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CFR Phase III Report on National Homeland Security

(in case you aren't planning to read the full report)

We regret our delay in getting this up, since we've had the report for an entire year already.

Four years ago the Council on Foreign Relations began working on the restructuring of America's Constitutional framework of government, without regard for Constitutional parameters and ignoring the required process for amending the Constitution as specified in Article V. For those of you who aren't interested in reading the entire report, we've summarized and excerpted relevant quotes from the report itself.  

The "Final Draft Report" is dated January 31, 2001. The first sentence of the first paragraph in the preface tells us the Commission began its study sometime in 1998 (more than two years prior to the final report).

Further on, we learn of its progress up to this Phase III (obviously completed on or before January 2001) nine months prior to the tragedy of 9-11-01 at the World Trade Center in New York City.

Miraculously, the Commission's worst nightmare came true (a terrorist attack on the 'homeland') and the plan for restructuring American government is now well under way, beginning with the Department of Homeland Security -- under which all governmental agencies will be controlled. The Czar of Homeland Security? A name, face and figure those of us living in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania know all too well. . . former Governor, Tom Ridge.

Do you recall at the beginning of the presidential campaign that Tom Ridge's name was tossed around as a possible running mate fairly early in the selection process (as noted in the press and electronic news media)? Do you recall, then, after announing his choice of Dick Cheney, that G.W. publicly announced he "had other plans for Tom Ridge"?

We assert that: Cheney was the choice made for G.W. when G.W. was selected by the world's trouble makers to become the next president of the U.S.; the so-called 'attack' on the WTC was premeditated murder and destruction in order to justify the restructuring of American government via the U.S. Commission on National Security/21st Century; and the entire process was planned to kick off World War III -- the neverendingwar ala George Orwell's 'fantasy' novel titled 1984.

Before you shrug it off as 'conspiracy paranoia', hold the assertions in mind as you read the excerpts of the Phase III Report and see if you change your mind. Maybe you'll realize it is not paranoia at all, but rather a heightened sense of awareness.  

"The U.S. Commission on National Security/21st Century was born more than two years ago out of a conviction that the entire range of U.S. national security policies and processes required reexamination. . .

Phase I concluded in September 1999 with the publication of New World Coming: American Security in the 21st Century.

...in Phase I the Commission stressed that mass-casualty terrorism directed against the U.S. homeland was of serious and growing concern. It therefore proposed in Phase II a strategy that prioritizes deterring, defending against, and responding effectively to such dangers.

Thus, in Phase III, it recommends a new National Homeland Security Agency to consolidate and refine the missions of the nearly two dozen disparate departments and agencies that have a role in U.S. homeland security today.

Phase III aims to reform government structures and processes to enable the U.S. government to implement that strategy, or, indeed, any strategy that would depart from the embedded routines of the last half-century.

Many of the recommendations made herein require legislation to come into being.

The required legislation recommended is being passed with lightning speed through the U.S. Congress, and most dangerously by state legislatures and local elected officials who have no clue that they are voting their own demise, along with their loved ones and all of their constituents.

Of course, the stated need for the U.S. "departing the embedded routines of the last half-century" refers to the final elimination of Constitutional checks and balances, and individual state sovereignty. Both federal and state legislators have abrogated their legislative duties to a dictatorial executive - the president. The president himself surely takes his orders from those who have gained political power by gaining control of the economies of the world.

The final economic take-over in America occurred on December 23rd, 1913, when the U.S. Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act, which transferred the 'power of the purse' to the privately held corporation knows as the Federal Reserve Bank. The Constitution for the United States specifically authorizes Congress to create and regulate the value of money, in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 5.

World Zionists have long awaited this day when their orders would be carried out by elected political leaders of American states and the central government without a whimper or a backward glance.

It is likely that treasonous politicians will not venture even a glimpse into the future they're preparing for themselves and all Americans who blindly hold to the belief that they are 'free because they are Americans'.

In truth, while they tenaciously cling to an illusion of freedom - an idea of freedom - the American people are being led like docile sheep to the slaughter -- with their precious, innocent and trusting children in tow.

In the Executive Summary of this CFR Commission Report, one paragraph spells it all out:

"We offer recommendations for organizational change in five key areas:

1) Insuring the security of the American homeland;

2) recapitalizing America's strengths in science and education;

3) redesigning key institutions of the Executive Branch;

4) overhauling the U.S. government personnel system; and

5) reorganizing Congress's role in national security affairs.

Securing the American Homeland? We are being told by political leaders and the CFR experts almost daily on the controlled media to expect attacks more violent than the WTC tragedy. No 'maybe' about it! Possibly a nuclear attack! In other words: "We don't know when, we don't know where, we don't know how... but we know something terrible is going to happen".

Securing the American Homeland? No! The Department of Homeland Security in reality is designed to secure total control over the American people who live in this Orwellian newspeak Homeland: Finger-printing, micro-chipping, face scanning, iris reading, DNA gathering, cameras everywhere watching our every move, monitoring phone calls, e-mails and faxes, redefining the very word 'terrorism' so that petty theft or assault in the first degree will be termed terroristic acts. . . and finally, a spy system that has strangers, friends, and even family spying and reporting on one another.

