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Germany and England

by: Nesta Webster

Appendix IV


     It is perhaps hardly realized in this country that Christianity is not merely unacceptable by orthodox Jews but actually abhorrent to them. The plan of placing Jewish children in Christian schools or homes would therefore be as objectionable to them as to us. A Rabbi in a long article contributed to the Jewish Chronicle of April 6, 1923, on the danger of allowing Jewish boys to enter British public schools observed:

“It is a sorrowful fact that, in this free England, Jewish parents, of their own accord, are allowing their children, Sunday after Sunday, to join in Christian prayers and inbibe Christian doctrine.”

However, he added later:

“I readily admit that a certain number of these children pass through the fire unscathed.”

     A Jewess writing to the same issue of this paper added her testimony by describing how a small Jewish boy after attending a Hebrew Kindergarten, was sent to a public school where he

“went to prayers with the other boys, but when he realised what was taking place he was so horrified that he repeated to himself the Shema.”

Next - Appendix 5 (we added)  -- The WORLD AT WAR again, just as Mrs. Nester predicted; just as it was planned before the end of World War I; and just as World War III was foretold by the planners to finalize 'their' plan for World Dominion (whomever 'they' are. . . they call themselves 'Jews'). Make no mistake about it: This IS NOT the plan of our Heavenly Father/Creator. 

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