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Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

'As I See It'

An Open Letter to Members of

By Betty J. Mills, 1986

The following is a transcript of a tape made by Betty J. Mills in 1986. Minor edits have been made for sentence structure from the original tape – with Betty’s final approval – since the tape was made/spoken spontaneously without pre-written structure. The majority of the transcript is Betty’s word-for-word.

The minor edits did NOT change the content nor the important message / information Betty shared – over 14 years ago – with members of the Eagle Forum regarding their support of Ronald Reagan and the role Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum played in furthering Reagan’s plans by creating the necessary consciousness among tens of thousands of Eagle Forum members and other Conservative Americans.

Betty’s use of the term "New Right" was a label which was self-made by the Phony Conservative/Christian Conservatives, coined in a book written by Richard Viguerie in 1980 titled "The New Right=We’re Ready To Lead", with an introduction by Jerry Falwell.

The reader will notice that today Ronald Wilson Reagan is touted as the "hero" of true conservativism. We will be amazed if he is not enshrined, and immortalized in statue form... or has it already been done?

As you read remember the term: CONTROLLED OPPOSITION, for this expression most closely defines the Wolves in Sheep Clothing / Phony Conservatives / New Right... and the majority of them are or have been members of the Council for National Policy.

Senator Jeremiah Denton sent a letter to members of Eagle Forum. One paragraph reads:

"... And we are all aware of how Phyllis Schlafly and Eagle Forum have been an indispensable part of what we call the Reagan Revolution. You know that and I know that, and President Reagan knows that too..."

Now we know, too, that the Reagan Revolution includes President Reagan’s asking the U.S. Senate to ratify the UNIDO Treaty. This is the United Nations Industrial Development Organization – UNIDO. This treaty calls for a shifting in the establishment of the New International Economic Order. This is a devastating blow to America. The New International Economic Order is also the plan of the New Age World Futurists.

The Reagan Revolution also includes President Reagan asking the U.S. Senate to ratify the Genocide Treaty. The Genocide Treaty was always considered so deadly that no other president could get it passed. How then is it possible that members of Eagle Forum are willing to be considered an indispensable part of the Reagan Revolution?

If you are surprised at this question then I would advise you to take a look at just exactly what the New International Economic Order means. And consider the letter from Senator Jeremiah Denton that went to all the members of Eagle Forum in which Senator Jeremiah Denton made it very clear that Eagle Forum is part of the Reagan Revolution.

In a previous letter, sent by Mrs. Schlafly to her members of Eagle Forum, she herself stated that the president had said, in effect, that he could not have accomplished – in many areas– what he had without the members of Eagle Forum. With this I have to agree. Many of the things the president did manage to do, which were very tragic steps into the new International Economic Order, could never have been accomplished without Eagle Forum .

Eagle Forum has been a powerful political force in many areas in respect to politics and the economics of this country because Eagle Forum, along with other New Right organizations, has managed over the last many years to silence the outcry to socialistic political and economic actions.

That outcry was the only army left in this nation... the people who still cried out against socialistic political and economics actions. Formerly these people were crying out against it, but the New Right organizations silenced the outcry.

From the time of the entrance into the White House by Ronald Wilson Reagan we find that the New Right – along with the president – were indeed creating the Reagan Revolution, promoting the very steps that were to destroy the sovereignty of this nation under the Constitution and take us into the New International Economic Order.

As I stated... we had a percentage of people left – some years ago – who absolutely would not accept having a World Government, A New World Order, or a New International Economic Order. Many of those people today are in Eagle Forum. I’ve met many of these people. I know they were fine women. I’ve met them all across the country; but we have reached the point today [1986] where this question must be answered.

I cannot believe that if they truly understood what they are doing they would continue in this absolutely blind commitment to the whole process of the Reagan Revolution.

Patrick J. Buchanan made it very clear that a New International Economic Order is truly being developed, and he stated that it is being developed with the blessings of – and being supervised by – an American regime headed by Ronald Wilson Reagan. If Patrick Buchanan says this and is not being challenged, surely there must be some truth there; and anyone who has read any documentation on this will find, "Yes, it is true".

