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Constitutional Convention & Conference of States

Conference of States Could Lead to Runaway
Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia

     From Utah Governor Mike Leavitt's May '94 position paper on the planned Conference of States expected to be held in "historic Philadelphia", October 24-26th, 1995, coincidental with the 50th Anniversary of the ratification of the UN Charter by the U.S. Senate... speaking about the first Conference of States held in 1787:

"CONGRESS TRIED TO LIMIT THE CONVENTION'S AUTHORITY by stating it would meet 'for the sole and express purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation'."

"As we all know, the delegates to the great Constitutional Convention in 1787 in Philadelphia did much more than that. They threw out the Articles of Confederation and drafted a new constitution".


     In 1964 the Ford and Rockefeller tax exempt foundations, via the CSDI (Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions) orchestrated the drafting of a new constitution for America. This model constitution, drawing upon the efforts of more than 100 people, took ten years to write. The 40th draft was published in a book titled, The Emerging Constitution, by Rexford G. Tugwell (Harper & Row, 1974). The project cost $2.5million per year and is called the Proposed New Constitution for the NewStates of America.

     In the event you would be inclined to dismiss the relevance of the proposed new constitution, bear in mind that it is the product of a tax-exempt think-tank which took ten years, $25,000,000.00 and the collaboration of over one-hundred like-minded individuals.

"It would be folly to believe this investment is intended to be merely an exercise in political theory. The frightening reality is, the planners are serious in their efforts to impose a new constitution upon the people of America as we enter the 21st Century".

 -- Col. Arch Roberts , Committee to Restore the Constitution

     Governor Leavitt, whose office proudly displays a photograph of himself flanked by two of today's most powerful and idolized conservative leaders - futurist, Newt Gingrich and 33rd Mason, Bob Dole - and who is spearheading the Conference of States would most likely agree that the effort to supplant our Constitution is serious. Leavitt is serious about it also. In his position paper on the Conference of States Leavitt said our government today is:

"... outdated and old fashioned... not suited for the fast-paced, high-tech, global-marketplace we are entering. There is a better way".

     Gingrich and Dole fully support and plan to attend the Conference of States as - or with - U.S. Congressional delegates.

     Rexford G. Tugwell, author of The Emerging Constitution, is a name we should remember well. The plan to merge America into World Government is not new, as evidenced in U.S. Senate hearings, 2-9-1950, "on Resolutions Relative to Revision of the UN Charter, Atlantic Union, World Federation, etc." [S. Con Res.66, 81st Cong., 1st sess.]

"Whereas, in order to achieve universal peace and justice, the present Charter of the United Nations should be changed to provide a true world government constitution; and

Whereas article 109 of the present Charter of the United Nations provides for a general conference to make alterations in said Charter; and

Whereas similar amendatory powers in the Articles of Confederation were used by the people of the United States in 1787 to adopt a new Constitution to insure a unified, peaceful nation; and

Whereas the combined effort of many able and intelligent citizens has resulted in the preparation of a proposed world constitution based upon the principles of peace through justice with both social rights and civil rights for all peoples: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives concurring), That it is the sense of Congress that the President of the United States should immediately take the initiative in requesting a general conference of the United Nations pursuant to article 109 for the purpose of establishing a true world government through adoption of such a constitution..."


"Senator Taylor: Mr. Chairman and members of the subcommittee, I am [sic] appear here in behalf of Senate Concurrent Resolution 66.

Here are some copies of a proposed constitution for a world federal government. I thought possible you gentlemen might be interested in it. The document was prepared by Chancellor Robert M. Hutchins, G.A. Borgese, Mortimer J. Adler, Stringfellow Barr, Albert Guerard, Harold A. Innis, Erich Kahler, Wilbur G. Katz, Charles H. McIlwain, Robert Redfield and Rexford G. Tugwell.

It is a very interesting document. I am particularly impressed by the regional arrangements for representations which it encompasses to prevent large blocs of population on the face of the earth from getting control of any proposed world federation that might be set up." [end excerpt]

What Would America Look Like Under The Constitution for the NewStates of America?

