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Germany and England

by: Nesta Webster

Appendix II

In his speech of January 30, 1934, Hitler said:

“France fears for her security. No-one in Germany wishes to threaten her and we are ready to do anything in order to prove this to her.”

Again on March 7, 1936:

“Throughout three years, I have tried slowly but continuously to create the foundations of a Franco-German entente.”

On March 16, 1936:

“I have tried to show that the maintenance of the doctrine of the hereditary enemy is and must be unreasonable for the two peoples.”

And in the week of the recent crisis, on September 26, 1938:

“I have affirmed that the question of Alsace Lorraine no longer existed for us. We all of us do not wish for war with France. We have no claims to formulate with regard to France. Absolutely none!

All territorial differences which existed between France and Germany are eliminated.

I see no difference whatever between us. We are two great nations which both wish to work and live. And they will live better if they work together.”

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