[Betty Mills does not champion Buchanan and is well aware that he has played a great role through the past several decades in espousing his indignation at the activities of the so-called Conservative Republicans, all the while appearing on controlled network television in his role as "opponent" to the New World Order. Keep in mind that nobody is given voice on the controlled networks for years unless they are towing the line of the Globalists who own and control the networks.]

The New International Economic Order has the blessings of Ronald Wilson Reagan and it is going on, to an effect, under his supervision. Of course, we always ask, "... and who supervises Ronald Wilson Reagan?" Well... the world Policy Makers, undoubtedly.

We are near the point of no return, and I would certainly ask that everyone get documentation to prove or disprove if President Ronald Reagan is attempting to bring us into the New International Economic Order.

There are various things that you might do to prove this to yourself one way or another. I would suggest that you contact your U.S. Senators and ask them to send you a copy of the constitution of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. This is Treaty Document 97-19. This constitution of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, which President Ronald Reagan asked our Senate to ratify, was passed by a large majority of our U.S. Senate. What is frightening about this? I would say just one thing that you need to know (but you should read it all) is Chapter 1, Objectives and Functions, Article 1, under "Objectives":

"The primary objective of the organization shall be the promotion and acceleration of the industrial development in the developing countries with the view to assisting in the establishment of a New International Economic Order. The organization shall also promote industrial development and cooperation on global, regional, and national levels, as well."

It is very clear, isn’t it? It states that the intention is to establish a New International Economic Order. There are many, many pages to this. Please write or call your Senators and ask them to send it to you.

President Reagan surely would not have asked our United States Senate to ratify the UNIDO constitution if he was not for the New International Economic Order. You will also find in the UN Chronicle that we have a man from the Philippines now named the UNIDO chief. With the Genocide Treaty, ratified at the request of Ronald Reagan – which no previous president could accomplish – along with the UNIDO Treaty (and we have put ourselves into both) we are indeed already in a New International Economic Order. [See excerpts of the UN Declaration for the Establishment of a New International Economical Order in CDR’s article: The World According to GATT]

Stop and think of just how serious this is. Also in the UN Chronicle of July 7th, clear back in 1980... it stated:

A United Nations Conference on Regionalism and the New International Economic Order, held on 8th and 9th of May in New York, recommended that developing countries should urgently and seriously study the feasibility of implementing the regional and interregional strategy for collective self-reliance. Not as a substitute , but a positive and necessary compliment to the global negotiations on the new international development strategy and the establishment of the New International Economic Order, sponsored jointly by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, the Club of Rome..."

Write for the UN Chronicle, July 1980. We are indeed part of the United Nations. Ronald Wilson Reagan has been taking us into the two other treasonous areas. I see it called nothing but treason, when a president has us to accept an Act for the Senate to pass... the Genocide Treaty and the UNIDO Treaty.

The Genocide and UNIDO Treaties wipe out our Declaration of Independence. It seems we have reached a point of no return... but surely if there is any hope left, or any time, we had better move and move very quickly. While many people may be waiting for bombs, tanks, helmets and boots, the web is silently being woven and you are soon to be totally helpless.

How is it that President Reagan would ask all of this? And even though he does, how is it possible that the good people who would be the ones - and should be the ones – to be crying out... "Mr. President, you are functioning as a traitor", are instead making him a hero and putting their time and money into following Mrs. Schlafly – promoting the Reagan Revolution which is taking us into the New International Economic Order?

What about the text of the joint U.S. / Soviet agreement? Where was the outcry from any of the New Right leadership? Where was the outcry when President Reagan and Gorbachev made the promises to one another – to merge our educational systems? The text on this agreement was not highly distributed for some reason. You go to your library and read page A15 (11-22-85) in the Washington Post headlined as The Summit in Geneva, Text of Joint U.S. / Soviet Statement.

[According to Charlotte Iserbyt — a former supporter and close associate of Phyllis Schlafly – Schlafly was in Geneva during the signing of the above agreement to merge our educational system with that of the Communist USSR. Charlotte tells us that, when questioned about her Geneva trip and the US/USSR agreement, Schlafly’s answer was, "I knew nothing about it". Really?]