     As explained in the document, America will be segmented into ten regions, rather than 50 separate, sovereign nations joined by the Constitution for the United States of America. States would be eliminated as will elected representation by and for the people, replaced by over-seers in the 10 regions with appointed bureaucrats to keep the sheep in line. This plan, promulgated by the International elite, would more efficiently and effectively control the 260 million people in America under an intended World Government, the seat of which would be the United Nations.

     Our Bill of Rights would be replaced by "privileges" given to us by the world government and taken away at its whim. For example...

Article 1A Sec.1 - "Freedom of expression shall not be abridged except in declared emergency".

Article 1A Sec.8 - "The practice of religion shall be privileged".

Article 1B Sec. 8 - "Bearing of arms shall be confined to the police, members of the armed forces, and those licensed under law."

Article VIII states that the judge decides if there is to be a jury. It is very similar to the "constitutions" under which people in Russia and other Communist countries live. Of course, we are all to believe that Communism is dead and the UN is "democratizing" all the nations of the world.

     After the completion of the proposed NewStates Constitution (1974), Nelson Rockefeller, then president of the U.S. Senate, engineered the introduction of HCR 28 calling for an unlimited Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) in 1976. Public opposition defeated this effort so the convention backers then went to the states promoting a "limited convention for the purpose of adding a balanced budget amendment". Since 1976 the advocates of a Con-Con convinced 32 of the required 34 states to pass resolutions calling for a convention. The last state to apply was Missouri in 1983 and since then legislators in three states (Alabama, Florida and Louisiana), having realized the dangers of this action rescinded their call.

     In those years since 1983 the American people and certain loyal-to-America state legislators have become aware of the dangers of a Con-Con and no state has made a call. Interestingly, the organizations who purport to be "conservative" are the strongest proponents of a convention. Foremost among them are the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), National Taxpayers' Union (NTU) Republican National Committee (RNC) and the Committee on the Constitutional System (CCS). Then... Ross Perot appeared on the scene in 1992, publicly calling for a Constitutional Convention. We have transcripts of Perot's separate guest appearance with Barbara Walters, Phil Donahue and Larry King during which he stated emphatically that we need a Parliamentary Government (for which Paul Weyrich pines) and bragged that "his people" could get the remaining states needed for a Constitutional Convention call, "in their sleep".

     We've come to realize that, even though the "liberals" are blamed for the downfall of America, the phony conservative leaders have held the door open for them to do so. We urgently appeal to true conservative state legislators and Americans in all political parties to open their eyes to the fact that our political leaders, Democrat and Republican, share the same bunk.


     Advocates of a Constitutional Convention have not been able to get Con-Con Resolutions passed through the required number of states; and now pro-Constitutional state legislators in 43 states, supported by millions of Americans, are re-claiming States' rights by passing and implementing the 10th Amendment State Sovereignty Resolution.

     This poses a real threat to plans for a World Order. In fact International Banker, David Rockefeller, (remember, their foundation funded the Proposed NewStates Constitution) in his acceptance speech at the UN Ambassador's dinner (9-23-94) where he was awarded the U.N.'s '94 medal of honor for his "lifetime commitment to world peace and cooperation", made a telling remark. He said,

"...this present window of opportunity; during which a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built, will not be open for too long. Already there are powerful forces at work that threaten to destroy all of our hopes and efforts to erect an enduring structure of global cooperation".

     Rockefeller referred to these powerful forces as "ruthless advocates of ethnic nationalism". Could we translate that to..."stalwart, committed, freedom loving Americans of all races"? How would you like to live in a world controlled by the likes of David Rockefeller, Baron DeRothschild, Kissinger, Boris Yeltsin and his mentor, Paul Weyrich? We have a video from '91 in which Weyrich told Brian Lamb on C-Span he was in Russia training Yeltsin's political team just before and after the coup and that he (Weyrich) receives requests "from all over the Empire" for their political training.


