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Germany and England

by Nesta Webster

Chapter VIII


     Such then is the position in Europe to-day. No people of any country wish for war except Bolsheviks and Jews.      

     The Germans do not want to fight the French nor the French the Germans, the true people of England do not want to fight either. Never, probably, throughout the last fifty years has there been so little animosity between the peoples of Europe. Yet never has war been prepared on so gigantic a scale. In every country the extraordinary spectacle is seen of the human race digging itself in as in a vast rabbit warren, for refuge against each others’ bombs in the war we are being led to believe is inevitable.

     How different is the atmosphere in our country to that which prevailed in 1914! Then, amidst all the grief and tragedy, there gleamed the glorious spirit of patriotism, of ardent desire on the part of all who stood for England to do their bit in the great conflict.

     And in the hearts of the men who went out to fight there was no puerile hatred of the enemy, but burning love of country; even when the Germans were marching towards our shores the difficulty was to prevent fraternizing between the trenches, and “Fritz” was declared to be “not such a bad fellow after all.”  Everyone laughed at the Punch cartoon of the German family having their “morning hate” against England.

     Yet now when -- as every traveler from Germany has related-- the Germans have shown nothing but friendship for our country, it is the British family reading its morning paper at the breakfast table that foams at the mouth with hate against the “Dictators,” and gentle old ladies clench impotent fists over the preposterous pages of “I Knew Hitler.” Have we lost our national sense of humour?

     Moreover, in the preparations for war how different is the spirit shown by the authorities to that of 1914. Then everything was done to allay panic, scaremongers were sternly rebuked, and the public was spared as much suffering as possible. But before and during the recent crisis and still at the present moment, the nation has been deliberately worked up into a state of “jitters,” its flesh has been made to creep with the ghastly possibilities that lay before it.

     Again, in the matter of air-raid shelters, of the evacuation of London and the billeting arrangements, orders were issued with the harshness of a Prussian drill sergeant – more than this, with a sort of gloating malevolence as if satisfaction was felt in official quarters at the power to inflict as much inconvenience and misery as possible on the British people.

     Trenches which have the appearance of veritable death traps were dug in London’s loveliest gardens without even the courtesy of notifying the owners, whilst in the matter of billeting, enough indignation has been aroused for it to be unnecessary to enlarge on here.*

*See Appendix III p. 35

     And in reply to the very natural protests of the public at the invasion of their homes, a Conservative Home Secretary announced in the House of Commons that he had answered “as brutally as he could.”

Daily Telegraph and Morning Post, for 4 November, 1938.

     What is the explanation of this malignant spirit in our once free and kindly land? Where is the England we loved, the paternal government to which we had become accustomed? Is this the democracy we are told to fight for? Is this a foretaste of what we shall have to offer if war bursts on the world and a free hand is given to those who will be able to tyrrannise over us?

     Let us look facts in the face and realise what is at the back of this change in the spirit of our country:

     England of 1938 is not the England of 1914 because she is no longer controlled by Britons. Ever since the war the Jewish power has been growing.

     It was this that brought about the League for creating discord between the Nations, that set up the Soviet regime for carrying out the same process between the classes.

     It was this which up in 1933 tried to turn us against France and since then against Germany and that is now destroying the peace of the world.

     It is this again which, working on the spirit of our nation, has made the change in it that we see to-day. In 1914 love and courage; in 1938 hate and fear.

     Hatred is a soil on which nothing fruitful can grow, hatred is sterile; it may help to win wars but only wars waged from love of country can bring permanent blessing to a nation. Britons in the past have not been easily worked up to hate, but this insane hatred of two men, Mussolini and Hitler, is being instilled in them by the Jews and those who benefit by them, and acting like a poison in the life blood of our people.

     Germany is under a visible anti-Jewish dictatorship.  We are under an invisible Jewish dictatorship, but a dictatorship that can be felt in every sphere of life, for no-one can escape from it.

     Already the Jews can make or break the career of any man as they please. Once war broke out we cannot doubt that they would be found in every key position and would hold us at their mercy. Then the real purpose of the world war will become apparent. As long as the Jews do not hold Germany they can never realise their final aim – world domination. Therefore Hitler must be overthrown and the Jewish power restored.

     It is idle to say that this vast ambition has been falsely attributed to the Jewish race. The dream of a Messianic era when they shall rule the world runs all through their “sacred” writings. Thus in its article on the Messiah, the Jewish Encyclopaedia says:

“In the rabbinical apocalyptic literature the conception of an earthly Messiah is the prevailing one, and from the end of the first century of the common (i.e. Christian) era it is also the one officially adopted by Judaism. . .

His mission is, in all essential respects, the same as the apocalypses of the older period; he is to free Israel from the power of the heathen world, kill its ruler and destroy its hosts, and set up his own kingdom of peace.”

     The peace of death for all the Gentile world!

