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What’s Up with the
John Birch Society?

Following are comments about an article which appeared in The New American telling readers they must pay their income taxes, etc. After the comments you'll read my personal experiences with JBS and excerpts from a paper to the leadership of JBS, by Don Fotheringham, called TANGENTS. It pretty well sums up exactly WHAT THE JBS IS UP TO.
This was prepared for the Internet last year.  Never got around to putting it out. Here it is now.

Jackie 4-19-98


Date: 02-12-97

From: MilitiaNet


I feel like the kid who tried to save the dike there in Holland. To have inter- and intra- fighting among Conservatives is, I think, a travesty. We have to come together some how, especially now with all that's going for us.

Take OK City, we all know that the BATF's WERE ALL OUT OF THE OFFICE AND LEFT THE LITTLE KIDDIES TO BE KILLED! But just about EVERYONE will soon know... Sen. Key in OK will prob soon get his day in court and the Feds' mischief will be exposed. *

Yes, I agree that the New American article was stupid, to say the least. I cannot believe that John McManus actually saw it. NOTE -- I am not a member of the JBS, but I was years ago, do believe they are generally the finest of citizens. I like the magazine, too, and most of its writers and advertisers.

I do not believe we should all forsake JBS and TNA because of this one article. To answer Dick's specific question re a CFR member being on JBS board, yes, there was one years ago (forget his name at the moment). But he was deposed rather quickly (could have been quicker, far as I concerned). But I do believe 99.9 pct of Birchers are in the forefront of the battle for this country. By copy of this, if I can locate their address, I am asking J. McManus to respond regarding the silly article that is the cause of all this distrust... cheese, let's rally round the flag boys!

[* Isn't it a shame?  Representative Charles Key risked everything... his reputation, his personal finances, his elected office and most importantly his very life to expose the truth about the real perpetrators of the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building.  His reward:  He was "voted out of office".  Another demonstration of the need to forego voting machines.  Return to paper ballots which are dropped into clear plastic ballot boxes; counted, announced and posted at the precinct in the presence of many Citizen watch dogs to ensure a FAIR VOTE.  Not electronic machines with open modems which can change the vote as it is being cast. - j]

From: freeking@hub.ofthe.net (R. King)

Date: 02-12-97

Dear Mr. Gorman,

Regarding the John Birch Society's redefinition of PATRIOTS in [the article] PATRIOTS BEWARE, The New American, 2-17-97.

If what I am hearing is true about the JBS I am sure I am quitting. I won't let a group think for me. I will devote my time to getting Lydia Acuff and Daniel Abeyta and the Bennetts and others out too.... like the Gists in Midland. I will probably send a registered letter requesting all records of my affiliation be destroyed.

If later I find I am still in your computers I will sue. I have already stated to you before in person that I am increasingly uncomfortable with the nonaccountability of the finances of the Birchers as I do not want to give to a PTL type situation where I learn someday that John McManus has an air conditioned doghouse.

It is very sad to read in the "Patriot Beware" article from the Feb 17, 1997 New American that we should shut up and pay social security taxes. I have trouble with submitting to the ID number alone.

I also wonder about the statement that stockpiling food is not realistic. How did your Mormons take that one? And what makes it a JBS concern? Talk to a survivor of Nazi Germany IF the JBS will allow you to do it.

I know when Michael Gonzales was here to speak on immigration you said taking questions from the audience always gets the JBS in trouble and the video Braveheart was a little strong and might send out messages that the JBS didn't want out there so... I know you are under great restrictions and controls to your own free thinking. But sneak around and do it just for the thrill.

The writer states armed Militias should not be formed??????? When did the New American override the constitution? Your writer doesn't even know what a militia is. That is actually quite scary. Why not just put Morris Dees on staff.

And I want an answer to this, "Is there now or has there ever been a CFR member on staff or the board of directors of the JBS.?" Do you know this article confuses (I think deliberately) the Republic of Texas people with Patriots!!!!! They renounced their citizenship! They left America! How can they be confused with Patriots!!

This to me is the most idiotic and telling part of the whole article! It is like saying the Black Panthers or the Aryan Nations are patriots. How dare you people even hint at such a thing. Does Dan Rather ghostwrite this stuff?