If Russia is our great enemy, as President Reagan tells us – and Mrs. Schlafly telling us we must work with Ronald Wilson Reagan... have all the armaments to fight this great enemy, etc. – if that is so, then what are we doing agreeing on the exchange of students [Russian/American] and using the same software, meaning textbooks and workbooks, everything being exactly the same for the U.S. and the USSR? Read that article, and when you have read it maybe you will wonder how it is that President Reagan tells us about America’s great enemy – Russia.

Going back to the New International Economic Order – if anyone thinks that this is not truly a problem for us to consider and if you do not believe it is working – it is here. There truly is a sustained drive to promote a One World Government with a one-world economic system, known as the New International Economic order. On May 2, 1974, the United Nations passed a resolution establishing the New International Economic Order. The preamble to the Declaration states:

"We, the members of the United Nations, solemnly proclaim our united determination to work urgently for the establishment of a New International Economic Order based on equity, sovereign equality, interdependence, common interest, and cooperation among all states irrespective of their economic and social systems."

The U.S. magazine, Senior Scholastics, which is distributed nationwide in high schools and colleges, shows clearly in the September 20, 1973 edition that in order for the new monetary system to become fully operational several steps must be taken.

Step one is: All consumer goods must have a computer mark – a universal product code, which, of course we already have – bar codes in our stores. Many of us many years ago (and some before some of us yet) had warned about this, and of course they were considered to be very, very unreliable . But here it all is today.

And all selling and buying was to be done by computer;

that special drawing rights must become the standard medium;

that every individual must receive a personal number which will be an account number in the national and international computer system;

and that the number must be tattooed on all individuals.

This is the U.S. magazine, Senior Scholastics which is distributed nation wide to high schools and colleges... and that was clear back in 1973.

The whole plan is the New International Economic Order. They need nothing else. When there is a New International Economic Order, there is no longer a U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights – or anything else that represented our freedom – which will any longer be in effect. They will be null and void under the New International Economic Order. It’s that simple.

I try to understand how people think. We had this great thing on July 4th. Statue of Liberty. We had the people with tears in their eyes and lumps in their throats at the great freedom that this nation offered. Why do we have this kind of freedom? Why does everyone want to come here? It was because of our form of government – a Representative Republic Constitutional form of government.

We had chains on our government. It said what government could not do to us. That’s the fear in other countries. Not only are some people very foolish and always saying "What can the government give me?", but they never stop to think of what is the real danger here... "What my government can do to me" And it was only because of this kind of government, in this nation, where a government could not do certain things to you that you have enjoyed this freedom.

If all the hundreds of thousands of people – and millions – across the country were so impressed with all of this on July 4th I would like to understand then, why is it that nearly everyone today is going along with the very people who are promoting the end of it all through our part in the New International Economic Order.

Knowing that many people don’t even understand why they are free; knowing that some people are on the liberal agenda and they have been lied to – all of these things, while very disturbing... even more disturbing is the fact that the New Right leaders who are supposedly guiding these people are, today, the very promoters of the president and his "Reagan Revolution", which is to take us into the New International Economic Order.

Eagle Forum is foremost in the promotion of Ronald Wilson Reagan. We know that and you surely know that. The New Right, while they are absolutely functioning in a manner to guide Ronald Wilson Reagan into all of the events to take us into the New International Economic Order through the Heritage Foundation (which was set up by Paul Weyrich)... while they are leading Reagan into it, they are also – at the same time in the background – being very cautious. When the new election comes about we know who wants to rule this country. And we know that – if we don’t expose them – who is going to rule this country, indirectly, under the world policymakers.

I see the New Right leadership as the ones desiring to control every human being. They are under the world policymakers, but I see them. That’s as I see it. But at the same time, they are wise enough, while they are telling the president what to do and guiding him into enterprise zones, economic development, privatization... all of this... they are also writing about his faults. And someday, when this is over, this group may say, "Yes, we tried to tell Ronald Wilson Reagan", and "We tried to guide him and give him ideas, but we recognized that he was not accomplishing what he should; and we have it in print that we have spoken of all his errors".