     That this is still the plan of modern Judaism was confirmed to me in a conversation I once had with a young Jew who asked me for an interview. He said:

“I come to you to thank you for what you have written. Do not suppose I come as an anti-Semite since I am a Jew in the marrow of my bones. But in studying the question of Pan-Judaism I came across your books, and they explained to me much that I had never understood before.

You are perfectly right in saying the Jews desire world domination, all my life I have heard them speak of it. And I am afraid, yes, I am afraid they will attain it. But that can be only for a moment.

The nations of the world will not be able to bear so intolerable a tyranny and they will rise, they will rise and there will be the greatest pogrom the world has ever seen. That is why I come to thank you, for in warning the world of this plan you may help to avert its execution and so save my people from the terrible fate that awaits them.”

     Those friends of the Jews who encourage them in their thirst for power are thus their cruelest enemies.

     How often has this prophesy recurred to me during the recent crisis! The Jewish power grows steadily in the West – in England, France and the United States, but in the East, the tide of anti-Semitism is rising everywhere. It covers nearly all Eastern Europe with the exception of Soviet Russia where it is kept down by force. Owing to events in Palestine the Moslem world is seething with it, and its repercussion reaches to far Japan.

     Even amidst the pro-Semite bloc of the West it has numerous and vocal supporters. In England it is strongest among the working classes who have nothing to gain by seeking favour with the Jews.

     The present movement, moreover, is not unprecedented in this country for anti-Jewish riots took place at the coronation of Richard Cœur de Lion, and Edward I found it necessary to expel all the Jews from England.

     The Home Secretary has announced that he will prevent its recurrence by “stamping on anti-Semitism”; to do this will merely make it burst into flames. The function of Government is to prevent disorders; it cannot control opinions.

     What, by the way, has become of the safety valve theory so freely applied when it was a case of Communists in the Park insulting the Royal Family and preaching revolution? Apparently it does not operate when free speech on the Jewish question is concerned.

     We do not want to have pogroms or persecutions here, but if the British people are to see thousands of Jews pouring into their country to be given work or supported by charity whilst their own unemployed walk the streets; if Jewish children are taken in and given every advantage in feeding and education whilst the columns of our papers are filled with appeals for our own waifs and strays, for children’s holiday funds and homes for cripples, the British people will be more than human if they do not express their resentment in a forcible manner.

     The importation of the children from Red Spain was a sufficiently enlightening experiment, but they at least were segregated. We understand from the Press, however, that in preference to installing these Jewish children in camps or institutions reserved for them, they are as far as possible to be introduced into British schools and families and encouraged to associate with British children.

     Has it not been considered what harm, physical and moral, may be done to our own children through contact with these unknown aliens from the lowest quarters of foreign cities? Are they to be thrust indiscriminately into Christian households where they may infect the bodies or corrupt the minds of the coming generation?

     Is the boasted Christianity of England then all a sham if those who have been brought up outside it, or even to hate and despise it, are judged to be the right companions for Christian children? The sentimentalist will answer that Christian influences may win them over. Alas! evil is more contagious than good. Should our children be made the objects of so dangerous an experiment?

     Moreover nothing would be more objectionable to professing Jews themselves than that what they describe as “perversion” should be practised on Jewish children. The Jewish world, august 25th, 1927 stated that:

“To induce Jews to abandon the faith with which they are born is a form of hostility to our people, which if not anti-Semitic in intention (or perhaps in fact) is as hateful to us as the machinations of anti-Semitism in its most virulent form.” *

See also Appendix IV p. 36.

     The so-called “Jewish problem” could surely be solved in a safer and simpler way. The vast unpeopled spaces of Soviet Russia, under the government of pro-Semite rulers, could accommodate the whole Jewish race – Biro-Bijan has already been offered them – whilst the fabulous wealth of rich Jews all over the world could be used to settle them there.

     The surest way to promote anti-Semitism in Great Britain is to bring them over here; and the only way to check it is to prevent the inevitable clash which their presence in large numbers would bring about. Unless our politicians will face the Jewish question fairly and squarely, here and in Palestine, in a spirit of justice to the indigenous population of both countries and of firmness in dealing with the Jews, the people may take the law into their own hands with consequences that no one can foresee.

     Meanwhile the shadow of war hangs over England, a shadow that could be dispelled if the rulers of all countries would realise that it can end only in the ruin of civilisation. Failing this the one hope lies in attempting to open the eyes of the people, especially those of Great Britain, to the truth, so that they will refuse to be dragged into war at the bidding of an alien power. The British are slow to wrath but once they realise the nature of the tyranny to be imposed on them they will rise as one man to resist it.  

[end of book - Reminder. . . the book from which this was transcribed showed no publication date. It was apparently taken from a paper or newsletter Mrs. Nester published, titled "The Patriot". She alluded to the "England of 1938. . ." and also to a quote by Adolf Hitler in October 1938, so we are fixing the date of writing in late 1938 or early 1939.]

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