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Germany and England

by: Nesta Webster


Extract from letter of a Business Man in Swatow. (8th October, 1931)

. . . You will have heard of the anti-Japanese demonstrations recently in Hong Kong. I enclose cutting of a letter which the supineness of the H.K. Government inspired a member of this Community to address to the H. Kong Daily Press. It created some stir in the complacent Colonial dovecot.

The murder by 1,000 Chinese in the most brutal circumstances (brave fellows, armed with hatchets!) of a poor inoffensive Japanese and his family-- 6 in all -- led to the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders being summoned to the aid of the police, which was immediately effective and resulted in at least 100 Celestials “knowing another Dawn than ours,” though the official figure was a dozen!

I simply cannot help sympathising with the Japanese in this dispute with China over Manchuria and I hope they won’t climb down at the behest of the well-meaning village idiots (in this respect only, of course!) who live so comfortably in Geneva!

Extract from H. Kong Daily Press.

.. . . Imagine then the dismay and indignation of British subjects here when they read in their Hong Kong papers news of the anti-Japanese rioting in Hong Kong with its awful toll of butchered Japanese women and children. We could scarcely believe our eyes.

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