     Today thousands of State legislators are deeply concerned about the steady encroachment of federal agencies' rules and regulations into state matters and federal mandates forced by threat and coercion; however, very few understand the power of the people and the States in the present Constitutional system, and too few Americans are actively involved in their local and State government. Undoubtedly, the reason so many legislatures passed the 10th Amendment Resolution was to reaffirm State power... a wake-up call so to speak. Putting the teeth into the declaration was another matter. Enter the Conference of States. In December of 1994 the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) an adjunct of the Council of State Governments - founded and funded in 1933-34 by Rockefeller money - held a meeting in North Carolina where state legislators were told the Conference of States was a plan for States to put the federal government back in its proper place... or else.

     Many of the COS resolutions introduced in the various States were brought home by legislators who attended that NCSL meeting. The others were introduced at the behest of Governors by some of the same legislators who introduced the 10th Amendment Resolution, believing - because they were told - the COS would put the teeth into the 10th Amendment Resolution. The first twelve States to pass the COS Resolution did so deceitfully by legislative leaders introducing the Resolution, bypassing committees to avoid hearings - public or otherwise - and bringing the Resolution to the floor for a quick, no-debate vote. The stated goal according to Leavitt is to have 26 States pass the Resolution, although Governor Nelson of Nebraska, co-sponsor of the COS, asserted that their magic number is 34... the exact number of States needed to call for a Constitutional Convention.

     We've learned there is a hierarchy in state legislatures and the legislative leaders rule the roost. For the most part, if the leaders want a bill or resolution passed, the majority go along whether it's Constitutional or not for fear of various forms of retribution. The resolution for the COS is being pushed by legislative leaders, both Democratic and Republican. We pray there are enough state legislators with the courage and conviction to disregard "leadership" pressure. The time has come for party politics, games, vote-trading and especially bowing to legislative leaders to cease or we will most surely lose our Constitution. There are many more Indians than Chiefs and there is strength in numbers.


     Even though the orchestrators of this COS aren't talking about a Constitutional Convention, the groundwork is being laid to declare a Convention when the meeting convenes in Philadelphia this year. In the COS position paper allegedly written by Governor Leavitt he speaks eloquently about the usurpation of powers by the federal government. He also noticeably ignores the strength and power of the 10th Amendment Sovereignty movement by legislatures in the states.

"..despite all the talk there's very little real action or real improvement."

"...everyone talks about the erosion of states' rights... no one really does anything about it." [Leavitt disregards the statement made by 41 States which have introduced and / or passed the 10th Amendment Resolution

"It is also important for reasons of efficiency, cost-effectiveness and global competitiveness."

"This paper outlines a simple, powerful process for states.. to take control of their own destinies... It is powerful because it relies upon precedents established by the Founding Fathers."

     Leavitt then explains the events leading up to the first Constitutional Convention ...

"It is vitally important to see how the Founders solved the problems of the weak Confederation".

     Something had to be done. They called for a conference of states in 1786. Only five states responded, so they requested all states "send delegates to another meeting in Philadelphia on the second Monday of the following May" (1787). "Congress tried to limit the Convention's authority by stating it would meet 'for the sole and express purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation'."

"As we all know, the delegates to the great Constitutional Convention in 1787 in Philadelphia did much more than that. They threw out the Articles of Confederation and drafted a new constitution".

     The resolution for the 1995 Conference of States will provide for 5 delegates from each state. The Governor, and four legislators (two Representatives and two Senators - equal party representation) and guess who selects the delegates? The four legislative leaders who are not prohibited by the Resolution from selecting themselves!


     Copy this message to every person you know...grass roots groups, associates, businesses. Make copies and hand out. Fax or mail to your state legislators. Urge them to oppose the Conference of States. Monitor your state by-weekly. State Legislators, please make copies and give to all of your colleagues. Lobby against the Conference of States. Invoke our Constitutional rights under the 10th Amendment and just say "NO" to un-Constitutional mandates.


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