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Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Tom DeWeese:  What Gives? 

    Last year Tom DeWeese  circulated faxes and e-mails encouraging people to support a version of Congressman Don Young's "American Sovereignty Land Protection Act" (or something close to that).  We placed a call to DeWeese to URGE him stop promoting the bill.  Why?  The bill contained provisions which would "prohibit the transfer of American land to the UN without Congressional authority".  

     Many seemingly intelligent people fell for the HOOK, line and sinker.  Ignorance could be considered an excuse.  However, too many, who knew better, supported the Act realizing it would send a message to the U.S. Congress - from their constituents - to wit:  "It's ok for the President to transfer land to the UN so long as you (Congress) agree to it";  realizing that the U.S. Congress has no Constitutional power to give that authority to a president;  realizing that the majority - if not all - of the members of this Congress have committed treasonous actions by their vote time and time again... people supported the Act because it was "better than nothing".   

      Better than nothing?  What in God's name does that mean?  We tell a body of U.S. law-breakers we trust them to make an honorable decision?  We tell them it's ok to assume power not authorized in the Constitution?  The message sent to Congress from "Americans" was...  I don't know... WHAT?  What does that say?   

     The Land Protection Act was also heavily promoted by Beverly LaHaye - Concerned Women for America; long-time Council for National Policy (CNP) member; wife of Tim LaHaye, co-founder of the CNP.  Phony Conservatives almost ALWAYS gear their activity suggestion -- and divert your attention -- to the federal government.   

     When we spoke to Tom DeWeese about the Land Protection Act he agreed with everything mentioned above, plus more.  We asked him to use his money and influence to encourage people to work at a state level, because State Legislatures could stop unConstitutional federal actions by instructing their U.S. Senators and communicating, as a body, with U.S. Representatives.   

     DeWeese basically said, "I feel your pain"... not in those exact words.  HIS excuse for promoting the Land Protection Act was that it "opened a dialogue" on the United Nations, even though he agreed that it was unConstitutional and that it could be stopped at a State level.  What does that tell us about DeWeese?  He speaks volumes for himself.  Nothing more need be said, does it? 

     DeWeese is once again using slight of hand tricks with regard the National I.D.  Have any of you noticed that your States didn't "obey" the federal mandate that required the SS# in order to get a driver's license?  Let me put this another way...  you weren't required to show the SS# until the legislation was passed within the State, by State legislators.  The federal bill was not binding on the Citizens of a State.  It had to be done by State legislation.  Same as biometrics I.D.  Some States did, some didn't.  And those that did, DID viotate the Constitution.  Keep that in mind. 

     DeWeese is asking us to call and send letters to U.S. Congress to vote down the I.D. Act in question when he knows full well the critters in congress do as their masters bid.  On the other hand, if DeWeese used his lotsofmoney and the influence he's gained over uninformed Americans to urge people to meet with, inform and educate their State legislators...  what Miracles could happen?   

     Do we want remedy or do we want to be lead --  blindly follow -- phony conservatives down the cow path and over the cliff?  It's a long drop to the bottom, folks.  

Jackie Patru

          ACTION ALERT
From the American Policy Center
Tom DeWeese, President
 American Policy Center
 13873 Park Center Road
 Herndon, VA  20171
 FAX: 703-925-0991
 National Identification Card
 Back from the Dead...
 It was just this past October that legislation which established a green  light for creating a National ID system was repealed through the courageous efforts of Senator Richard Shelby, numerous Congressmen and the protests of hundreds of thousands of Americans like you and me.  Now, four months later, it has been resurrected.

Congressman Bill Barrett (R-NE) has introduced HR 3429, the Legal Employment Authentication Program (LEAP) Act of 1999, a bill that will completely reinstate the federal ID system.  Barrett's pandering to federal bureaucrats and big business--both of whom want the federal government to gather information on you for their benefit--will overturn our hard-earned victory.

You and I must react swiftly and with force--before this new effort to shackle Americans with "Big Brother's" chains has a chance to gain favor in Congress.  If passed, Barrett's bill will make it federal law that all Americans must carry a national identification card at all times.
You will be required to show your ID card in order to cash a check, get on a plane or open a bank account.  Without your national ID card you will not be able to get medical care or get a job.  That's right-it gives the federal government the power to clear all hiring decisions where even a 1% error in the data banks could result in 600,000 wrongful work denials.

Think of what such an error in your medical file would mean!  All of your personal information like income, medical records and personal family business will all be put into one massive federal data bank in order to make the card valid.
This is an invasion of your privacy.  It is an invasion of your Constitutional rights.  It is an outrage. We must exert pressure to bury this legislation NOW in order to avoid a long and costly battle.  In addition to calling our own Congressmen we must call Congressman Bill Goodling, Chariman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce. His committee will decide whether or not to approve HR 3429 and move it to the floor of the House of Representatives for a vote.  In short, whether or not we are shackled with a National ID card is in Chairman Goodling's hands.
 1.  Call Congressman Goodling, Chariman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce at (202) 225-4527 and tell him you oppose HR 3429 and any other effort which would ultimately give rise to a national ID system.
 2.  Call your Congressman (Capitol Hill Switchboard 202-225-3121) and make him understand that any attempt to support such an invasion of our liberties is unprincipled and dishonorable for one who was entrusted with the protection of such liberties.  Urge him to oppose HR 3429.
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 apc@americanpolicy.org and put "unsubsribe" in the subject with your
 email  address in the body of the message.
 Pre-Paid Legal Service: Coverage Americans Can No Longer Do Without.
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