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Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

     We received the following by fax from Maureen Heaton on May 2, 1998. Maureen has been fighting Regional Governance - the NWO - since the late 1940's in California. She provides an extraordinary document packet on "Mind Control". Her book, The Impossible Dream explains the plans of the planners like nothing we've ever read. She is one of our nation's heros, and probably has forgotten more than the majority of us will ever know.

     Because of past experiences with Mark Phillips; because in 1993 Phillips was "injected" into the CDR by Dare Schaut, - the alleged PR person for Bo Gritz's presidential campaign - who proved himself to be a purveyor of dis-information and a liar;  because of Schaut's bringing Phillips into our midst uninvited and then our discovering that Phillips had done background checks on Dan Druck and myself, Schaut was "ejected" from the CDR;  because a trusted friend and Private Investigator with over 30 years experience then did a check on Phillips and discovered a Mark Phillips IS an agent of the federal government and when faced with the info Schaut said, "yes he is, but he's one of the good guys"... ? We were exceedingly delighted to receive Maureen's report on the book, TRANCEformation of America.

     We hold Maureen Heaton with the greatest respect for her intelligence, her research, her knowledge and her love for America and our sleeping brethren.  Maureen's book, "The Impossible Dream" and her "PsyWar Packet" is strongly recommend for anyone who wants further understanding of the plan... and especially on the PPBS (Planning, Programing and Budgeting System). Her PsyWar Packet, along with Steven Jacobson's audio tape on "Mind Control in America" are indispensable research tools.

For liberty - for all of God's children in America and on earth... Jackie

TRANCEformation of America

A report by Maureen Heaton on the Phillips-O'Brien book:


FROM: K.M. (Maureen) Heaton
c/o 1507 Lincoln Street
Bellingham, Washington [98226]

MayDay (MAYDAY!) 1998 AD. K.M. Heaton Reports on:
TRANCEformation of America by: Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien

(A letter to a friend, adapted for other friends)

I hope you will not be offended if I report to you that the book you left here, (TRANCEformation) is not what you think it is.   This is a very effective application of mind conditioning.   I do not have time to go into detail, but will give you the essence of what brings me to that conclusion.   If you need further proof, please go back through my PsyWar Packet and the tape on mind conditioning by Steven Jacobson ("MIND CONTROL IN AMERICA").   That tape is an accurate report, very much to the point, and still available.   You could recommend Steven's tape to anyone you know who believes the self- identified premise of Phillips and O'Brien as put forth in "TRANCEformation" (ToA).

The essence of this book is the embodiment of Erica Carle's statement which I cited on page 217 of The Impossible Dream:

"Sex is the ultimate weapon in people-taming and people control. When sex can be established as a constant in the mind.. As the dominant idea... the mind can be incapacitated. The emotions destroyed, personal identity, individuality, family life, maternal and paternal feelings, all eroded. All else can be forgotten or regarded as unimportant, when the mind is captured by the dominant idea of sex."

     In fact, I recommend that you read (study!) all the chapters in The Impossible Dream on mind control and sex - pages 103 -140, and 211-226, and Chapter 71.

     Now, it is not only the fact that just about every page of TRANCEformation is loaded with descriptors of erotic sex - I have never seen any affirmation of the basic premise underlying this material that a deprogrammed multipersonality would remember in detail the degradations they suffered while under the influence of MPD.   There might be flashes, but fleshing them out in such minute explicit manner, including precise wording (even in code!) is not supported by any of the myriad tomes I have studied.

     When you know the secrecy which surrounds the activities of the intelligence arms of the fed, can you really accept the use of even the most "conditioned" slave in such critical situations as are described in ToA?

     Do you really believe that these two could be running around telling their story, if it were not the expressed will of their "owners" that they be doing just that? If that will exists (and I believe it does), given the publicly known activities of the CIA et al, what purpose is being served by this book?

     This is not a comprehensive review of the faults I find with this purported "expose" of "government" tyranny, but it should be enough to at least make you question your acceptance of its credibility, and perhaps encourage you to join me in decrying the incessant recitation of horrors, which is the daily fare of Americans today, both through the strategies of The Politics of Change, and through the well intentioned reports of patriots who share the subsurface, otherwise unreported, information they gather through diligent research.

     While there is still an opening to take offensive action, as is offered in the Bluebook on The Way To Win, it would seem the better part of wisdom to use it.

     TRANCEformation was copyrighted in 1995, three years after Paula Jones raised her unattractive head, and recited her "grievance" against Billy-Jeff.  I have to tell you, I have puzzled over that incident more than anything which has emerged since the PPBS. Given his charm, and inclinations, why in the world would Billy-Jeff pick HER out of the crowd to be the recipient of his favors?   Given that he did, is it believable that he would use such a crude way to get to her?   In all my years, I have never come across anything more unlikely than that even a less- than-perfect stranger would say "Yes, Master" to such a suggestion, presented as she reports it was!

     While not a devotee of pornography, I have from time to time taken a peek at books which should not have been on the open shelves of the library, to affirm or disprove rumors about what was there.  Some have been pretty raunchy, but this kind of gratification was most notable by its absence.  Could Paula have been selected to bring it to the forefront?  If that answer is "yes", then the question is "WHY?".

     If, as the apparent general opinion seems to indicate, it was to show Billy-Jeff as the lecher he is, it would seem that an attempt to disrobe Paula would have been more productive, as well as lasciviously provocative.

     But suppose the long range plan had a more vital purpose.   Suppose it was to give some measure of credibility to publishing a book aimed at those hated "rightwing conspirators", in order to direct their thoughts into a condition receptive of such a book as this, immobilizing their ability to discern the distraction, and thus creating a situation which would inhibit their taking the offensive action so vitally needed at this critical stage?

That you not decide that I am just playing games with words, I ask you to tell me...

what purpose does this book serve in meeting the challenge of destruction of everything of value which has grown in honorable American soil?

     The last chapter of TRANCEformation presents an almost endless list of individuals and organizations to which the authors say they presented "corroborated, detailed testimony", which was "hand-delivered by a Congressman" (to ALL those?).   Did YOU read that list?

     If it were YOUR life at stake, would THOSE be the people YOU would select from whom to seek help?   I never heard of any congressman who would have had the time to "hand-deliver" any such stack of someone else's troubles.   In fact, I never heard of one doing it to save his own skin.  The usual course is to put it in the Congressional Record, like Gallagher or McCarthy, or personally take it public.

     WHO corroborated their "testimony"?   That is not revealed.  This should be enough to make my case.   If it is not, perhaps you will look deeper into "mind control" strategies, and make a case for yourself.  Do not take too long, as the World Express is moving on inexorably!


(signature of Maureen Heaton)

Steven Jacobson: MCIA Media, P.O. Box 15734, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27113. ph) 336-723-6535 (tape) $15.00 pp

Special from K.M. Heaton: The Way to Win + bumperstrip $4.50 pp

Combo: The Impossible Dream + The Way to Win - $15 pp

COMBO SPECIAL: Impossible Dream + Way to Win + "PsyWar" Packet - $22 pp

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