NOTICE: Your author quoted as fact... propaganda of Mr. McLaren’s that "militia groups around the state have allied themselves to the Republic of Texas lately. This "fact" is based on one thing... a statement by McLaren... WOW!!! WHAT A SOURCE.

I know this to be untrue and a simple phone call to the 7th Light Infantry, or Amarillo’s Black Regiment or the Texas Constitutional Militia, or the Volunteer Texas Reserve or at least a dozen other militias would have found exactly the opposite to be true.

The majority of Republic of Texas types aren't even supporting McKlaren. There are about 6 people actually willing to defend McKlaren as any government officer currently spying on the Ft. Davis group can tell you. Now JBS is participating in a nationwide disinformation project. Isn't it ironic?

Do you know this article says civil disobedience is wrong? What should Ghandi and Martin Luther King, the students in Tiannamen Square and Rosa Parks do?

You already came out against arms.

What legislative process has the JBS formulated to show opposition to the federal income tax? What exactly have they accomplished since Congressman McDonald was shot down? Is it possible that the "Common Law Courts" cited in the article are not representative of all common law courts? Your writer did not do adequate research.

Note to JBS: If you live by gross generalizations you will die by them. You are guilty of doing the same to others that has been done to you. I don't want your author to tell me how stupid Eugene Schroeder is... prove he is wrong. The President CAN and DOES operate outside the Constitution. He can do so at will. Please prove me wrong. I thought everyone knew this.

[Note to Richard: Gene Schroeder has admitted to me on several occasions – one in public at an event in Philly -- that the Constitution is NOT suspended. How could the document that lays out the authority for all three branches of government give authority that it - the authorizing document itself - could be ‘suspended’? Totally illogical. Schroeder also admitted that un- (non)Constitutional Laws are not law; and further, he admitted publicly that if enough Americans and State legislators knew that fact and rejected the non-laws by declaring the supremacy of the Constitution it wouldn't matter if Congress repealed the Emergency Banking Relief and Trading With The Enemy Act or not, because it was unconstitutional, therefore, null and void at its inception.

[After talking, preaching and teaching about the "War Powers Act" for several years now, he admitted a few months ago on Norm Resnik's show when challenged by another guest that there is "no such thing as the War Powers Act". I was shocked - but there you are. This is not insinuating that Schroeder’s research is flawed. The documents he presents prove themselves. It’s Schroeder’s presentations of the facts that mislead.

[The President is only operating outside the Constitution because nobody is stopping him. It's as simple as that. They call it PRECEDENCE. - jp- CDR]

When your writer says an informed electorate is the answer... isn't he really saying shut up and let us educate you to the Birch way of doing things? Clinton, and Rush and Newtie are proof you ain't educating at a rate that is going to do any good. You guys are just trying to ride the fence... men with testicles have trouble with that position. I will ALWAYS question EVERYONE ........ whether in church, education, government, militias, or anywhere... and those who want to take that right from me are my enemy.

Sincerely, Richard H. King Lubbock, TX


The following is from Jackie Patru

I wish to add my two – or twenty - cents worth to Richard's post re: The John Birch Society. I've been ticking so many people off lately, I may as well stay on my roll. This is info I've sat on for a couple of years because of the great friends we've made who ARE members of the JBS. However, as close as the Internationalist lunatics appear to be to full implementation of Our Global Neighborhood, I'll once again take the risks and hope a few out here really want the truth.

It DOES speak for itself, doesn't it? – the TRUTH. And we're told the TRUTH WILL make us free. I wish also to have it clear that there are certain writers for The New American whose work I admire. Two of them are Will Griggs and Bill Jasper. I am not nor never will be a member of JBS and have recommended TNA to many people for its important articles. I won't do that again. I made that determination with their article on Vote Fraud. In short, the article claimed that there is no vote fraud. What a shame.

Don Fotheringham first called me in '94 asking if the CDR was, as he had heard, the organization out front in promotion of the 10th Amendment Resolution. I told him we don't take credit for other people's work and thousands of people are working in their States to get the resolution passed. He pressed for further info regarding our "out front" activities. I informed him that we were promoting it and somewhat coordinating the effort with our updates and the "10th Res" doc. packet we were mailing out, etc. and then asked what I could do for him. Would he like an update?

No, he said, he just wanted to "verify" the info because "credit should be given where credit is due". Right! Did any JBS member ever hear from leadership that any group, groups, or thousands of people, were promoting the resolution? Of course not. I wondered later if he was "making a list and checking it twice".

