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WWCR Censors Sweet Liberty Broadcast!

On Thursday, April 6, 2000, WWCR aborted the radio program, Sweet Liberty with Jackie Patru, in progress.

Approximately, eight minutes into the program, station management pulled the plug on the live broadcast without warning, replacing it with an old taped program of Sweet Liberty on the subject of Y2K.  No opportunity was given to get the live program returned to the air.

The guest for that evening had been Peter Kawaja, who had just made an unfavorable comment about the radio station. The comment did not violate FCC guidelines for decency, but was made in reference to pressure that the station had been placing upon host Patru to discontinue her series with guest Peter Kawaja on Zionism.

Prior to the Thursday broadcast, Patru -- knowing full well of the station's distaste for the topic -- had attempted to get the station's general manager to put in writing what subjects the station would find acceptable, and what topics they considered taboo. WWCR failed to provide the requested guidelines, but told Patru verbally that she could talk about anything she wanted, as long as she did not have Kawaja back on the broadcast.

The Sweet Liberty broadcast is a contracted, bartered radio program, underwrited exclusively by The Council on Domestic Relations and its private supporters.

This action by WWCR management amounts to censorship of guests.

The Council on Domestic Relations is currently exploring its legal options regarding this case.

If you would like to contact WWCR to express your feelings about their censorship of broadcasters' guests, you may do so with the information provided below.

Attn: General Manager
WWCR Radio
1300 WWCR Avenue, Nashville, TN 37218, USA
Phone: [615] 255-1300
E-mail: wwcr@aol.com or askwwcr@wwcr.com

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