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The South Was Right

A couple of years ago I made a statement on Sweet Liberty: "We were all born into a lie." At the time I had no idea how profoundly accurate that statement was.

Abe LincolnIn school we learned that the Civil War was fought over the slavery issue. Abraham Lincoln was a "hero" because he freed the slaves. Actually, as we discover, when he declared war on the southern states which decided to secede from the Union, old Abe violated the Constitution allegedly to "preserve the Union." The Civil War was in reality the War for Southern Independence - freedom from rigid economic controls by northern industrialists who influenced government - NOT an issue of slavery. Most importantly the War for Southern Independence expressed the inviolable right of the people to be self-governing. States which voluntarily "joined" the Union of States retained the power to withdraw if it was deemed necessary. Those who say otherwise are ignorant or liars.

The U.S. Congress, in compliance with Bill Clinton's edict, is now contemplating legislation which would make reparations to ancestors of slaves. Aside from the insanity of such an idea you will discover upon reading Alabama State Senator Davison's speech that if reparations were to be made they should be made to WASPs because our ancestors were slaves long before the Africans... and for much longer. Along with this ridiculous plan is a concerted push to ban the flag of the Confederate States of America... the southern flag.

We should keep in mind that the power elite which is orchestrating the present situation are progeny of the same elite which set into motion the events which promulgated the war. Southerners did not want war. Hired professional agitators manipulated the unsophisticated who were uneducated in the ways of propaganda. When the war started - as was expected - able bodied men, both black and white, took up arms to defend their homes and homeland.

Our intent in presenting information is not to create diversionary issues. Talk of reparations to ancestors of African slaves and the present emphasis on removing all traces of the Confederate flag is merely another tactic to reinvent history, to obliterate the truth and create hatred between races. Hopefully, as we discover how we were maneuvered into the existing chaos we'll give up the lies... let go our belief in the invincible power of a handful of godless lunatics and begin reclaiming our Heritage as children of our Father / Creator.

The articles and links on this page are a beginning for those of us who have believed the lies we were told in school. A WORD OF CAUTION: Most often the extremely well-organized opposition to a situation is created and controlled by the very perpetrators of the situation -- Controlled Opposition ...Wolves In Sheep's Clothing. Some of  the web sites set up to oppose the payment of reparations and the abolition of the confederate flag may be just that. Your intuitive ability to discern (Holy Spirit) along with research and knowledge on any given subject must be your guide.

Jackie Patru


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