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Step by step, piece by piece, the Wildlands Project is coming to fruition.  The Project, foundational to the U.N.Biodiversity Treaty which was never ratified by the U.S. Senate, calls for approximately 50 percent of the United States to be set aside as "wildlands", where no human can enter.  Much has been accomplished over the past 10 years toward that goal, and the pace is stepping up, with the help of the federal agencies under Clinton/Gore.

Map from

"The Wildlands Project’s work to reconnect the continent begins with "MegaLinkages"—vast pathways that tie natural places together. Each MegaLinkage is made up of regional "Wildlands Networks." Within the Spine of the Continent MegaLinkage, six Wildlands Networks have been proposed, and within these networks, the Wildlands Project has launched a campaign to protect "Endangered Linkages"—the critical connection within each network that is most threatened."
Room to Roam - "Saving Wildlife Linkages along the Spine of the Continent

From control of the water - to taking land out of private ownership - to "protecting" numerous species - all the pieces of the puzzle work together to form the complete picture.

Following are just a few of the  news stories that reflect the piecemeal workings to attain the overall goal.  People remain unaware of the size and scope of the operation because land is being taken in the name of "endangered species".  Other articles on this site address that issue.

Many of the stories under the current news for this month involve the "taking" of private property and methods of changing the status of private land ownership into public land ownership.  Look at these in light of The Wildlands Project, and the pieces of the puzzle will begin to fit. 

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A slideshow of The Wildlands Project can be viewed here.         

History of The Wildlands Project

Implementation of The Wildlands Project (via the UN Biodiversity Treaty) is set out in Agenda 21.  Read the actual document here.

Explanation of the Biodiversity Treaty and the Wildlands Project by Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D.

7/03- Grants in Pacific Region Support Land Acquisition [and] Conservation Planning for 'Endangered Species' - "$5 million for Recovery Land Acquisition, $30 million for Habitat Conservation Planning (HCP) Land Acquisition, and $4.5 million in HCP Planning Assistance"

The Wildlands Project by Larry Thompson for Land Use News

Transforming America: Everglades Wildlands by Henry Lamb

For more information than you'll want to know, go to and type in "Reed Noss", "Dave Foreman" (co-founders of the Wildlands Project; Foreman was "Earth First!" founder), and The Wildlands Project.


Conservation Biology Institute

These are the folks who have carved up the entire Pacific Northwest into 41 "ecoregions", and have made complete evaluations and plans for their "conservation".

It won't take much wandering around the CBI site before you realize the huge amount of money that's behind all of this...

Results from a search for "EPA" "restoration" and "European settlements"

One of the ways to get there: "Smart Growth" (Advance Bulletin website)


The Wildlands Project - their own site

Statement & Map of the Wildlands Project (their site)

Mission, Vision & Statement of The Wildlands Project

American Wildlands

Sierra Club Wildlands Campaign

This Land is OUR Land
Untamed nature and the removal of humans.
By Tim Findley

Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act - 20 million acres for "Wildlands"

Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

Wildlands Maps Lists 

Wildlands Maps

USDA Maps of
Roadless Areas

Follow the Trail - The Agenda is Exposed!

How Much Land Does
the Government Own?

1995 Map

Maps & Info on Govt-Owned Property

Map of the "Mountain to Sound" Greenway

Wilderness Areas Map from Conservation International 2002

Methow Valley: Methow Basin Planning Unit Agreement

Creating corridors - a plan by the USFS

Follow the Links - Here are the Wildlands Projects already in place!

Follow the Trail - The Agenda is Exposed!

Follow the Money - Where the funding comes from

NEW! Nature's Landlord - The Nature Conservancy
from Range Magazine
(24-page pdf file)

NEW! Biodiversity

Wildlands Center for Preventing Roads

More Information Here

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Introduction to This Section
By Jackie Patru
"The Rewilding Project is brought to us from the United Nations. A relevant tentacle of Agenda 21, the Rewilding Project is designed to restore a major portion of the planet to its 'original' state before man came along and messed it all up."

Mission of the Wildlands Project
"We are ambitious: we live for the day when ... humans dwell with respect, harmony, and affection for the land; when we come to live no longer as conquerors but as respectful citizens in the land community ... Wilderness means extensive roadless areas—vast, self-regulated landscapes—free of mechanized human use and the sounds and constructions of modern civilization..."

For Wildlife with Wanderlust, Their Own Highway
New York Times | December 2, 2004
"A corridor of the wild through the high country of North America - Yellowstone to Yukon - has long been a dream of environmentalists and biologists like Mr. Neudecker, who say that grizzly bears, elk, wolves and other four-legged commuters need help in looking for mates or new habitats. The great national parks of the West, they say, are becoming genetically isolated islands, cut off by development, urbanization and their ever-present iconic symbol, the barbed-wire fence."

Room to Roam: Big, Wild, Connected
"Step by step, piece by piece, the Wildlands Project is coming to fruition. The Project, foundational to the U.N.Biodiversity Treaty which was never ratified by the U.S. Senate, calls for approximately 50 percent of the United States to be set aside as "wildlands", where no human can enter."

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Feb. 10 The Wildlands Project - Background Story by Henry Lamb
Feb. 10

NGOs and Bioregions
Methods to Implement The Wildlands Project

Fall 1999 STRANGE EQUALITY - Eco-elitists save private playgrounds in California Range Magazine
April 1996 The Battle for Sustainable Freedom Principled conservationists are teaming up to fight the UN's eco-agenda New American

Building the Wildlands Project By Don Amador
5/30/03 47 in the United States - U.N. Biosphere Reserves - Why the government is grabbing our land by Henry Lamb eco-logic
6/1/03 Core Wilderness and Corridors: U.N. influence in Alabama by Henry Lamb eco-logic

Click Here for NEWS STORIES & PRESS RELEASES - 2000-2001
involving the Wildlands Project

9/13/99 - The Wildlands Project: Bold Dream for America's Wildernesses -Los Angeles Times

2/02 - The USFS issues a report to implement the Wildlands Project

8/25/02 Diplomatic Immunity for the Sierra Club? by Dr. Michael Coffman, PhD

9/26/03 - 9/26/03 - Returning to Earth Worship, Part 1 - Dr. Michael Coffman

10/10/03 - Eco-worshippers? Church, state and nature's cathedrals - Cathy Young for Reason Magazine

12/19/03 - Headlines from "Skid Marks" - Newsletter from Wildlands Center for Preventing Roads

1/3/04 - Being Green in the Land of the Saints - In the heartland of the Mormon Church, a new movement is taking root


The Wildlands Project flowered at the end of the 20th century by holding out hope for a 21st century environmental future. It offers hope for the restoration of a wild America. It is a vision both intellectually modest and morally breathtaking - a welcome relief from a century that was intellectually overweening and morally decrepit. - Carl Pope, Executive Director of the Sierra Club

From The Wildlands Project website - vision section



More on the Wildlands Project at North Western Research Institute's Site
Some of the Wildlands Project "players"
Green State Biodiversity Network
National maps showing the 'vision' for black bear, wolf and grizzly bear range;
 'wonder why the playground of Jackson Hole, Wyoming is spared from grizzlies?

Is it Wise Use, Sustainable Development or Multiple Use? from Property

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