Don Fotheringham called me again in mid '95 asking for the name of our friend who got into the Council or State Governments’ secret COS strategy meeting held in Florida in April '95. I declined. During that conversation I asked Fotheringham how he happened to end up in an hour and a half "private" meeting with Utah Governor Michael Leavitt - puppet sponsor of the COS - sometime in March, '95.

Don said he happened to be in Salt Lake City speaking to a group and Leavitt invited him to a meeting. Why private? It was the only way Don would meet with the Gov. There was some "evil" man there (can't remember the name) that Don didn't want to be in on the meeting. What was discussed in the meeting? Don gave me a two-minute song and dance which I was supposed to believe covered a 90 minute meeting.

I took the opportunity to discuss my own concerns about the JBS Leadership, referring to several pages of bio's we received on some of the earliest JBS leaders - chosen by Robert Welch. MANY of them were 32nd and 33rd degree Masons, CFR members, and affiliates of other dubious organizations. Don's answer to that was that Welch wanted the brightest and the best in leadership positions in the JBS so that was why he chose CFR members. The brightest and the best were members of the CFR according to Fotheringham (according to Welch).

Fotheringham made no apology. I said I've heard, but have no proof, that Welch himself was a 33rd. Don said, "I've heard that too" and didn't deny it. I asked what he (Don) would do if we discovered irrefutable evidence that Welch WAS A 33rd. Don said it wouldn't matter to him because he knew, "Bob's commitment to his work". His "work". Think about that.

Re: Congressman McDonald's plight, I mentioned a report I received from a team (two) of independent investigators. They claimed to find no evidence of a "crash" where KAL 007 went down and believed the plane had made a safe belly-landing and that all the passengers, including Mr. McDonald, could still be alive. They submitted it to Jesse Helm's office. Helm's turned it over to a couple of his aides and the aides reported back to Helm's that they believed the evidence presented warranted a U.S. Senate Investigation. Helm's never touched it.

Don Fotheringham was aware of that report and further informed me that Helms was scheduled on the same flight with McDonald. At the last minute, Helms switched to another flight.?? The possibility is that Congressman McDonald was becoming a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to the global guys and gals and their pawns and puppets. Congressman McDonald was put out of commission - either killed on KAL 007, or held prisoner in the Soviet Union - our new NATO friend, or maybe given a new identity. Who the heck knows?

Helms is lauded by JBS as the "great conservative Senator". Helms is also a member of the CNP (Council for National Policy) and a 33rd degree Mason.

As a side note: Congressman McDonald’s widow is - or was last time I looked - a member of the Council for National Policy. ?

In '93, when CDR was quite brand-new, we acquired a friend (networker) in Indiana who was a lifetime and very loyal JBS member. He - Ron - was also working with us, fighting the Con-Con in 12 States simultaneously. One of the JBS regional (or whatever its called) leaders informed Ron that: according to JBS rules and regulations:

1) You are not to get involved in politics outside of your own State.

2) You are not to be getting information from any source other than "The Society".

3) If you don't stop networking with the CDR we will revoke your membership.

Ron didn't obey. The Society DID revoke his membership. They eventually approached him suggesting that they had been a bit rash and offered to reinstate his membership in "The Society". He told them to take a flying leap.

During the conversation with Don (in April, '95) I was nearly begging him to have the JBS expose Regionalism. He said "We've done that. Gary Alan wrote a tract in the ‘70s and we used to sell Jo Hindman's books". I said that was then, this is now and JBS could do it with all of their members and readers of New American. He said they will be working to expose Regionalism soon but "It's such a convoluted subject we need to make sure we have our ducks in a row". That was in 1995.

Meantime, read your newspaper accounts of the dismantling of our local, county and State governments via Regionalism - very much especially in Wisconsin, the home of JBS main offices. Also see our Issues Section on Regional Government.

Basically, Fotheringham's brag was "We were the first to sound the warning bell" on Regionalism. I've since been told by several former JBS members who had "seen the light" and quit the club, that the only reason JBS carried Jo Hindman’s books was that their members more or less forced them into it. I understand the books were not publicized - they were just there in case someone asked.

