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They were just following orders.....

The following is excerpted from an article titled "Camelot Revisited" published in the Southern Baptist Lifeway Publication, Spring, 2000. The gist of the article was violence among our youth; children killing children, etc. Parents... what type movies, videos, etc. do your children watch? What are the lyrics behind the music lyrics possibly unintelligible to the conscious mind programming them to accept? Please read the following and consider seriously that the students involved with the experiment could be our (your) own, unless we pay very close attention. Please don't take this lightly.



" Psychologist Stanley Milgram, in his book Obedience to Authority, describes a mock experiment he conducted at Yale University in the 1960s. A group of volunteers participated in a study to test the effects of punishment on learning.

They stood in front of an imposing device labeled Shock Generator. They strapped a man into what looked like an electric chair. The researchers told the students to read a list of questions to the man and to administer an increasing level of electric shock for each wrong answer.

The students didn't know that the "shock generator" was a dummy and the man strapped in the chair was an actor.

The actor consistently gave wrong answers and contorted in feigned pain when the students administered what they thought were increasing levels of shock. One after the other, they pressed the shock buttons despite the screams of the actor in the phony electric chair.

When interviewed, the students stated they opposed hurting innocent people. Yet, they did it. An authoritative figure told them to do it.

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