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The Greatest Hoax


It is interesting that e-mail has flowed hotly around the nation and the world regarding the "hate" crimes [is any true crime not hateful?] of our illustrious President Clinton; the dead bodies surrounding same; the crimes of the U.S. Government, its agents and agencies, including but not limited to: the slaughter, burning / shooting of men women and children at Waco... The killing of Vicki Weaver and her young son... bombing of the Murrah Federal building... As we all know the list is endless; the corruption in [NOT] our courts; etc.

Does anybody ever get threatened for speaking the truth on those subjects? Anything goes on the Internet. Child pornography is okay, satanic web sites abound...

In other words it's okay to say anything about anything or anybody EXCEPT, we can't say the "J" word or the "Z" word, or the "ZJ" word. It stands to reason that the extent of our fear of / or prohibition of speaking about a particular group or individual is the measure of power that group or individual wields. In this case it is a "special" group of individuals... well, at least the "specialness" part is what we have been taught in our (professed) Christian churches, the words (we are told) of THE GOD of the Old Testament, a book called THE BIBLE, which we are also told is "our" Christian Bible. Now keep in mind, as a "Christian" we are supposed to believe in Jesus "Christ", you know, the Jesus of the NEW TESTAMENT.

We can talk about the evil intentions of the United Nations; NATO; Federal Reserve; IRS; IMF; World Bank; orchestrated wars -- they ALL were orchestrated; Russian, French, English, Spanish, etc. revolutions... but NOT mention the "special" group of people behind them all. THAT (disclosing who is behind these revolutions/wars) is considered a "hate crime".... to "speak" the truth. Someone does not want the peoples of this world to know TRUTH, and is using the threat of a "hate crime" - punishable by incarceration - to terrorize anyone who would DARE speak the truth.

EXAMPLE: Several years ago the U.S. Senate held hearings with a handful of State militia leaders. Militia member Bob Fletcher mentioned the International Bankers -- in those exact words -- "international bankers", he didn't use the "J" word.  Special person, U.S. Senator Arlen Specter then asked Mr. Fletcher if Mr. Fletcher is an anti-Semite. Fletcher answered, "No, sir". Specter responded, "Well, I just wondered... you mentioned the international bankers".

Specter obviously took exception to Fletcher’s comment, which served as a confession/ admission that international bankers are JEWS, according to Spector, a "special person".

Everybody in the world is made to feel guilty about a Jewish Holocaust in Germany during WWII. Holocaust means massacre, bloodbath, butchery, extermination, genocide, slaughter... Why don't we ever hear of the Holocaust in the Communist / Zionist USSR under Josef Stalin? Or the Holocaust in Communist China under Mao Tse Tung? We're told 6 million Jews were killed by Hitler. According to the census there weren't even 6 million in all of Europe when this was supposed to have happened. What Powerful nation-within-nations orchestrated the pity-parties, the guilt?

Why haven't we been made to pay reparations / restitution to the nearly hundred million or more killed by the Soviet and Chinese despots? Why haven't people been made to beat their chests, pull their hair and wail with grief and GUILT over those massacres as we have with the so-called Jewish Holocaust? Why should we, in America, who most of us today were babes during that war and had NO part in it, be made to PAY people, or the descendants of people, who were killed in another country, by another government?

Why is there only ONE Holocaust presented to the world as THE Holocaust? This would indicate that unless the victims are "special persons", the mass mass murder of hundreds of millions of other people who are not "special persons" are meaningless. This seems to be right in line with the teachings of the Holy Book of the "special persons", which states that Gentiles are CATTLE, ANIMALS, and worse. Their Holy Book is not our Christian Bible of Jesus, but the TALMUD. Something wrong with this picture?

How can the "special persons" be special in our Holy Book, but we are ANIMALS in THEIR book? Who then, wrote the Old Testament and attached it to our Bible? If these "special persons" ARE of the same GOD as CHRIST JESUS, why don’t they worship our same Jesus and read and follow our same Bible? And why would their Holy Book teach them that we, the majority of ALL human beings on the face of this planet, are animals? Isn’t THIS a HATE CRIME?... a crime against what would be Holy, unto Jesus Christ and fellow man? Hmmm. Read on... and please do give Peter Kawaja’s research material under IN GOD WE TRU$T, your careful, open-minded and well deserved attention.