You, of Eagle Forum, are going to stand alone when this is all over as the ones who did not ever inform their members of any of the wrongs. You are going to be known as the women out here who led the big battle for the Reagan Revolution, with all of its idiotic spending. And believe me, Reagan has been the top spender. All of this... his backing of the International Monetary Fund; his going along with the Federal Reserve System... you are going to have to explain to someone – maybe your own family – that with all that has been printed [exposed] you promoted Ronald Wilson Reagan to the hilt and never exposed any of this.

Am I saying that the hands of any of the other New Right leaders are clean? No. I never have and I never will. Because Paul Weyrich, Richard Viguerie, Howard Phillips, Jerry Falwell, Lewis Lehrman... on and on... have been in on the promotion of the very same Fabian Socialist moves... enterprise zones, economic development, privatization... they’ve been there. Feeding it to the president through the Heritage Foundation.

In our local paper here in Fort Wayne, Indiana – and I’m sure all over the country – it was written that the president... the majority of his moves... he has been led into by the Heritage Foundation. But as I’ve stated before, they are clever enough to also write about the foolishness of Ronald Wilson Reagan so that when this presidential term is over – as I see it, and as they have even stated in their own book where they intend to be in control – they will, in their background, be able to pull out all of this information proving that they showed the shortcomings of Ronald Wilson Reagan.

We know there is something wrong. Many people have said, "I knew there was something wrong but I could not put it together". This has been a very devious plan.

Knowing that there are many good, good people in Eagle Forum, I am asking you to do only one thing. I am asking you to go and check. I am not asking you to believe a single word that I have said on my own. I am only asking you to start checking. To start reading books. And to start seeing what has been documented. Check on this UNIDO Treaty. That in itself tells you where Ronald Wilson Reagan is taking us. It ties all in with the New Age World Futurists.

Phyllis Schlafly had Newt Gingrich — Congressman Newt Gingrich – to speak at a meeting. New Gingrich praised Naisbit and his book, Megatrends. Well, I want people to read it too, but from reading about what Newt Gingrich has to say, I want people to read it for a different reason. It is a frightening book and it lays out plans that have been laid long before by the world futurists... to destroy this nation entirely, as far as industry; and to have the third-world nations all build up while we [Americans] falter.

On September 24th, back in 1981, Erica Carl was discussing economics with two gentlemen, one of whom asked the question,

"Did you see the news report the other day about Secretary of State, Haig , supposedly unveiling the Reagan administration strategy for economic development of poor nations? Does that mean he [Reagan] thinks he’s president of the world?"

The other party said,"When he talks like that he doesn’t even seem to be president of the United States. His strategies are amazingly similar to those of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris"

– the OECD – and that is the international of economics, and their books are readily available.

The other party asked:

"Are the United States being treated as his fiefdom or beneficia under the new feudalism?"

And Erica stated:"The New Age World Futurists, the Sociologists, and those in the OECD have been talking for years about the United States becoming a post-industrial society. The President and his man sound like the OECD, and we, the surfs, are supposed to give our assets and support to a multi-national shift in industrial activity. The United States’ de-industrialization according to plan, and we have certainly seen it happen."

This was stated back in 1981. The president of the United States certainly is connected very closely with the New Age World Futurists. This is part of the Reagan Revolution, and as I’ve asked, "What is Eagle forum doing associated with such a move?"

In the Washington Post Newspaper of February 1st of 1985, the headline was, "Reagan calls in the Futurists". It stated:

"President Reagan has invited Future Shock author, Alvin Toffler, and a group of leading futurists to the White House for lunch today to pick their brains for ideas he can use in next week’s State-of-the-Union message. Toffler was told that his aides, Michael Dever and Donald Regan are expected to sit in. Among the futurists, Toffler is bringing his wife, Heide."

John Naisbit, author of Megatrends; Edward Cornish, President of the World Future Society; and, Theodore Gordon, head of the Futures Group, Inc. were all supposed to be there.

What are members of Eagle Forum doing with this type of association? Congressman Newt Gingrich is a New Age World Futurist. He has his C.O.S., and everyone should write and find out what this Conservative Opportunity Society is about. Phyllis Schlafly promoted it. She wrote a paper on it. She has it. You may get it from her. Then check and see what they are for. And see how closely they are tied into the New Age World Futurists, who are the backers of the New International Economic Order.

