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Pittsburg Post-Gazzette Front

When this happened in Pittsburgh in '96 or '97, the people in Pittsburgh raised such a stink the troops packed up and went to a city where the people didn't care.  Can't remember where they went.... but they LEFT Pittsburgh the following day.  Radio talk show hosts were yelling, people came out in hordes.  We have the newspaper clippings.  Thanks to Griff for the one above. You can read the headlines of this article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; June 5, 1996 re: Army War Games in Pittsburg. "The 'urban environment' exercises have been performed in other cities but never with so much negative reaction as in Pittsburgh, the Army concedes" The fact of the matter is: the people in Pittsburgh ran their urban-exercised-butts out of town. What's going to happen in Atlanta? Lay down and let them roll over you? or get out in force... on radio talk shows, letters to the editors, demonstrations, etc. Someone in Georgia might want to go through the papers' archives for the write-ups on this.

So.... if the people in Atlanta sit back and let the marines invade.... the marines will invade. They have to practice in Atlanta before their stint in the Mediterranean?  What's up in the Mediterranean that the U.S. Marines the Paid Mercenary Globo-Cops have to practice Urban Warfare in a largely populated city in a once-autonomous state sovereign nation, actually in these united states of Amerika?

As one trained seal put it: "This is training your Marines. You could never afford to pay for this type of training."  

Whose Marines?  The United Nations Global Corporation we guess.

Marines to Invade Atlanta for Training

By D.L. Bennett , Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Marines landing in Atlanta. Helicopters hovering overhead at night. Assaults on buildings. Gunfire.  It sounds like the worst case scenario for conspiracy theorists who fear the Federal government's coming to take their guns. But that's not what's happening, though it may look like that.

Instead, the Marine Corps will be doing urban assault training in and around Atlanta for the next two weeks before heading to the Mediterranean for a six-month deployment.

They did similar training here eight years ago.

"To the everyday Atlantan, the operation will be relatively transparent," said 2nd Lt. Mikal Rasheed, a Marine Corps public affairs officer. "What they may see are a few helicopters."

The unit coming here is the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit based out of  Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. About 600 Marines will be stationed at Dobbins Air Reserve Base/Naval Air Station Atlanta in Smyrna from  Monday through Aug. 27.

Major training exercises are planned for Tuesday, Saturday and Aug. 22   and 26. Those exercises will use both air and ground troops to simulate situations Marines might face in the Mediterranean.

The practice sessions will include simulated ammunition. The noisiest, and most noticeable part of the training, will be a complement of 15 helicopters, including massive Cobra gunships and dual-propeller CH-46 troop transports.

The helicopters will be used in the exercises, but also will fly throughout the two-week span on separate missions. About 150 landing zones between Atlanta and Rome have been identified and may be used, officials said.

The Marines are not releasing the dates and times to prevent gawkers from assembling. Property owners close to selected locations will be  notified two to four hours in advance. Owners of sites used have agreed to let the Marines use their land free. "As long as people know what is going on they are great," said Lt. Col. Jim Harper, who's coordinating the training exercises. "This is training your Marines. You could never afford to pay for this type of training."

Similar events have been held through the Southeast at major cities since 1985. The Marines typically do three a year.  Harper said so far there have not been any major incidents or property damage involving civilians. The unit coming to Atlanta is one of seven similar units

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