Think about the insanity of it all. AND... how about the Americans -- men, women and 17 little children who were shot, suffocated or burned alive in the Waco Holocaust? perpetrated by the U.S. Zionist Occupied Government. There was a time when I believed that the people who called the U.S. Government "ZOG" were nuts... whacko. I am awakening from a deep sleep.

Let's see what the ZJ's themselves say about Zionists / Jews occupying the U.S. Government.

From Jewish Week, July 21, 1995

... Cheryl Halpern, to the broadcasting board of governors of the International Bureau of Broadcasting. [Halpern: was president of the Natl. Jewish Coalition; served on the executive board of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, [couldn't that be considered a conflict of interest?]the Executive Committee of the N. J. Regional Advisory Board of the A.D.L. and the Metrowest Jewish Federation] Gentiles did not scream HATE CRIMES or Discrimination! Only "special persons" do that.

The Jewish Forward, another Jewish newspaper on Sept. 29, '95 carried an article about Jew, John Deutch's appointment as head of CIA. As soon as he was confirmed, Deutch promptly dismissed all experienced high-ranking gentile CIA officials and replaced them with a new, all-Jewish staff: George Tenet, to CIA Deputy Director; David Cohen to Dir. Of Operations and Nora Slatkin to Executive Director... third in command of the Agency.

The Forward says that Deutch and his family are "holocaust survivors". His mother was the daughter of the famous Zionist, Jean Fischer, whose family were wealthy diamond merchants in Belgium. This fact connects the wealthy Deutch family both to the Zionist state of Israel and to the international Jewish diamond and banking cartel.

Here’s an example of the subterfuge with which we’re dealing and how the ZJs worm their way into every facet of government:  In February 2000, CBS-60 Minutes, aired a program about a former employee (a Jew) who was suing the CIA, alleging that he had been terminated from the CIA – singled out -- because he was a Jew.  As a result of that pernicious performance, the ADL has now become an arm of the U.S. Government – a "watch dog" appointed to "observe and direct" the hiring/firing policies of (allegedly) OUR U.S. CIA! Do you understand just how far the infiltration and control of OUR government has gone and is there ANY doubt that what is in place now is a Zionist Occupied Government, a ZOG?

Also from Peter Kawaja's "THE SADDEST CHAPTER OF AMERICAS HISTORY" on John Deutch, a "special person" who like Bush, took control of "our" CIA :

John Deutch now CIA Director - formerly Chemistry Professor at MIT & on the Defense Science Board which issued a secret report in 1980 urging US production of "binary" weapons.

More information on these "special persons" being involved in GWI have been disclosed by Peter Kawaja at the DESERT STORM WAR CRIMES COMMISSION web site.

When Clinton was governor of Arkansas, the Jewish Post carried a story headlined:

Clinton advisers: 5 of 7 are Jewish.

It appears that well over 50% of Clinton's appointees are Jews.

What percent of America's population is Jewish? 3%? 5%? If the Jewish population in America is as high as 10%, doesn't this unbalanced choice of appointees by Clinton speak for itself?

I have history books -- old ones of course, before the "ZJ's" got so world-powerful that history had been changed -- and their own "J" encyclopedias which admit / brag of their power. i.e.

"JEW AND NON-JEW * by Martin A. Meyer, PH.D. This is one of a series of pamphlets published by the Union of American Hebrew Congregations. These essays are designed to convey information on the Jewish religion and Jewish history, and are intended for general distribution. They are prepared by the Commission on Information about Judaism appointed jointly by the Union of American Hebrew Congregations and the Central Conference of American Rabbis.


Philadelphia - the Jewish Publication Society of America 5706 - 1945

Page 418: Jews have been prominently identified with the modern Socialist movement from its very inception.

In 1867 he [Marx] published the first volume of his life-work, "Das Kapital", which has been aptly called "the Bible of modern Socialism."

Do we know where the NAZI - SS comes from? Who are the Ashkenazi Jews?

             Judaism is Zionism is Pharisaism is Communism is              WORLD SOCIALISM.

In the excerpt below, the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia mentions the Talmud being the largest and most important single member of the Jewish literature.