I will quote from a letter written by a congressman to his constituents in respect to the UNIDO Treaty that President Reagan asked the U.S. Senate to pass. The first paragraph states: "Enclosed is a copy of the pages from the Congressional Record in which Treaty 97-19, The Interdependent Economic World Order Treaty was discussed and voted on...."

This is hard to believe because for decades many organizations and individuals spent a great deal of time and money opposing the idea of a World Order, a One World Government, or as it is called today, The New International Economic Order. And here it states that this treaty is called "Interdependent" and that means the end of our Declaration of Independence. Economic World Order Treaty.

Do members of Eagle Forum really want the destruction of our Declaration of Independence?

Do members of Eagle Forum really want a New International Economic Order, or as they called it here, [Interdependent] Economic World Order?

I don’t believe that. But Eagle Forum is tied to the Reagan Revolution and that [Interdependent Economic World Order] is part of the Reagan Revolution. This Interdependent Economic world Order has been the plan of the New Age World Futurists and the World Policymakers from day one. This fits in with everything that is asked for in this treaty, and you must – you must – get a copy of this treaty. This fulfills what John Naisbit in his book Megatrends tells about... and which Newt Gingrich, the New Age World Futurist, was apparently very much in favor of.

This can not be the same type of plan that women of Eagle Forum would want. Who would want our nation to wipe out its Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights? Who would want this? As we remember the 4th of July when everyone was so grateful that we have this great land and how everyone else wants to come here... then how is it possible that we could have a president – who is a "conservative" president, as has been stated – who would ask for this treaty?

Should we really be surprised? When Ronald Reagan insisted on the passage of the Genocide Treaty... at that time, it was certainly the time for Eagle Forum to take note of the star to which they had attached themselves.

[If Phyllis Schlafly were questioned regarding the ratification of the Genocide Treaty she would possibly respond with the justification that we’re protected because Senator Jesse Helms cast his vote with "reservations". Let it be known that the "reservations" added to a treaty by any ratifying country mean nothing to the World Government overseeing the implementation of these treaties. Helms is a 33rd degree Mason, Schlafly a Dame of Malta (SMOM0; both are long-time members of the CNP and apparently Helms and Schlafly are close associates.]

But it didn’t seem to make much difference, because everything went very silent after the Genocide Treaty was passed. And that was hard to believe, because for years and years all those who considered themselves conservative Americans (I don’t like the terms Conservative or Liberal, but we use them so we know what we’re talking about)... the Conservative writers and members of organizations were opposed to the Genocide Treaty as if it were a plague. But when the Genocide Treaty was passed... everything went silent.

A lot of people asked, "Why is nothing being said?" Some people didn’t even know it had passed. They were expecting a flurry of outcry if it did pass. But it did. And it should never have passed.

I’m sure if members of Eagle Forum stop and think, they know that if the proper outcry had been there when President Reagan asked for the passage of the Genocide Treaty, it would never have passed.

Pat Robertson with his millions; Jerry Falwell, Paul Weyrich with his members of many, many organizations, Eagle Forum... had they truly put up the proper outcry that Genocide Treaty would never have passed.

And the president should have been called on the carpet. Some women should have said, "Mr. President, we consider this the act of a traitor." I didn’t find that. I never saw it from Eagle Forum. And Eagle Forum... if they had the connection with the president — which we’re given to understand they have the closest connection to the president of any one [group] – should have absolutely screamed from the tops of the mountains, hills, flat-lands and anywhere else.

They should have been in Washington in droves and they should have said, "Mr. President, you’ll never, never be able to have that Genocide Treaty passed and have the backing of Eagle Forum".

No, we know that no one did their job. We also know that in the final days and the final countdown, even those few who voted against it — because they couldn’t do much else — did not come forward to help Steve Syms when he stood alone and fought the Genocide Treaty. We know that. They put in their vote so they could say they voted against it because there were a few of them who just could not hardly vote for it. But they may as well have. I would have respected them more had they all voted for it... except Steve Syms and of course John East who had opposed it and who was not well during this last period of time.