Reorganizing Congress's role in national security affairs? Take a look at the Homeland Defense power structure flow-chart published by the New York Times. You'll see that the restructuring in fact has restructured the U.S. Congress out of the picture.  The pecking order starts with the dictatorial president, to his Homeland Defense Czar, to FEMA. Every single department and agency thereunder is connected to FEMA, while in the top left corner of the chart -- off the chart -- disconnected from the entire system, is the U.S. Congress.

"NHSA (National Homeland Security Agency) would be built upon the Federal Emergency Management Agency"

Piece by piece, information is surfacing which makes it clear that the so-called terrorist attack on the World Trade Center was itself the plan of government insiders (many non-elected) to kick off the restructuring of our entire governmental system.

This is being implemented by executive decisions; intrusive, unconstitutional laws being passed at the state and local levels of government; and a shadow government (the Doomsday Plan - Continuity of Government) of non-elected people that we're told was implemented by the president on the day of infamy. . . 9-11-01.  

In fact, it is NOT a plan for the Continuity of Government. It is a plan for the Continuity of the Executive Office -- one branch of government.

A hard pill to swallow, yes; and one that - if swallowed by enough sleeping Americans - could begin the healing process of a decaying and decadent nation. The following statements - some fact, some speculation - deserve at least your consideration:

1) Three years before the so-called attack on the World Trade Center, CFR's Commission report on National Security laid out the framework of the president's Homeland Security Program. In the Executive summary of the report we read:

"... in Phase I the Commission stressed that mass-casualty terrorism directed against the U.S. homeland was of serious and growing concern. {1999 - modern day prophets? or planners and orchestrators of their prophesies?}

We therefore recommend the creation of a new independent National Homeland Security Agency (NHSA) with responsibility for planning, coordinating, and integrating various U.S. government activities involved in homeland security.".

2) Within hours of the event of 9-11 (2001), Bush announced his plans for the current neverendingwar on Terror.

3) Within days of the event, Bush announced the creation of the Office of Homeland Security. In fact, it was ready and waiting, compliments of the powerful and influential Council on Foreign Relations.

4) Abundant evidence exists - too much to enumerate here - that many people in financial, legal and governmental circles knew of the impending attack.

5) Today, outside insiders are pushing for war with Iraq, claiming that Saddam Hussein must be taken out because he may use nuclear weapons against the U.S.

6) On November 17th, 1991 CNN aired a Special Assignment revealing the existence of the 'shadow government' - now securely in place - and nicknamed the Dooms Day Plan. The closing statements of this CNN special - along with visual effects of nuclear explosions and mushroom clouds - ominously proclaimed that:

"The great Cold War struggle is finally ended. And the future of earth seems safer. But planning for the unexpected continues as new fears replace the old. Fears of nuclear proliferation. Of terrorists obtaining the bomb... ALL, are reasons why programs like those run by the National Program Office will continue."

That was in 1991. As the announcer begins his spiel about how 'new fears replace the old', we're provided with live shots of Saddam Hussein in military uniform before cheering Iraqi citizens, and the mushroom clouds of a nuclear explosion. The same stories we're being told today to justify the expansion of the World Revolution.

My, my. What a coincidence. We Can read the same language in the CFR's Phase III Report:

"We have concluded that, despite the end of the Cold War threat, America faces distinctly new dangers, particularly to the homeland..."

Do notice the time lapse (link coming soon) in between the wars and peace-keeping operations which U.S. Soldiers have been seduced into fighting to "create a just and lasting peace" and to "make the world safe for Democracy". Eleven years have elapsed since Desert Storm. That's enough time to 'grow' some more fodder for their cannons. Today's soldiers were eight to twelve years old in 1991.

Look at your precious children. Did you bring them into the world so they could kill and die for the New World Order? Think about it. We always have a choice. . . at least for the time being.

Here are a few more excerpts this intro should contain, for those not caring to read the entire 150 page report:

From the forward (emphasis added):

"American power and influence have been decisive factors for democracy and security throughout the last half-century. However, after more than two years of serious effort, this Commission has concluded that without significant reforms, American power and influence cannot be sustained.

To be of long-term benefit to us and to others, that power and influence must be disciplined by strategy, defined as the systematic determination of the proper relationship of ends to means in support of American principles, interests, and national purpose."

The words 'to us' mean exactly that. . . 'us' are the minions of the planners of World Dominion. Who are the un-named 'others'? Notice also 'the proper relationship of ends to means'. A sophisticated way of saying: "The end justifies the means". . .  right out of the Communist/Bolshevist manifesto, and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. This next phase has already been accomplished.

"The Border Patrol is the uniformed arm of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Its mission is the detection and prevention of illegal entry into the United States. It works primarily between ports of entry and patrols the borders by various means. There has been a debate for many years about whether the dual functions of the Immigration and Naturalization Service-border control and enforcement on the one side, and immigration facilitation on the other-should be joined under the same roof. The U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform concluded that they should not be joined."