Toward the end of the conversation, after our friendly chit-chat, Fotheringham asked for the names of our (CDR) networker contacts - "not ALL of them, just the ones you feel are the most intelligent and effective". Why? "Because they deserve to be acknowledged. Credit should be given where credit is due" I think he had forgotten he used that one on me the year before. I declined. Has anyone ever seen the JBS give anyone or any organization any credit for anything? other than the JBS?

According to a bulletin sent to members by Fotheringham, The Society was solely responsible for stopping the Conference of the States. Many of their members believe that today. Then, there WAS the article in The New American regarding vote fraud - before they covered Dornan's situation - suggesting that our ballot process is in good shape and we shouldn't be so worried about VoteScam. That's broad paraphrasing on my part. It does make sense now though, in view of the fact that a large part of their "activity" is the TRIM bulletin exposing Congressional voting records and electing "honest" congress men and women who will clean up our Government. Talk about "silencing the outcry" !!

I heard McMannus on a talk show one day while driving through St. Louis. He was lauding Jesse Helms as a great American conservative. I called in and suggested McMannus was misleading the listening audience because Helms is a traitor. He voted for the "Authorization for the Establishment of an International Criminal Court". McMannus answered, "I didn't say he was perfect, Ma’am." I then asked him to explain, if he could, Jesse Helms sponsoring SJRes 82 in '95 asking the delegates to call for a Con-Con at the planned Conference of States in Philadelphia in October. McMannus said he wasn't sure "why Jesse did that", but he should probably talk to Helms about it.

Here's another interesting item on S J Res 82. Same church, different pew - In an excellent report opposing the C.O.S. - after the battle had been pretty well won by our side - Phyllis Schlafly mentioned SJRes 82 but never mentioned Jesse Helms as a co-sponsor. In the article it simply stated SJRes 82 was sponsored by Colorado U.S. Senator Hank Brown. I would guess that omission was to keep the truth about Helms from as many people as possible.

Speaking of questionable conservative leaders, Charlotte Iserbyt recently told us that Schlafly was in Geneva during the signing of the US-USSR agreements between Reagan & Gorbachev (mid '80s) merging our educational curricula with Communist USSR, although Schlafly denied knowing anything about it. She just happened to be in Geneva – at the same time – on another matter.

Another "conservative" TRAITOR to America, Ronald Reagan, is quoted as saying he could never have accomplished what he did without the help of Eagle Forum. See Betty Mills’ Open Letter to Eagle Forum Members.

Back to Helms. Jesse Helms recently had an article in Foreign Affairs stating that we shouldn't get rid of the U.N. just yet. We should give them a chance to "reform". Yes oh Yes, let's follow some more "conservatives" over the cliff. Helms is a 33rd degree Mason and has "praised" Madeline Albright to high heaven. We also have a newspaper article that Helms received a contribution from Henry Kissinger during the last election. Helms also voted for the Genocide Treaty "with reservations", which means diddley squat and Helms knew that.

I've always wondered why The Society so ardently promotes Helms. The writer who suggested that we "conservatives" should stick together is right on as far as I'm concerned. However, how do we determine who the real conservatives are? We do know that there are many who call themselves conservative and whose actions belie the assertions. All that glitters ain't necessarily gold. As for me, I’m not sticking with anyone who’s misleading and outright lying to people.

I stand with Richard H. King of Lubbock, Texas..... "I will ALWAYS question EVERYONE.... whether in church, education, government, militias, or anywhere...... and those who want to take that right from me are my enemy"

Geeze, have we all forgotten how exquisitely the planners of Our Global Neighborhood use the Hegelian Dialectic? Anatoly Golitsyn gave us good advice when he said of the enemy's strategy:

"Don't presume that where there is argument there is necessarily division. Watch carefully for unity of action behind the disunity of words."

If we must label ourselves it seems today we should find a new "label" other than "conservative". That word no longer has a clear meaning. I also believe that 99.9% of JBS members are true blue Americans and committed to saving our nation. It's just that those who obey The Society's rules are rendered quite impotent by their restrictions: i.e.,

In a paper written by Don Fotheringham (no date) titled "Tangents" (in the bottom right corner it says "Leadership in the John Birch Society") Fotheringham states The Society's principles are: (In short - paraphrased)

Our national problem is ignorance which is desired by a powerful Conspiracy so we must expose the Conspiracy by informing Americans;

then organize the informed Americans to "bear down on the U.S. House of Representatives";

then restore U.S. Senatorial role as legislative check on the House;

then the Congress will strip the Courts and executive branch of unauthorized powers and then....


