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How North American Trade corridor links with the Wildlands Project

Official NASCO site | Official Wildlands Project | CanaMex Corridor
Rewilding America | Green Corridor
International Clean Transportation Corridor
Transamerica Transportation Corridor Study (Map)

Nasco Corridor map - Click for full size view
Map of North American
international trade corridor, a 12-
lane super highway system being
built to link Canada, the U.S. and
Mexico as a free trade region.


Wildlife corridor
Map of the wildlife corridor
of the Wildlands Project.
Wildlife and trade corridor maps combined
Composite map, showing
how wildlands and trade corridors
fit together.

The World According to G.A.T.T
The origin and mechanics of the diabolical plan to cripple America by eliminating her industrial base.

Sovereignty No Match for the WTO
Stupak: "When the WTO kicks in, sovereignty is kicked out."

WTO and the Environment
Remarks by Representative Sherrod Brown.

Overview of NAFTA
Article by Dan Druck.

Building a North American Community
Report of the Independent Task Force on the Future of North America (Council on Foreign Relations)
Recommendations for tri-national integration include the establishment of a "common security perimeter" (common outer border) by 2010, a North American Border Pass with biometric identifiers, a common external tariff, seamless movement of goods and human capital within North America, and much more.... Also to be established is a North American energy strategy, as a regional alternative to Kyoto. a unified approach on food, health, and the environment. Expansion of temporary worker programs and the creation of a "North American preference" for immigration for citizens of North America.

Free Trade Backfires in Mexico
"Many a company from the United States is closing and trying to escape with some of their expensive, movable equipment to avoid confiscation of whatever they have."

Trade Deficit Nears $420 Billion per Year
"If this continues America will have a crash that will make 1929 look like a fender-bender,"  Representative Jim Traficant.

New NAFTA Lawsuit Against the U.S.
"Canada-based Methanex sued the United States for $1 billion yesterday, claiming that California's ban unfairly restricts the company's ability to sell methanol (the key ingredient in MTBE) and profit from it in the state -- and therefore constitutes a violation of NAFTA". MTBE is deadly.

U.S. Roads to be Opened to Mexican Trucks
The White House and congressional negotiators have agreed to open more American highways to Mexican trucks, but also to increase safety checks on the vehicles. The move will bring the U.S. into compliance with the North American Free Trade Agreement.

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