Tom Ridge Confesses Terror Alerts Were Bogus

Tom Ridge Confesses Terror Alerts Were Bogus


(PHOTO: Former Homeland Security Chief Tom Ridge flashes the ubiquitous 'devil's hand' signal. And no, it's not 'hook em horns' again)

As most intelligent Americans have already suspected, the so-called "terror alerts" announced by the Department of Homeland Security during the past several years were completely bogus and were used by the Bush-Cheney Regime as a propaganda ploy to promote the equally bogus "War on Terrorism."

Former Director of Homeland Security Tom Ridge said that Bush Regime officials forced him to elevate the "threat level" on what he calls "flimsy evidence," reports USA Today.

Ridge, who introduced the goofy color-coded "terror alert" system in 2002, attempted to rationalize his behavior during a Washington press conference.

Current US Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff (whose last name means "of the devil" in Russian) is allegedly deciding how quickly to scrap the color code alert system.

The color alert sysetm has not been changed since December 2003 when it was moved from yellow to orange.

"Red" presumably means that the entire nation gets shut down military dictatorship style, since presumably "terrorists" will be found hiding under every citizen's bed.

According to USA Today, "the level is raised if a majority on the President's Homeland Security Advisory Council favors it and President Bush concurs. Among those on the council with Ridge were Attorney General John Ashcroft, FBI chief Robert Mueller, CIA director George Tenet, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Secretary of State Colin Powell."

The color-coded system was a laughing stock from the start.

Wags noted -- if the color is orange, does that mean we should all wear orange and if you don't, then that means you're a terrorist.

The infantile American population, however, accepted this Ridge nonsense without protest.

Now that Tom Ridge has confessed that the terror alerts were bogus, bamboozled Americans can once again go back to sleep...

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FINAL DRAFT REPORT - EMBARGOED UNTIL JAN. 31, 2001 -- Road Map for National Security: Imperative for Change -January 31, 2001 This report will be posted in sections for easier reading and printing. The Commission started four years ago setting up the frame work and legislation for the Homeland Security Act, which has been passed to 'protect us from the terrorists'. The fox guarding the hen house in its purest form. - Jackie Section 1: List of Commissioners; Table of Contents; Foreword by Gary Heart and Warren Rudman; and Preface by Charles G. Boyd, General, USAF (Ret.) Executive Director

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Tom Ridge Confesses Terror Alerts Were Bogus
Former Director of Homeland Security Tom Ridge said that Bush Regime officials forced him to elevate the "threat level" on what he calls "flimsy evidence," reports USA Today.

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