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"Created in 1947 by George Kennan at the behest of Secretary George Marshall, the Policy Planning Staff (S/P) serves as a source of independent policy analysis and advice for the Secretary of State. The Director of Policy Planning has a rank equivalent to Assistant Secretary. S/P's primary responsibilities include formulation of long-term policies to achieve U.S. objectives; coordination of policy to promote the priorities of the Secretary of State; speech writing for the Secretary; and liaison with non-governmental organizations, "think tanks," and others for outside views on matters relevant to U.S. policy."

— The U.S. State Department web site

"We have many international organizations in which to advance our foreign policy. And one of those is the United Nations, which is so prominent in the news today."

— Kim R. Holmes, Assistant Secretary for International Organization Affairs
Remarks before the Baltimore Council on Foreign Affairs
World Trade Center, Baltimore, Maryland
Why the United Nations Matters to U.S. Foreign Policy
December 6, 2004

by Pieces --

The Role of Nongovernmental Organizations

A forward and commentary

by: Jackie Patru - February 2001

     Published in 1949, Peace by Pieces – The Role of Nongovernmental Organizations, is a bold admission of the intended use of NGOs to advance a thousands-of-years old political program of World Dominion, fueled by International Zionism. The nonchalance with which minions of the would-be world rulers detail this aspect of their plan to 'organize life on the planet' reveals an arrogance which does, indeed, boggle the mind of any sane person.

    By their own definition:  "the UN is an intergovernmental organization... an organization to which governments belong".  The UN is not a government, nor is it a nation.  The UN is a nongovernmental organization.  In light of that certainty, and contrary to propaganda we have been fed and have swallowed whole for the nearly sixty years since the U.S. signed on as a UN member nation -- October 24, 1945 -- a few details could use some clarification in our minds and in the minds of local and state elected officials:

1)  Our Constitution provides authority for the U.S. to enter into treaties with other nations (governments).  An organization, no matter what its builders call it, is just that and nothing more... an organization, whether non- or inter-governmental.  Do you like the fact that every 'war' fought by Americans since WWII has been fought under the auspices of -- and was called for by -- self-appointed experts in an organization the war-makers themselves established?  Oh, yes, they tell us it isn't war-making, it's peace-keeping.  The reason the 'conflicts' are not called war, but instead are called 'peacekeeping missions' -- according to Brian Merchant of the National Security Council (NSC) --  is because "under international law, peacekeeping is not defined as war".  That is a perfect example of newspeak, from Orwell's book, 1984, where WAR IS PEACE and SLAVERY IS FREEDOM.

2)  The U.S. is a dues-paying member of the United Nations Organization, which was foisted upon the people in America under the guise of a mutual pact by nations of the world to eliminate war. The American people did not vote to become members of the international non-governmental United Nations Organization.  In fact, the majority of appointed officials in the U.S. State Department who orchestrated our entry into the UN were later exposed as Communists.  Alger Hiss, the primary motivater of the scheme was later sent to prison as a Communist spy.

We've been led to believe the U.S. Senate ratified a "treaty" with the UN.  Even if they went through the motions of doing so, those motions do not make it a treaty, nor binding on the U.S.  A resolution passed by the U.S. Congress in the 1970's recognizing the UN as a sovereign nation does not make it so either.  One cannot make a silk purse from a sow's ear.  An organization is an organization, not a sovereign nation/government.  There is no treaty between the U.S. and the UN.  

3)  The UN was initially called the League of Nations.  WW I was orchestrated to establish the League, and there were not enough communists occupying positions of power in the U.S. Government to push it through under Woodrow Wilson (Wolfsohn).  Before the end of WWII, which was orchestrated for the same reason (and to establish the "homeland" in Israel for the non-Israelitish, non-Semitic, Khazarian "Jews", and to destroy Germany) the UN was  already being recognized as a world "power".  Franklin D. Rosevelt (Rosenfeld) dragged Americans into World War II; Harry Soloman Truman dragged us into the UN.  America has never been the same.  