Already, U.S.-Canadian border control is working in tandem, as a unit. This next is from the Introduction: 'Imperative for Change'.

"The U.S. Commission on National Security/ 21st Century was chartered to be the most comprehensive examination of the structures and processes of the U.S. national security apparatus since the core legislation governing it was passed in 1947.

The Commission's Charter enjoins the Commissioners to 'propose measures to adapt existing national security structures' to new circumstances, and if necessary, 'to create new structures where none exist.' The Commission is also charged with providing 'cost and time estimates to complete these improvements,' as appropriate, for what is to be, in sum, 'an institutional road map for the early part of the 21st century.'

In its Phase I effort, this Commission stressed that global trends in scientific- technological, economic, socio-political, and military-security domains - as they mutually interact over the next 25 years - will produce fundamental qualitative changes in the U.S. national security environment. We arrived at these fourteen conclusions:

1)  The United States will become increasingly vulnerable to hostile attack on the America homeland, and U.S. military superiority will not entirely protect us. {Since the design is to create chaos, the authors of this report are certainly in a position to know.}

2)  Rapid advances in information and biotechnologies will create new vulnerabilities for U.S. security.

3)  New technologies will divide the world as well as draw it together.

4)  The national security of all advanced states will be increasingly affected by the vulnerabilities of the evolving global economic infrastructure.  

5)  Energy supplies will continue to have major strategic significance. {Like... oil pipelines through Afghanistan? There is damning evidence which could lead to that conclusion.} 

6)  All borders will be more porous; some will bend and some will break. {the breaks are intended to be the borders separating the 'Americas' - Canada and South America to be merged with the U.S. of A. minus the U.S. Constitution}

7)  The sovereignty of states will come under pressure, but will endure as the main principle of international political organization. {Sovereignty of states will be a mere facade to appease the masses, unless this report refers to other nations as 'states'.}

8)  The fragmentation and failure of some states will occur, with destabilizing effects on entire regions.

9)  Foreign crises will be replete with atrocities and the deliberate terrorizing of civilian populations. {Since the design is to create chaos, the authors of this report are certainly in a position to know}

10)  Space will become a critical and competitive military environment.

11) The essence of war will not change. {Only those who plan for, implement and orchestrate the wars would know that. Wasn't the UN allegedly established to create a 'just and lasting peace' after WWII? Or is the chaos in today's world its true mission?}

12) U.S. intelligence will face more challenging adversaries, and even excellent intelligence will not prevent all surprises. {The Global Spy Network is comprised of separate cells, all controlled from a central source. The intelligence agencies, whether it be CIA, KGB, MOSSAD, etc. are part of the one network. Each cell is independent of the others. Agents are informed only on a need-to-know basis. If one cell is exposed and destroyed, the other remain intact and unknown.}

13) The United States will be called upon frequently to intervene militarily in a time of uncertain alliances, and with the prospect of fewer forward-deployed forces. {Fewer forward-deployed forces -- more mass killing via modern space and weapon technology}

14) The emerging security environment in the next quarter century will require different U.S. military and other national capabilities.

The Commission's stress on communicating the scale and pace of change has been borne out by extraordinary developments in science and technology in just the eighteen-month period since the Phase I report appeared. The mapping of the human genome was completed.

A functioning quantum computing device was invented.

Organic and inorganic material was mated at the molecular level for the first time.

Basic mechanisms of the aging process have been understood at the genetic level.

Any one of these developments would have qualified as a "breakthrough of the decade" a quarter century ago, but they all happened within the past year and a half.

This suggests the possible advent of a period of change the scale of which will often astound us.  

Organic and inorganic material was mated at the molecular level. That means what it says! And it says they've made human machines. We'll conclude with that last excerpt. Interested parties can read the full report.

-- Jackie -- November 25, 2002.

CFR Phase III Report on National Homeland Security
Excerpts from and comments in case you aren't planning to read the full report:
"Four years ago the Council on Foreign Relations began working on the restructuring of America's Constitutional framework of government, without regard for Constitutional parameters and ignoring the required process for amending the Constitution as specified in Article V."

The Phase III Report of the U.S. Commission on National Security / 21st Century
FINAL DRAFT REPORT - EMBARGOED UNTIL JAN. 31, 2001 -- Road Map for National Security: Imperative for Change -January 31, 2001 This report will be posted in sections for easier reading and printing. The Commission started four years ago setting up the frame work and legislation for the Homeland Security Act, which has been passed to 'protect us from the terrorists'. The fox guarding the hen house in its purest form. - Jackie Section 1: List of Commissioners; Table of Contents; Foreword by Gary Heart and Warren Rudman; and Preface by Charles G. Boyd, General, USAF (Ret.) Executive Director

Bush Signs Homeland Security Bill
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The Homeland Security Act of 2002
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Homeland Security Flow Chart
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Court Denies Office of Homeland Security Motion
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