No... we’re not fooled. Maybe we couldn’t do a whole lot about it, but you didn’t fool us. We know that the New Right, including Eagle Forum, did not stand as they should have.

What about the UNIDO Treaty? What could be deadlier than this? For years this is what all the conservatives were supposedly battling... the New International Economic Order, the One World Government, the plans of the CFR. That is what we heard for years, and now we have the great conservative president presenting this treaty?

Did you hear an outcry across the country? No. That treaty was one of the most deadly acts that could ever have been committed. That was the whole ball of wax. When we put ourselves in position where we say, "We want the New International Economic Order", there’s not too much more to be said. Why fight little battles here and there and then ask for the New International Economic Order?

It just doesn’t make sense. What has happened? Where is the New Right outcry against these things? Where was the New Right outcry on the Caribbean Initiative? We poured all that money in. Nothing was said, and now we find that in the Caribbean they’re even getting our information and services jobs; it’s right in Newsweek. Very plain.

It’s bad enough that we went along with all these plans of the UNIDO Treaty to build the industry in the third-world and all of the undeveloped nations across the world and give up industry here in our own country. Then we pour money in to the Caribbean and now we find that after giving up industry, we’re giving up our information and services jobs. Is this any less than an insane asylum?

President Reagan, we know, is not a conservative. We know that President Reagan was liberal, and he thought like FDR. He honors FDR.

Reagan campaigned as a conservative and after his election he was right back on his liberal track. And as we all know, Eagle Forum members and many others in the New Right arena stayed with him no matter what he did. They made excuses for him or closed their eyes to his socialist agenda and we got Ronald Reagan for a second term. Now, we are really finding out the man is indeed a One-Worlder... for those who didn’t know it before.

The Department of Education... remember? Ronald Reagan was going to get rid of the Department of Education. Yes, indeed. I remember Jerry Falwell saying over and over that Ronald Reagan was going to abolish that terrible Department of Education. Oh, yes. Well, today we’ve still got the Department of Education, haven’t we? We got Mr. Bill Bennet in there. Some people say, "Oh, but I think maybe he’s better than some would be...."

Well, I really don’t want to hear that either because those who understand what is going on in the Department of Education know it is the same problem there as it is with having a "conservative" president like Ronald Reagan. We’ve got Bill Bennet as the head of the Department of Education with Ronald Reagan as president, and people trying to lull themselves to sleep. So much has happened within the educational system in the last few years the parents are beside themselves.

My intention is not to destroy an organization or a leader of an organization, per se. I could care less who has an organization. The reason I am so disturbed is because I find that so many people are in these New Right organizations and they are no longer an asset in the fight to retain or to restore anything great in this great nation. That is why I am disturbed. That is why I am sorry... because I think that many, many people in Eagle Forum do not understand and many, many people who are following other leaders of the New Right surely do not understand.

When Ronald Reagan was governor of the State of California he proved what he was then.

Ronald Reagan was a Regional Government man to the hilt.

Ronald Reagan pushed everything in the LEAA agenda, which was one of the deadliest agencies ever created. LEAA is the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, which today is FEMA and which is now worldwide.

Ronald Reagan signed the Mulford Bill. That was a gun control bill.

Ronald Reagan certainly proved his thinking in the educational system many years ago. If he did change and did see his mistakes then, if there is anything Ronald Reagan should have done, it was to get rid of the Department of Education because he had done so much damage in the educational field in the State of California.

Early childhood education... Reagan signed Senate Bill 1302 in 1972, a five-year program with over $65 million planned to send children 3 years and 9 months to classes. It’s alleged purpose was to restructure teaching methods in all schools. Reagan backed Riles who had planned for early childhood schooling. The program called for radically redesigned schooling for children. This was in the L.A. Times 7-14-72.

Ronald Reagan signed the Preschool and Child Centers, Assembly Bill 99, in 1972 pertaining to the state operation of federally-funded preschool children centers.

Ronald Reagan also signed AB [Assembly Bill] 250, allowing preschool and kindergarten to be combined in public schools;

Ronald Reagan signed Head Start – compensatory preschool programs – into law, approving $1 million in appropriations.