     The creatures who established the UN did so to create a World Government so they could "organize life on the planet", and unless people of the world wake up soon; unless America withdraws from the UN we'll all be gobbled up and lost in their nightmare. Our children and their children will be -- in a very real sense -- the walking dead.  The creatures who established the UN to create a World Government are International money-lenders, who care nothing for any nation regardless where they were born.  In their fantasy, the world is their playground; we are their playthings.  

     Jesus kicked the money-lenders out of the temple, which in that time was akin to the world bank today.

     Adolf Hitler kicked the money-lenders out of Germany after they had crushed the economy and rendered its people destitute. The German people flourished under a State-owned, debt-free, non-gold-backed, monetary system.   For that reason, Germany had to be "utterly destroyed". Contrary to what most of us learned in our 'history' classes, England dropped the first bombs on Germany, which started WWII.  This is not a pro-Hitler statement.  It is a statement of fact.

     Sovereign states in America could do the same today as Adolf Hitler did then, since the U.S. Congress violated the Constitution when they committed treason by passing the Federal Reserve Act.  The sovereign states could establish a debt-free, non-gold-backed monetary system and free the slaves... that is, we... the people.

     Do you not find it astonishing that government leaders of the world bow and grovel in their rush to implement the mandates emanating from the UN Organization? How has this happened?  As the title of the article explains, it is PEACE by Pieces.

     The UN is called a 'peacekeeping' organization. Their primary instrument of peace is war, creating conflict worldwide and presenting it to the gullible masses as peace; however, few realize that their definition of  peace is a complete absence of resistance to totalitarian World Socialism.  Today, it is an iron fist in a velvet glove.  Tomorrow it will be tyranny under their heavy boot.  Their motto is ‘Ordo Ab Chao'... for they intend to bring order out of the chaos which they themselves create. For further confirmation of this assertion, including the re-write of history, read Norman Dodd's testimony before the Illinois State legislative committee in 1978.

     When they decide to take control over a nation, they call it "nation-building"; in truth, they are destroying to re-build to their specifications, and the hapless citizens  of their 'democratized' nations are being moulded to fit their image.  Their most favorite word is 'democracy'.  'Democratization of the nations'... call it world socialism, for that is their definition of democracy.  Over time their efforts at nation-building have delivered into their ‘protective' arms, one sovereign country after another. It's simple and, for them, quite easy because they hold and control the mighty power of the purse. In fact, they make out of thin air what passes for money today.  

     First they create chaos within a nation, either by economic or revolutionary means... or both.   The blue helmeted cannon-fodder is then sent in to enforce peace. A contingent is permanently placed to keep the peace and protect the newly installed puppet-ruler who assuredly will bow and grovel to implement his or her master's mandates. In this way, they regulate the press, electronic media, education, food production and distribution, health care – or not – and most importantly, the economy... their economic system.

       If the puppet-ruler becomes naughty – falls under a delusion that he or she actually is head of a nation, as in the case of Jack Kennedy – that puppet-ruler is simply murdered and replaced with a more malleable puppet-ruler.  If their crime looks as though it will be uncovered, as in the case of John Kennedy, Jr., his wife and unborn son, they just kill some more.  Such has been the case nation by nation, multiplied by times nearly two-hundred.

(The new president, George Dubya, after only one month in office is showing signs of stress and aging.  If it it possible that he entered this fray unawares, and actually believed he could keep the promises he made... he is obviously discovering the truth of the situation.  We've wondered if he's been subjected to long sessions of the MKUltra-type brain washing sessions that will render him impotent and compliant to the masters... and instill in him an ability to lie with a straight face and the same projection of sincerity we heard during the campaign.)   

       If a sovereign nation happens to be populated by individuals who hold dear their inherent right to live free, the process is less rudely employed... as has been the case in the U.S. and other ‘developed' nations. In these cases a long term program of propaganda over tens of decades, gradually eroding and chipping away at the minds of once free and thinking people render the masses impotent. The casualties of this quiet war with silent weapons are the apathetic, indolent and ignorant who have lost their individuality and become part of the herd, which drives the plan forward with ever increasing velocity.