Oh, Yes, of course. Just like that!

Fotheringham stated in whole -

"These are the steps that will keep us on course. We must not be enticed to follow any programs that do not adhere to this wise and proven procedure, no matter how compelling or interesting they may be".

(Just as in the case of dozens of other Conservative Organizations which have been around for years, have millions of members / followers, and hundreds of millions of $$$ - thirty, forty years later - here we are on the brink of the black hole. Just what is the mysterious "wise and proven procedure"? And does ANYONE know what goes on in the CNP ( Council for National Policy ) meetings where all of these elite meet to eat along with the likes of Paul Weyrich, Howard Phillips, Larry Pratt and Phyllis Schlafly? and Jesse Helms?

Fotheringham also stated -

"We in the JBS do not oppose taxation; we oppose government's unconstitutional use and waste of billions in tax dollars... " "It must be understood that refusal to pay taxes will not defund and defeat the Conspiracy..." "..this great evil can and will be stopped when greater effort and support are given to our national TRIM offensive.."

Oh, m'gawd. How could we all have been so blind? Here’s another classic:

"Just as refusal to pay taxes tends to compound, rather than remedy the tax problem, denial of one's national citizenship can lead only to a personal and national dead end."

What Fotheringham said The Society does NOT condone... Activities in which JBS members should NOT take part:

1) Efforts to Abolish the Federal Reserve,

2) Jury Nullification,

3) Picketing, Public Protests and Confrontation ("these are tactics of the left");

4) Politics;

5) The License-free Lifestyle (makes JBS members look like fools);

6) Assorted Survivalist Movements because "... employees of our federal government and most politicians are NOT THE ENEMY " ) [emphasis added]

7) The Militia Movement -

" This is an organized effort to establish a militia in each state that is independent of the National Guard and the federal government."

" Any newly organized militia would, of course, be a renegade operation trying to marshal citizens into a network of privately run armies."

" The proper role of the militia and federal authority over it is made clear in the Constitution. Congress has the power 'To provide for calling forth the militia..."

" Please note that CONGRESS has authority over the militia. That power is legal, just, and proper."

8) The Imminent Invasion Panic - The Society's position on this subject, Fotheringham claims, is: the talk about UN troops, black helicopters, combat equipment on U.S. borders, preparation of concentration camps on U.S. soil and foreign military encampments in remote areas in the nation is a "diversionary doozie" they suspect has "been invented by the Conspiracy."

"Those who hold fears about an invasion do not understand the enemy, his nature or his tactics"

Has Fotheringham read the recent headlines...

"UN chief rules out takeover" "Some members of Congress feared a U.N. takeover of the United States, Kofi Annan said in an interview."

Quoting Annan, "As I said, we don't have the means to take the U.S. and even if we DID take it I WASN'T SURE WE COULD HOLD IT..."

9) Re: Posse Comitatus: Forget it. It's "an implicit repudiation of the beliefs, principles, and strategy of The John Birch Society"

"The continuing successes of the John Birch Society, as measured by our organization, membership, leadership, magazines, books, and legislative and educational victories, should provide adequate evidence that our programs and strategy are sound and contain the basis for saving America."

In closing: Fotheringham made a profound statement in the beginning of this ' Do's and Don'ts for the JBS members ' ....

"The enemy has an intense desire to be misunderstood. He is highly skilled in the art of deception and is the foremost organizer of worthless causes and futile pursuits. Those who know something is terribly wrong, but who do not know about the Conspiracy, are likely to fall for one of the enemy's noble-sounding diversions. He employs the energy of his opponents (much like judo) to throw opponents off course and out of the way. He finds no need to confront them directly, for he is highly adept at leading them on worthless tangents."

Yes, oh yes. Get those TRIM bulletins out, guys, and stay away from all those other "useless activities".

Would anybody argue with Fotheringham's assessment of the global elite and their strategy? Controlled opposition is what Fotheringham is talking about, and it appears that the John Birch Society is one of the greatest examples. Many people believe because the JBS – and the other phony conservatives – talk against the plan for One World Government that they are necessarily opposed to it.

Now - it is for us to discern just who the hell the enemy is - yes? For Truth and Liberty - Jackie Patru - CDR

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