Sweet Liberty broadcast a zillion times, "if I were a teacher and could require reading; and if I could only require one book, that book would be The Controversy of Zion". There are many others, and surprisingly, some of the smaller (fewer pages) books I've discovered are the true gems.  'Controversy' lays the foundation, and many others fill in details in various areas of history. You'll also find a partial list of those books in the Resource section.   

     As time permits and as new material is presented here we'll attempt to place it in chronological order (of the events), so new items may be somewhere down the line -- not necessarily in the order of date posted. We may break this section into subsections to avoid a confusing array of articles through which new visitors would be forced to wade.

     Let it be said and let it be known, that every war into which the people in these united States of America have been dragged bodily, whether by their choice or by the draft, wars in which millions of lives and limbs have been lost in a mistaken belief by the warriors - both living and dead - that they fought for the sake of "keeping America free". . .  every war without exception was orchestrated by an unseen hand to further an unspeakably ugly, evil plan to ultimately kill hundreds of millions, economically enslave the survivors, and install the New World Order - New Age Religion - World Government.

     And it should be noticed that the 'New Age' movement is not new. A new age is dawning, and that, too, has been controlled and guided by the same unseen hands. That has been a slice of confusion for me, because much of the truth of our Spiritual nature and the ancient wisdom is hidden in plain sight -- within the so-called New Age Movement -- so 'Christians' will not dare to look. Mention 'meditation', or 'reincarnation' and they brand you 'new age' with a look of fear and disgust.

     It should also be noticed that enough time elapses between the wars to supply a new generation of warriors (called by the elite, 'cannon fodder') who today are victims of intensive brainwashing in the government-controlled schools, more aptly termed 'indoctrination centers'. They have truly been educated to the International Mind.

     What IS the International Mind?  We will quote here from Maureen Heaton's book, The Impossible Dream.

(Maureen passed out of this physical realm two or three years back. May her precious soul be resting in the Peace of our Father's Love. She is a true American heroine, and gave the lion's share of her eighty-some years here in 'true' service to her country and her fellow Americans.)

Begin excerpt of The Impossible Dream:

It is the conviction of this writer that when the shape of the New World Order as planned is disclosed, it will not meet approval by any level of the civilized world, except among its creators and (perhaps) their collaborators and cooperators. Unfortunately, if the shape of that world remains hidden from the general public until it becomes a reality, it will be too late to alter it.

Assuming that most Americans would not willingly give up their heritage of personal liberty for any will-of-the-wisp dream of Utopia, there must be a massive resistance to any further moves into that New World Order, until there is general understanding of its nature.  To that end, this book is an attempt to spread some of that understanding. The material (in the military sense) presented here is only a fraction of the information needed to meet the herculean challenges of the day. It is intended to indicate the scope of the problem which have been created to permit realization of that goal -- and hopefully to open new channels of resistance.

More often than not, it is necessary to extrapolate intent from the evidence, however there ARE scant -- but important -- records of statements by the 'insiders' which verify the goal they sought and the means they use. Some of these are incorporated in the text which follows.

One of those records exists in a book which was published during the 1930s by Stanford University Press, which not only confirmed the goal, but described the network of collaborators being created to facilitate development of a population which would support the transition. Titled "International Understanding", the Preface to this volume states:

". . . few persons have appreciated the forcefulness of the agencies which have long been engaged in educating toward international understanding. . . "

In the Foreword to this report on their progress, HOW it was being done is clarified:

"The new world (is) now to be built. . .

(and) the builder of this new world must be education. . .

in such a task one would have to change human nature. . .

(with) a patient and gradual reshaping of the public mind. . .

to bring their influence to bear on schools, on churches, on literature, on business, on politics. . .

the building of the new world has indeed begun. . .".

"International Understanding" reveals many of the strategies intended to be used to promote their 'dream'. It also lists more than 50 educational institutions which had been created prior to 1931 to further this program to alter the public mind, and over 650 scholarships and fellowships created for the same purpose. One of these latter was the Rhodes Scholarship, which underwrote Bill Clinton's entry into this elite society of intellectuals.

Eleanor Roosevelt voiced approval of this proposition in her little book titled "This Troubled World" (1938), in which she echoed the theme:

"Our real ultimate objective must be a change in human nature. . .

When we have achieved a majority of the people of this type, then we can hope for. . . success. . . ". [end quoting from 'Impossible Dream']

Do take time to visit the very first - because it's the most important - section regarding our precious, innocent and trusting Children.

     As you enter the other sections in this site, you'll notice that they are all intertwined. The Plan for World Dominion has become a controlling factor in every aspect of our lives, and has truly swept the people and the natural resources on this globe into their web.  

     For that reason, we've cross-posted some pieces, and for that reason, it's often been difficult to decide in which section to post certain pieces. Israel and Iraq are separate sections, and yet, what is happening in Iraq, to the Iraqi people is because of the un-natural state called Israel.  The Greatest Hoax contains material that should be in Israel and Shadow Government and the United Nations sections; and information in States Rights, Regional Governance, and the NAFTA/GATT-WTO are all intertwined with all the rest.

     As you travel through the pages, the puzzle pieces will begin to assemble themselves into a more understandable fashion until a picture begins to emerge.  

     As I was assembling the sections in the book-in-progress titled "Jewish Persecution" featured at the top on the main page, the emerging picture initially shocked and frightened me. The main theme appearing to me, and hopefully to our readers is that religion HAS been used to enslave the masses, and the plan for World Dominion IS an ancient plan -- a political program wrapped in the cloak of religion.

     It's all layed out in the first five books of the Bible, which books are in fact the Jew's 'holy book' -- the Torah; and the Torah is the foundation for all that follows in the thousands of pages of writings which make up the Talmud.

     A learned Jew named Moses Mendelsohn said that:

"Judaism is not a religion, it is a law, religionized."

     The rabbis claim that there is no such religion as Judaism. It is Phariseeism or Talmudism. Yes, and it is clear that we are oppressed today under Talmudic law, being the laws of the United States Government, Inc., and International Law.  It is Commercial Law, implemented and enforced under the Uniform Commercial Code, and has been 'harmonized' with the International Law -- Laws of the nations of the world.

     You'll read about that in more detail in the book, Jewish Persecution, and you will be convinced.

     NOT a pretty picture. and yet, Jesus told us that we are to seek the truth; that we shall know the truth and the truth shall make us free. That is truth.       

Jackie -- April 10th, 2003

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