       Goethe described the herd perfectly when he said: "None are more helplessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they're free".

       To help the herd slaves maintain their illusion of freedom, the architects of the UN utilize another herd called ‘experts'. Most of them have strings of letters after their names which intimidates and convinces the herd slaves – even those slaves which have some but not as many letters after their names – that whatever pours forth from the lips and pens of the experts must be true.

       Sometimes the experts really are – experts, who willingly sell their souls for thirty pieces of silver. These experts, including scientists, miraculously always arrive at the very conclusion/ outcome pre-determined by the architects of the  international nongovernmental United Nations Organization.

     Take Global Warming, for example. Scientists are indirectly paid by the architects of the planned World Government to arrive at a pre-determined conclusion.  No politically correct outcome, no job.  Those scientists who have proven inconclusively – and said so – that there is no global warming, suddenly find themselves bereft of research grants, professorships, university and other research facilities and office space.  Since the planners control all forms of mainstream media, the honest scientist is ignored into obscurity. It's okay to know that the global warming scare is nothing more than another gigantic hoax designed to drain billions from the collective herd and give justification for lots more control... it's okay to know it, just don't say it.

     Experts who really aren't experts could be relegated to the category of talking heads, and these types of 'experts' are numberless.  They occupy seats in congresses, parliaments, state legislatures, provincial and local governments; hold offices of presidents, governors, prime ministers; appear on television nationally and worldwide reporting 'news'; represent local /state /national NGOs on the international level; and they are members of influential policymaking organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Council For National Policy, the Council on Economic Development ... their name is legion and the list is endless.  

       The architects of the international nongovernmental UN Organization provide 'experts' from all walks of life to meet in plush surroundings in exotic places; eat and then retreat after agreeing to whatever agenda has been pre-determined for them.  The agendas involve every aspect of our lives, from education to religion to economics to health, and even to regulating the growth – or not growth – of our towns and cities. There's air to regulate, and water, energy, transportation, agriculture, sports, entertainment, language (must be politically correct) and now our very thoughts (must believe the Holocaust hoax is true or be criminally charged with 'hate crimes'). Their maniacal need to control is insatiable and their minions - which they call useful idiots - gleefully fill the myriad roles available unaware that they, too, are disposable human resource... or as they now refer to us 'human capital.'

     Quoting from the first rough draft of notes Joan Veon sent from the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, the experts:

"Have come up with a Sustainable Development Index to be equal to the GDP (gross domestic product) at the economic level. Their goal is the ability of a country to achieve sustained economic growth. Close relationship between environment and economic sustainability. They want to be able to take it from national to state to local to household use. Before going to household want to adopt with communities and are interacting with IUCN. "

     IUCN - four harmless-looking letters. Not recognizing the acronym, I stopped this writing to check it out.  It's all here, folks.  

    Here's the url to their website http://www.iucn.org/2000/about/content/index.html , and here's what the IUCN is all about quoted direct from their website:

"IUCN - The World Conservation Union was founded in 1948 and brings together 78 states, 112 government agencies, 735 NGOs, 35 affiliates, and some 10,000 scientists and experts from 181 countries in a unique worldwide partnership.

Its mission is to influence, encourage and assist societies throughout the world to conserve the integrity and diversity of nature and to ensure that any use of natural resources is equitable and ecologically sustainable. [emphasis added.  Read every word of this paragraph again, considering the meaning of every single word. Use your dictionary and Thesaurus if necessary]

Within the framework of global conventions IUCN has helped over 75 countries [including the US of A] to prepare and implement national conservation and biodiversity strategies.

IUCN has approximately 1000 staff, most of whom are located in its 42 regional and country offices while 100 work at its Headquarters in Gland, Switzerland"      

     The controlling power behind the UN intends to convert the basic organizational structure into a ‘true world parliamentary government'. In order to do that, they claim, four elements must be present: 1) an independent military force under their sole direction; 2) the power to tax; 3) their own court; and most importantly 4) a Peoples' Chamber, through which – they promise – the ‘voice' of every single world citizen will be heard.