The Talmud teaches the Jews that gentiles --any non-Jew -- are animals. Jesus is referred to as a bastard and his mother, Mary, a prostitute. Since we non-Jews are animals it is appropriate -- in the eyes of the Jew -- to treat us as such. Considering the apparent contempt in which we are held and treated by the Zionist Occupied Government today, what do you think is in store for us if the plan for World Socialism succeeds, people? Let your imagination be your guide.

[ Peter Kawaja wrote in his DSWCC documents - how can there be such a thing as Judeo-Christian religion IF to be Christian means believing in JESUS (as God), but to believe in Judaism (Talmudism) means to believe in a "different GOD" - of the Old Testament - and HATE Jesus, or be anti-Christ. Since the Zionist Jewish HOLY BOOK (Talmud, not your Bible) teaches HATRED OF GENTILES AS ANIMALS, why are these not "hate crimes" against Gentiles? Why or how then, can Jews or Zionist Jews professing Talmudism / Judaism use the ADL to scream about and prosecute anyone talking about Jews?  Kawaja states he will explain this soon. ]

Consider our precious babies in America who - by Klinton's command - are being injected with Hepatitis B virus' before they barely open their baby eyes and certainly before their immune system can defend against the intrusion. Consider our precious children (still babies) being drugged by the millions (Ritalin, Prozak, etc.) ordered by brainless heartless drones from Children-Family Service agencies. Parents who protest are accused of abuse and neglect and have literally had their children ripped from their arms by agents and law-enforcers (more of the Clinton "special people" occupiers).

Consider that every single child who has been involved in "school-shootings" has been a victim of forced drugging. Consider that every one of these school shootings has happened during Clinton's reign.

Note: We have just learned that a six-years-old little boy (baby still) in Mt. Morris, Michigan, shot to death a classmate... a six-years-old (baby still) little girl. And Clinton has just issued another statement on gun-control.

Now ask yourself... WHY? Ask yourself... WHO could be so cold and heartless to use our babies in this way? Remember the Communist creed? The end justifies the means.  Remember that Judaism is Pharisaism is Zionism is Communism.  World Socialism.  Now you know WHO.

And NEVER FORGET the seventeen little children at Waco.

There's much more to be told... from the horses mouth, The ZJ's themselves.

Once again, from the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, page 474...



Since a majority of Americans are Christian - or it was that way once if it isn't now - let us take a look at what Jesus said about the Pharisees (by their own claims Pharisees are JEWS) from Luke 11, beginning at 39...

From Matthew 23, beginning at 13...

From John 8, beginning with 44:

RECALL... from the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, page 474...

WHY.... do Christian Church leaders today - nearly without exception - spread the propaganda of the PHARISEES and refer to Christianity as Judeo-Christian?

Do they even question WHEN the term/definition came into being? Do they ask WHO decided to tack Christianity onto the tail of Pharisaism; or attach the Jewish bible onto the Christian Gospels; or why the Christian section of our so-called Christian Bible is about 1/5th the number of pages as the Jewish section ?

HOW... can "Christian" ministers, pastors, reverends, preachers - how can anybody for that matter - find any similarity between the chapter-upon-chapter of Jehovah's commands to kill, rape, steal, and utterly destroy all that breaths - (except sometimes you can keep the virgins for yourself) in return for promises of earthly treasure, and the simple message of brotherly love, kindness and compassion taught by Jesus?

Think about this: Jehovah told his "special people" they could not eat any animal that dies of itself. Good advice. Don't eat a diseased animal. Yet, it's ok to give it to the stranger at the gate or sell it to the "alien" . Now, contrast this to Jesus' commandment ... Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

WHEN Christian Church leaders call themselves men-of-God, WHICH god are they men of? The tribal deity in the Old Testament the Levitical Priests dreamed up while they sat in Babylon fabricating history? Deuteronomy, the "Second Law", lays out a political program under which we all suffer today... and before you shout "heretic !" check out the definition in your dictionary ... any dictionary. A heretic is: "one who does not agree with church doctrine/dogma." Church doctrine/dogma is NOT the Law of Creator. Church doctrine/dogma is man's law.

ISN'T IT TIME... for all of us -- we who call ourselves "Christian" - to wake up and smell the stench of the lies we were all born into? Open our sleepy eyes and look at the evidence? Search our hearts and ask in prayer for TRUTH ?

Jesus promised that if we ask, it shall be given unto us; if we seek, we shall find and if we knock it shall be opened unto us.

Compiled, written with Love by: Jackie Patru

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