Ronald Reagan, during his administration, established the Planning, Programming, Budgeting System (PPBS). This PPBS system is deadly, and all people should acquaint themselves with it. The PPBS implementation into the school system was undoubtedly one of the biggest steps that Ronald Reagan could have made toward the computerization, regionalization and destruction of our educational system.

Ronald Reagan supported revolutionary mental health programs in California when he signed AB47, as told in the Oakland Tribune in April, 1967. This was frightening... removing an individual’s right to refuse lobotomy if that person is involuntarily detained in a mental health facility. If you understand lobotomy of the brain, you will understand the tragic results to those who are victims of the procedure... and under AB47, signed by Ronald Reagan, their right to refuse was taken away.

Ronald Reagan promoted centralization, consolidation and standardization of California’s criminal justice system. The National Advisory Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals, as we remember and as many who fought and worked against LEAA know, the day when we found that we had to lock ourselves inside while the criminals roamed free was when LEAA went into effect. LEAA... the Federal Regional Agency, and Ronald Reagan was one of the biggest promoters.

The OEO... Ronald Reagan saved the Office of Economic Opportunity in California. When legislation reduced the appropriations to $100 [which would have dissolved the OEO], Ronald Reagan donated $100,000 from his own office funds. This was in the L.A. Herald Examiner, 8-4-71. The Office of Economic Opportunity, another one of the boondoggles of the Agency of Regional Government.

When Ronald Reagan signed the UNIDO Treaty, he signed the very document to end the freedom of this nation.

Members of Eagle Forum may say, "But stop and think how wonderful it is with President Reagan and his SDI ..." the Strategic Defense Initiative. Well, far be it from me to argue as to how effective SDI will ever be. I am not a scientist, physicist or anything that will classify me as an authority. The SDI, as I see it, is just another ploy.

The SDI is actually of no value as long as we have a certain bomb hanging over us. That bomb the SDI cannot combat. That bomb is Public Law 87-297 and State Department paper No. 7277. This is the plan of the United States Program of Complete Disarmament In A Peaceful World... meaning the transferring of all of our arms [U.S. National Defense] into an International Force.

I ask that everyone call their Congressman and U.S. Senator and ask for a copy of PL87-297 of September 26, 1961, and State Department No.7277 of the same year. They may tell you they are not available. If enough people ask, you will find that they will eventually get them for you. They are available. It shows you where the plan is not armament or disarmament. It shows you the plan is the transfer of all arms of all nations into an International Force. Then we will all be under an International Military and Police Force in an International Economic Order. So the SDI would be the least of our concerns.

Some people may say, "Well, my Congressman or Senator told me that’s an old plan". Don’t you believe it. It is updated every year and still in effect and we have the documentation to prove it.

[See PL87-297 and State Dept. Pub. No.7277 in SHADOW GOVERNMENT section]

Ronald Reagan, on May 14th, 1984, made this statement in his speech that we have never heard another word about. This is the end of one of his statements in that speech in discussing disarmament and the Soviet Union:

"... and we are willing to meet them in arms reduction to the point of total disarmament."

Yes. Meaning we will all disarm into the International Force and then... the New International Economic order that president Ronald Reagan, the Club of Rome, the New Age World Futurists, all the world policymakers have planned for us will have its police and military force through 7277 [and PL 87-297] and we will indeed be slaves of that regime.

Millions of men have suffered and died in these many wars, and 58,000 in the Viet Nam war alone. They were told that they were defending the sovereignty of this nation and that they were attempting to secure freedom for people in other nations. After we have asked this kind of a commitment from these men, how is it possible that today we are willing to go along with walking right into the New International Economic Order and giving up our Army, Navy, Marine, Air Corps – all of this – into an International Police and Military Force?

We have considered the men in Washington [D.C.] traitors. Are we going to have to stand some day as traitors to this great nation? Today we are giving away our nation. And we will surely answer.

But one thing that is hoped... that enough people will say, "No More"; and that our men will not have died in vain and we will say "NO" to the New International Economic Order. That is how I see it.

                     — Betty J. Mills

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