       If their aspirations seem lofty and unreachable, take a deep breath and read on:

1) Militarily:  National governments, including the U.S., are now assigning special military forces to be available on call only for the use – and under the control – of the UN.

2) Power to tax:  Presently, the UN, like all organizations, charges ‘dues' to its member nation-states – we Americans ante up nearly one third of the exorbitant expense of UN operations while the other 184 member nations divvy up the balance. However, since dues-paying members falling into arrears can put a kink in their intricately woven web – and doesn't give the total control for which they yearn – the creation of a ‘world tax' was on top of the agenda at last year's Millennium Summit. It is a distinct possibility that we are already paying a 'global' tax without being aware of it.

3) Their own court: The International Criminal Court is the logical answer to the need for a court ‘of their own' in a true World Parliamentary Government, plans for which are moving forward smoothly for the planners.

4) Brings us to the Peoples Parliament through which the voice of every single, individual world citizen will be heard. How? NGOs, of course. Nongovernmental Organizations. At the above mentioned Millennium Summit, over 60 NGOs - along with international elite and government heads, submitted their ‘demands', in their Charter 99 to the UN. In other words, the International leaders of the International/National/Local NGOs represented the "voice" of their combined membership. That, dear friends, is their version of an "individual" voice.

     A perfect example of an International/National/Local NGO is the Chamber of Commerce. A majority of business owners – small and large – join their local Chamber of Commerce. The local chapters answer to the State chapter, which answers to the National chapter, which in turn answers to the International chapter. NAFTA was promoted from the UN level into our very communities, via the local Chambers of Commerce. Workforce Development is being promoted by the Chambers of Commerce.  The International leader then -- whoever that may be -- represents the 'voice' of every single business/member of the CC in this country.

       As a business owner, I had been a long-time CC member. At the beginning of my awakening from the deep sleep millions of us had fallen into – or maybe more appropriately, the big lie we had been born into - the local chapter director came to visit when they received my letter of resignation to discover why, after all these years, I was rescinding my membership... their unspoken concern being the loss of dues income. The man I spoke with was aghast when I explained what NAFTA was really all about, and my refusal to be part of an organization that supports a plan which intended goal is: the destruction/elimination of all small businesses, loss of millions of jobs for Americans, and the elimination of our national borders. He didn't have a clue, because he ‘had been told' the NAFTA would be of such great benefit to businesses.  No disrespect intended, he is a perfect example of a 'useful idiot', as we all have been before we began awakening to the lie.  According to the UN, he is also considered "the voice of the people" (business owners) in Springfield, Illinois.

       Be aware of and remember this: the international money-lenders who established and control the giant nongovernmental United Nations Organization have a twisted code of ‘ethics'. We must all come willingly – unwittingly is okay – into their web of control. However, their code does not preclude lies, half-truths, double-speak, newspeak, subterfuge... you get the picture. In other words, "the end justifies the means".

       This, then, behooves us all to wake up, stand up, speak out, and know that each of us is personally responsible for every choice we make, every word, thought and deed. As we sow, so shall we reap. Since they are bringing their plan into our households, the real peace, love and sanity must begin at home. From there, the information must be brought to local and state elected officials.  U.S. senators, representatives and the elected president are pawns to the power brokers.  Save your breath.  

     Let your state legislators in on the plan and perhaps their voices will once again be heard in the halls of congress; for, until the Constitution is properly amended or dismantled, state legislatures retain the authority and duty to instruct U.S. Senators.  Above all, keep in mind always that "with God, all things are possible..."  

       Comments interspersed throughout the body of the article are for the benefit of our readers who are just beginning their foray into this madness. While it is absolutely true that their words are carefully chosen – they say what they mean and mean what they say – we must learn their language, understand their definitions. All emphasis is added.  Quotes are used by the author.  

Peace by Pieces - The Role of Nongovernmental Organizations