Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Howard Phillips?

As other conservatives expose their true colors, Phillips continues to hold sway over large numbers of trusting people.
Let's hope their eyes are opened soon.

By Jackie Patru

As you'll notice, this announcement is forwarded a day late... only NOT a dime short.  Following this notice is some further information on Howard Phillips that might open some sleepy eyes.  "But... but... he SOUNDS so good.  You must be wrong.  Howard Phillips is a GOOD GUY."   Okay... you be the judge. 

Phillips is a "former" Jew turned "Christian"... a Dominionist.  Reconstructionist.  When they talk about going back to our Biblical foundations, according to Kelleigh Nelson, they mean the Old Testament.  The whole shebang.  Stoning in the streets.  Killing your son if he is 'disobedient', etc.  (And according to Kelleigh, many CNP members are Dominionists) Given the Christian religion was supposedly based on the teachings of Jesus, (New Testament) is this another oxymoron?  Part of the effort to merge Christians into Judaism / Talmudism?  Judeo-Christian?  Maybe Phillips is, in fact, not a former Jew at all, if his "religion" ignores the New Testament.  Here's something to consider:

Morris A. Levy, Secretary of the World League of Liberal Jews, Western Branch, Los Angeles, California, on 10-24-1946 wrote a letter containing the following: ...

"In the near future, when the Jewish people take over the rule of the United States, legally under God Jehovah, we will create a new education system proving that Jehovah is the only One to follow, and proving that the Christ story is a fake.  We shall arrange a plan for Christian clergymen to enter a field of useful endeavour; they will have a choice of profession or a business; Christianity will be abolished. 

The Jewish people now control the money system as well as the economic system... The Jews shall see that a Jewish President is elected.... "  [from the book The Worlds Troublemakers, by Bruce H. Brown]

If you haven't already, you might want to check out the Wolves in Sheep's Clothing section 

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Subject: TONIGHT - Howard Phillips on Fox News

Media Notice: Howard Phillips to be on Fox News Channel's "Hannity and Colmes" on Monday night, Nov. 6th! 
Constitution Party  http://www.constitutionparty.com/

This information, and more on the Council for National Policy, is found at http://watch.pair.com/cnp.html  You can go to the CNP database to check out more of your favorite "conservatives".

Howard Phillips -

CNP (Council for National Policy) Board of Governors (1982);

CNP Executive Committee (1984-85; 1988; 1994; 1996). [I was told in 1995 by Shiela Baker, a Howard Phillips supporter that, when asked about his affiliation with Paul Weyrich, Phillips said he no longer has any affiliation with Weyrich.  Weyrich is the grand puba of the CNP.  Phillips is still a member and as recent as '96 served on the Executive Committee.  Go figure.]

Proposed the name of Young Americans for Freedom and served on its board of directors. Appointed many YAF members while acting director of the Office of Economic Opportunity under Richard Nixon.

In 1975, at the direction of 33º Mason Jesse Helms on whose staff he served, Phillips founded The Conservative Caucus (TCC), a leading right-wing lobby group.

TCC has an interlocking directorate (Phillips served on advisory board) with the United States Council for World Freedom (USCWF) of the World Anti-Communist League, a multinational network of Nazi war criminals, Latin American death squad leaders and North American neo-fascists. Officials of TCC were instrumental in the campaign to make death squads of Central America acceptable to American public in early 1980s and also allied with white supremacist elements in South Africa.

As TCC national director, Phillips boasted,"we organize discontent" and "must prove our ability to get revenge on people who go against us."

TCC links to the elite CatholicTradition, Family & Property(TFP).

In 1976 Phillips, Paul Weyrich and Richard Viguerie attempted to take over racist American Independent Party.

In 1979, formed the Moral Majority with Weyrich, Viguerie, Ed McAteer and Jerry Falwell. Phillips saw "a tremendous untapped resource among fundamentalists" and suggested the name Moral Majority as "a continuing effort to get together people of diverse faiths."

U. S. Taxpayers Party presidential candidate in 1996.

Another Conservative Caucus board member and funder is Richard Shoff, former Grand Kilgrapp of the Indiana Ku Klux Klan. [Young 110-11, 114; Anderson 158; Bellant (CC) 27, 54; Saloma 46]

When you begin reading these biographies you find a literal web interconnecting the CNPers with one another and with major players at all levels and from all sectors of the One Worlders' web.  At the 1996 U.S. Taxpayers Party Convention, (doncha love that label?) R.J. Rushdoony was the main speaker.  Check Rushdoony out, also at http://watch.pair.com/database2.html#rushdoony Dr. Rousas J. Rushdoony is considered to be the modern patriarch of the Christian Reconstruction Movement.

According to Dr. Shirley Correll, in her May-June (1991) Florida Forum newsletter, a key to their [phony conservatives] strategy was revealed in: 

"... a recent documentary on public television, filmed by Blackwell Corp., traced the building of the conservative movement.  Many New Right were interviewed on the film.  It's all right there.  Paul Weyrich admitted that his gang (including Howard Phillips) was having a hard time taking control of the conservative movement until they began to speak on the moral issuesIt takes no imagination to know that they seized on this tactic to gain the confidence of millions of Christian Conservatives so as to guide them to their purposes, while concealing their objectives from those who gave them massive support."

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